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  1. 1. Comenius meeting 11- 16 th December 2011On the way of a European citizen: democratic values and modern skills.
  2. 2. Day 0 th 10 DecemberTravelling to Germany
  3. 3. Our Comenius meeting in Germany
  4. 4. At 7:40 we left Chieti Scalo station by bus and wewent to Fiumicino, Rome. After a couple ofhours, we arrived in the airport. We waited fortwo hours and then at 3 p.m., suddenly we gotthe plane and after two hours we arrived inFrankfurt.
  5. 5. The German guys were already there,ready to fetch us at the exit of the airport and then after half an hour of travelling, everyone was in the house of the his/her partner! Darmstadt
  6. 6. • After a shower the German guys decided to take us to a Mexican restaurant to have dinner with all the other European students .• As soon as we have finished we went home because in Germany there is a law which does not allow teenagers under 16 to stay out after 10:00 p.m. The initial impact with German guys was a little cold and distant but however after some days the relationship became better.
  7. 7. We had sixthrilled days in Darmstadt.
  8. 8. Darmstadt It’s a town with a small population in the region of Hessen. Kryppenpyramide in the airportIt’s a wooden crib, drivenby the heat of the candles.
  9. 9. Cheese :D
  10. 10. View from the planearriving in Frankfurt
  11. 11. Day 1 th11 December
  12. 12. Visiting Vicktoriaschule This is an old school.Lessons start at 7.55 and studentshave 5 minutes of break every 50 minutes of lesson.
  13. 13. We visited the school with our project partners. The main entrance The music classroom
  14. 14. Visiting Vicktoriaschule
  15. 15. We watched some videos about other Estonian guys countries tradition. introducing their country and their school system.
  16. 16. We had a circle time, playing games to introduce ourselves!
  17. 17. Each country put on the table its traditional food in order to to prepare an international lunch.We all together tasted the typical food of each country.
  18. 18. We tasted Ungarian food,
  19. 19. French food,
  20. 20. Estonian food,
  21. 21. and German food.
  22. 22. Day 2 th12 December
  23. 23. On Tuesday 12th we went toschool and we attended lessonsof English and Politics.We saw a film in German.
  24. 24. Then we had a Workshop: German school system
  25. 25. Workshop: talking about the differences between the School System in Germany and Italy.
  26. 26. Lunch in the school canteen
  27. 27. We wrote 5 questions about ‘’Comenius Project’’
  28. 28. • Crêpes with 3 hungarians and 2 germans.
  29. 29. Day 3 th13 December
  30. 30. In the morning the European Students took part in the German lessons with their project partners. After that we went out from the school to go to the theatre.
  31. 31. Guided Tour in the theatre A professional guide gave us a warm welcome and generalinformation about the Theatre we were going to visit.
  32. 32. Here the guide explained us asthe workling of the ights and the effects on the stage.
  33. 33. Then we saw some interesting objects used on the stage which seemed true from far away!
  34. 34. This is one of the big labs wherescenography isconstructed.
  35. 35. There were also bigrooms full of masks and wigs …
  36. 36. Hat, clothes used duringthe performances of the actors.And some more objects of scene!
  37. 37. Back to school we had lunch in the canteen with a delicious kebab .
  38. 38. Free timeWe used to spend our free time with our German hosts and in the evening we took part in the spectacular Christmas concert organized by Viktoriaschule.
  39. 39. Day 4 th14 December
  40. 40. Frankfurt from the bus
  41. 41. We arrived in Frankfurt and we had a short tour in the city
  42. 42. Paulplatz
  43. 43. The Modern Museum of Art
  44. 44. We rose up slowly as ifwe didn’t belong to the outside world any longer… like swimmersin a shadown dream… who didn’t need to breathe…
  45. 45. Andy Warhol *1928 PittsburghPa USA – 1987, New York
  46. 46. View of Frankfurt 1
  47. 47. View of Frankfurt 2
  48. 48. View of Frankfurt 3
  49. 49. View of Frankfurt 4
  50. 50. View of Frankfurt 5
  51. 51. In the evening wewent to ‘Sausalitos’.We had some drinks and a lot of fun...
  52. 52. ... with our exchange partner
  53. 53. SHOPPING 
  54. 54. Day 6 th16 December
  55. 55. Day 5 th15 December
  56. 56. At 1:00 another train was ready to take us to the airport, where, at 3:30, our planewould have taken off. After two hours at 5:30 we arrived in Rome-Fiumicino, wecollected our luggage and we ran to catch the bus that would shortly after have left.At 9.45 we arrived in Chieti where our families were waiting for us .It was a bumpy, but a great trip!
  57. 57. The end