Audience Management


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A part of Train the Trainers 2011 cycle, performed in Cluj Napoca. Focusing on managing the audience of the training.

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Audience Management

  1. 1. Managing Audience
  2. 2. What it is all about? Who are the people in the audience? What kind of speaker am I? How do I deal with them? What I will bring home?Game Plan
  3. 3. For Starters:Through the wholesession, whenever youspeak with someone, note downhis/her eye colour.Btw. You can’t ask about it ];->
  4. 4. What is itall about?
  5. 5. Impression ManagementIn sociology and social psychology, impression management isa goal-directed conscious or unconscious process in whichpeople attempt to influence the perceptions of other peopleabout a person, object or event; they do so by regulating andcontrolling information in social interaction (Piwinger & Ebert2001, pp. 1–2). It is usually used synonymously with self-presentation, in which a person tries to influence theperception of their image. The notion of impressionmanagement also refers to practices in professionalcommunication and public relations, where the term is used todescribe the process of formation of a companys ororganizations public image.
  6. 6. Goffmann’s Theatre actor stage masksaudience different roles an eye wink
  7. 7. Transactional Communication Model – J.Morreale Personal Meaning Area Personal Meaning Area m e Transmitter/ Receiver/ Receiver s Transmitter coding s decoding decoding chann a chann coding el el g e noise noise Shared Meaning Area
  8. 8. Who AreTHEY???
  9. 9. How do they look at the world?
  10. 10. Key word:synesthesia
  11. 11. Simple?
  12. 12. Then we put it in the context… emotions constancy cultureexperience knowledge comparison expectations
  13. 13. What do THEY look for?
  14. 14. Emotions Values Benefits
  15. 15. Who Am I???
  16. 16. What makes aspeaker attracting?
  17. 17. Do YOU seeYOURSELVES that way?
  18. 18. What kind of speaker are you? three word that describe you three things you need to develop your worst fear
  19. 19. Find&Share
  20. 20. Me Vs. My role
  21. 21. How do Iattract THEM?
  22. 22. Show them WHY!
  23. 23. Get2Know them!
  24. 24. Follow their pace!
  25. 25. Engage them!
  26. 26. Get Creative!
  27. 27. Be flexible!
  28. 28. Energize!
  29. 29. Gain Control!
  30. 30. Comfort them!
  31. 31. Keep a contact with them!
  32. 32. Remember the task from the start? How many did you manage to catch???
  33. 33. Avoid Conflict!
  34. 34. What did I learn?
  35. 35. Feedback? Questions?Suggestions?
  36. 36.