Visit to Güstrow


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Presentació de la visita a l'escola alemanya: 16-20 desembre 2012

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Visit to Güstrow

  1. 1. Comeniusmeeting inGÜSTROW16th December – 20thDecember2012
  2. 2. Sunday 16thWe took the plane at 10.25 and we arrivedin Berlin 3 hours later.
  3. 3. We took the train to the centre and we hadlunch at the station.
  4. 4. We met the Italian and the Swedishstudents and then we went to the bustogether. We met the Irish when we got onthe bus. We went on a bus tour in Berlin.
  5. 5. We stopped at the Branderburg Gate. Werecorded videos saying “Merry Christmasand Happy New Year” in our respectivelanguages.
  6. 6. We continued the tour inBerlin and then we went toGüstrow.We met our hosts and thenwe had dinner with ourfamilies.
  7. 7. Monday 17thWe went to the school. We had Germanlessons from German students.
  8. 8. Each country did a presentation of theirschool, area and educational system.
  9. 9. The principal made a speech and theGerman choir sang some songs to welcomeus.
  10. 10. We did a school tour and then we startedworking in groups.
  11. 11.  BRAVE NEW WORLD: the Irish did a summary and then in small groups we discussed about our future society. At the end we talked together about the final projects. PHRASE BOOK: we translated some words in each language. We also designed a calendar. For each month, some traditional activities in each country and the Comenius meetings. QUESTIONNAIRES: Rickard, the Swedish teacher, showed us the general questionnaires and he spoke about the general results. He showed us how to use Twinspace. Then we split in groups and we discussed about why people answered each answer.
  12. 12. We had lunch with our host sisters and in theafternoon we did a tour in Güstrow.
  13. 13. We had dinner at school and Aisling, the Irish girl, showed us a traditional Irish dance.Then we spent the evening with our host sisterstogether.
  14. 14. Tuesday 18thWe took the train to Rostock and then thetram to the zoo where we visited theDarwineum.
  15. 15. We took the tram to the centre. We did atour in Rostock.
  16. 16. We had lunch with our hosts and we wentshopping.
  17. 17. We took the train to Güstrow.We spent the evening in ourhost houses.
  18. 18. Wednesday 19thWe went to school and we worked ingroups.Each group prepared a powerpointto show the other groups what theyhad done.We had a Twinspace lesson together.We presented our powerpoints to theother groups and to the teachers.
  19. 19. We had lunch with our host sisters.
  20. 20. We spent the afternoon with ourhosts and then we went home toprepare us for the Christmasconcert.We went to school and we enjoyedthe Christmas concert.In the concert, each country had tosing “Silent Night” (Santa Nit) in theirlanguage and at the end in Englishtogether.
  21. 21. After the concert all the students whoparticipated in the Comenius project had aparty.
  22. 22. Thursday 20stWe said goodbye to our host families, all theGermans and the Irish.
  23. 23. We took a bus to Berlin.We said goodbye to the Swedishand the Italians.We went to the airport and wehad lunch there.We took the plane at 5 o’clockand we arrived in Barcelona 3hours later.