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5 días en finlandia


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Trip diary by pupils travelling in Finland

Published in: Education
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5 días en finlandia

  1. 1. 5 days in Finland With: Carlos, Patricia,Rosalía,Gabriel and the teachers: Rosalia and Maria del Mar Jurado.
  2. 2. On the Airport We had 3 hours to Almeria at Alicante. Then, in the airport we say bye to our parents and wait to the plain. Next, the plain was 4 hours. And then, We are in Finland Helsinki! There in Helsinki we were looking after some presents for our family to the come back, buy it. In the airport we take some colony to drive us.
  3. 3. it was a beautiful experience
  4. 4. Vaasa When we went in Vaasa, in the airport. We had to wait to the portuguese people to go to the village in bus 1 hour approximately. In the bus, we went all the time singing popular songs and the portuguese people was: -Okay, they are crazy. When we arrived to Larsmo there was very cold ,we go with our families to her houses.
  5. 5. School ``Riso Skola´´ The school was very large. There was, a big aisle, and a big room for the gymnastic and other things. In the playground had a lot of swings and a zipe line. Children were barefoot on the school . The children have a lot of stones on the playground and they where all the day jumping
  6. 6. WEDNESDAY The wednesday in the school we went to the house of the elves of Papa Noel. they have church,shops,bakery,shoe shop…They were so beautifull. And also we have a excursion to the forest .We walked about 2 or 3 Km through the forest. We picked up berries and blueberries. It was raining and were very cold .We eat in the forest sausage and juice of berries.Then we went to our house.
  8. 8. Our Family Torsten is shy and he likes the tablet, he is 10 years old .He is in 4 grade,he have 2 sisters bigger than he called Daniela and Josefin . Daniela is 22 years she work in a supermarket and Josefin was study in Sweden. Her parents were called Leif (father) he is the chef of the school and Helena (mother) she is postwoman The house was big and have 1 sauna and a big trampoline.
  9. 9. MONDAY The breakfast Was very rare because we eat a moose toast, and some meet The first day of school we do some works about autumn Also when we finish the school we jump on a trampoline that has in her house ``he was very good doing backflips´´ As well Torsten call some friends and we have a nice meal.
  10. 10. MONDAY AFTERNOON WITH THE FAMILY In monday evening we went to a lake with Torsten and his brother we went in bicycle .We saw ships and we went to the house of their grandparents. The landscapes was very beautiful, and all green.
  11. 11. TUESDAY The Tuesday in the school we do the welcome ceremony ,we sing a song and and boy plays the piano for as .The childrens of finland sing the typical song of finland. Then they give for as some gifts like a bottle,hat,flower… all have the symbol of the school.
  12. 12. TUESDAY AFTERNOON WITH THE FAMILY In tuesday evening we went in a motorboat through the lake to go to her summer house. Her house was of wood. We go with the children's of Italy.We dinner there. We dinner fish and salad. And also, we did an excursion through the forest, we see a tower of 30 metres . It was so high
  13. 13. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON WITH THE FAMILY The wednesday in the evening we went to a ancient church of 200 years . We can enter inside to visit . The church have a organ and a piano . Leif the father of Torsten can play the piano too!! Then we went in the new church. It were bigger than the other church. And also we went to a pizza shop to dinner . We dinner pizza of pine apple. Then we went to the school to the bye ceremoni.
  14. 14. THURSDAY The thursday in the school we maked a angry bird in the subjet because the angry birds are typical of there. This day in the school we eat fish and potatoes. In the evening we went to dinner to a burger restaurant and the hamburgers were so BIG!!!
  15. 15. Rosalia and Gabriel with Hugo
  16. 16. Our Family Hugo is 10 years old . He is in 4 grade and he have 1 sister called Ellen . Ellen is 12 years old .His parents were called Jan (father) and Anett (Mather). They were very kind . The family give us some presents for our parents , like chocolate , black licorice ,elk meat and reindeer meat and some presents for us like a cup , a teddy bear and candy.
  17. 17. Monday The monday was a our first day in the school , it was very cool. After school we We rode speed boat bound for an island . His summer home there was. also we were exploring the island. It was fantastic !
  18. 18. Tuesday The tuesday was the welcome ceremony , we sing some songs and they show us a presentation about Larsmo. After school we were playing football, We dropped the ball to the lake !! : ) At night we made our own grilled sausages.
  19. 19. Sauna and whirlpool bath The sauna is very typical in Finland , It is a closed room, inside is very hot. After the sauna, we were going to whirlpool bath.
  20. 20. Wednesday In wednesday we go to the forest too. But also we went in a bye ceremony with all the people of the school. We did a lot of activities, like throw of boot or throwing dice. In throw of boot I went in first place, with 18 meters.
  21. 21. Thursday In thursday we did a workshop of carpentry. In our case we did a tool for spread the batter. We had to: - Make the form. - Cut it with a special tool. - Make it smooth with a special paper. - AND IS READY!
  22. 22. FAREWELL We were sad because we dont want to came to spain but we were also happy because we were impatient, we want to see ours families. In the travel we saw a family of alks. Our welcome families gives to us some presents from finland,They buy some alk meat too!! When we were on the airport we buy some presents to ours parents. It was a perfect experience for us .
  23. 23. Theend