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Npc force weekly 20 24 may 2013


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This NPC Force Weekly discusses PACT quotas for June and July, update for NFAAS, and the facts for SGLI/FSGLI.

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Npc force weekly 20 24 may 2013

  1. 1. NPC FORCM WEEKLY20 - 24 May 2013Career progression, community management, personnel matters, and general information from the desk ofthe Navy Personnel Command Force Master Chief, FORCM(SW/AW/EXW) Leland E. MooreTODAY IN NAVAL HISTORYMay 20th1801 - Four warships are sent to the Mediterranean Sea to protect American commerce.May 21st1917 - USS ERICSSON fires first torpedo of war.May 22nd1968 - USS SCORPION (SSN 589) lost with all hands.May 23rd1939 - USS SQUALUS (SS 92) sinks off Portsmouth, NH, with loss of 26 lives.May 24th1945 - Fast carrier task force aircraft attack airfields in southern Kyushu, Japan.“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”~AristotleQUOTE OF THE WEEKThe ratings projected to have the greatest opportunity for approval for eligible Professional ApprenticeCareer Track (PACT) Sailors applying for a rating in June and July are Aviation Boatswains MateEquipment, Aviation Boatswains Mate Fuel, Aviation Boatswains Mate Handling, Aviation Ordnanceman,Damage Controlman, Electricians Mate, Engineman, Culinary Specialist (SRB Available), OperationsSpecialist and Boatswains Mate. Encourage your PACT Sailors to consider the above ratings. Point ofcontact for PTS/Fleet Ride can be answered at (901) 874-2102 (DSN 882) QUOTAS FOR JUNE AND JULYUPDATE YOUR NFAASIn light of recent events, including the Oklahoma City Tornado, Exercise Hurricane Citadel, and the BostonBombing (all within the last 40 days), we would like to reiterate the importance of maintaining your NFAASinformation and monitoring the NPC Homepage for NAVADMIN updates. If you or your Sailors need furtherassistance after a needs assessment form has been submitted, call Navy Personnel Command EmergencyCoordination Center at 877-414-5358,, find a link to NFAAS: KNOW THE FACTSDo you know that your premium and SGLI /FSGLI coverage must match before payment is properlydisbursed? The importance of knowing the coverage and required premium for you and your spouse’s lifeinsurance cannot be over emphasized. Have peace of mind and log in to your “my pay” at: The SGLI coverage is available in $50,000.00 ($3.25 in premium)increments up to the maximum of $400,000.00. ($27.00 in premium), which includes mandatoryTraumatic Injury Protection coverage (TSGLI). FSGLI provides up to a maximum of $100,000 of insurancecoverage for spouses, and $10,000 for dependent children. Spousal coverage is issued in increments of$10,000. Premiums for FSGLI vary by age and children are free. DO NOT DELAY, please see yourCommand PASS Coordinator (CPC) or Personnel Office for help with SGLI and/or FSGLI enrollment. Formore information on SGLI and FSGLI, please visit: your OMPF and ensure that the beneficiary listed on your SGLI certificate is the person you intendedto receive the benefits. To check your OMPF, please log on to your BOL: