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Aims Avila_Claudia si Iulia


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Report about the project meeting

Published in: Education
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Aims Avila_Claudia si Iulia

  1. 1. Iulia Cisu and Claudia Stanciu
  2. 2. Sunday  The plane journey went well and we landed in Madrid at almost 2 in the afternoon, then we travelled by train to Avila. Our Spanish partners were waiting for us in the train station. They were nice and welcoming. They introduced us to their families and we got along very well. At six, we all went out to see some important places in Avila. We took loads of photos, visited some tourist attractions and had a lot of fun.
  3. 3. Monday  We got to school at about nine and started our first activity of the project: meeting all the groups from the foreign countries that were attending the meeting. At half past eleven we had the coffee break and after that we went out in the school garden to play football, handball, volley or basketball. We talked to the kids from other groups and they showed us specific dances from the countries they belong and lots of games. After the break we had the Technology class and the teacher showed us how to do a goniometer (device for measuring angles) and to use it.When we finished we went to "La Posada" (a Spanish specific restaurant) were we had a different menu. After lunch we had the treasure hunt with mathematical steps. We visited six touristic attractions and also found triangles. We measured a fountain and find its depth. We counted how many triangles there were on a column. Even though it rained, it was a day to remember, each one of us feeling amazing.
  4. 4. Tuesday  We started the classes in the festivities hall were teacher Valentina spoke about the mathematical ballet and some moves we could make. The next activity was in the library, were we made various things with fractals. For the third activity we went to the Polytehnic University of Avila were we measured the altitude differences. In the evening we went for a walk in the city and our partners bought us churros and hot chocolate. We also visited a museum with sculptures and we saw a miner uniform and a piece of art made by an anonymous person who used small images to get a big one. It was a pleasant evening.
  5. 5. Wednesday  It was my favourite day because we spent it in Madrid.  We woke up early in the morning and we went to the college, the departure point of the coach toMadrid.  It didn't take us too long to get there.  Once we got in the city, the first thing that we visited was the Mathematic Institute. There, we were presented different things about Maths: how we can use it in our everyday lives, then about the Theory of Chaos. To demonstrate the theory, our presenter made an experiment using a double pendulum, which, at a high oscillation speed, gains a chaotic movement.  After the visit at the Institute, the coach took us to the city centre. We got off and walked along the large avenues of Madrid, in search of our tour guide. To have a better understanding of the history of the monuments around the city, we did a little role-play with some of the characters involved in local histories. At the end of the day, we travelled back to our hosts in Avila.
  6. 6. Thursday  BecauseWednesday was a pretty exhausting day, when we got to the college the next day, we practiced our "Maths Ballet", giving us enough time to work on the tiny details regarding our performance.The show started with the children lying on the floor to form “E=mc2 " seen from above. Then, each team had to perform it's dance.  It was our last day in Avila, so we strolled in the city with our hosts for the last time. When we got home, we prepared our luggages for our departure.
  7. 7. Friday  Like everyday, we got up at 8 am and we went to the college. There, we had some "Goodbye" activities: we took some pictures with our hosts or with other children and we wrote some "Goodbye" messages on a specially dedicated wall. Then we headed for the train station. Our train journey took us about one and a half hours and when we arrived in Madrid, we left our luggage there and we went to the city centre. We had a impressing ride on the "Madrid City Tour" doubledecker bus for about two hours, then we got to the airport. We arrived in Bucharest at 2 am .
  8. 8. Thank you!