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Athlone Living Lab - Southampton


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Presentation at Living Labs Workshop in Southampton Univeristy

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Athlone Living Lab - Southampton

  1. 1.    Reconstructing Community Spaces “Athlone Living Lab” By Marlon & René Parker
  2. 2. Substance Abuse Suicide Depression HIV/AIDS TENSION Abuse Stress Teenage pregnancy Debt Gangsterism
  3. 3. Reconstructing Communities in Tension
  4. 4. Community Government Innovation Partnerships Academia Industry
  5. 5. Champions NGO Partners Community Workshops Open Forums Presentations Interaction Space Site visits Development Space Work Groups Steering Committee
  6. 6. Incubation Space Interaction Space Networks MOU Research Academia Internships Research Visits Work Groups International Collaborations
  7. 7. Endorsements Steering Committee Services Government Work Groups Incubation Space Agreements Industry Agencies Contract Research Internships
  8. 8. Project Focus Role of Innovative ICT Solutions to facilitate: – care of citizens (social impact) – dissemination of information, e.g., to inform citizens about the problems, their consequences and preventative mechanisms; – education of citizens, e.g., train citizens specific skills etc. – Enterprise Development Empowerment Care Inform Educate Enterprise Innovation Research
  9. 9. Living Lab A Living Lab is a user-driven research methodology for sensing, prototyping, validating and refining complex solutions in multiple and evolving real life contexts. A Living Lab is a system for building future economy in which real-life user-centric research and innovation will be a normal co- creation technique for new products, services and societal infrastructure.
  10. 10. Key Concepts “It is a human-centric Research and Development approach to ICT solutions and innovations” “A user community driven innovation based on real life experiments”
  11. 11. Interaction Space Socio-Techno “Bridge” Community Incubation Development Innovation Space Space Community University
  12. 12. Athlone Living Lab (ALL) “A reconstructing interaction space for collaborative design, creation, dissemination and application of knowledge for empowerment, upliftment and development of people and communities in or headed for tension through the use of innovative ICT solutions.”
  13. 13. Social Impact
  14. 14. Advice Support
  15. 15. Sample Conversation #1 4:17 PM @mxit: i need support me: how can i help 4:19 PM @mxit: im using tik and desperately need help coz I have a 9 month old baby. 4:20 PM me: well we are here to help 4:21 PM @mxit: r u there me: yes how long hav u been using? 4:22 PM @mxit: 6 years nd im only 18 nw me: well are you willing to come and see someone in person? 4:23 PM @mxit: yes i am. where me: we are based in Bridgetown 66 Tarentaal Rd 4:26 PM u free during the day? @mxit:yes i did nd thanx i'll come in next week.
  16. 16. Sample Conversation #2 2:58 PM @mxit: im new 2 ths so nt sure hw it wrks. 3:00 PM me: u talk .. i listen .. and try and help 3:02 PM @mxit: im a drug addict and i need help pls 3:05 PM me: Ok ,what are you addicted too if i may ask @mxit: 26 female, married wit 2 kids 3:07 PM Tik 3:08 PM me: ok,and how long have you been using for??? 3:09 PM @mxit: Marriage 16122008026.mp4messd up totaly 3:11 PM me: how long have you been using and how long have you been married for???is your husband using aswell 3:12 PM @mxit: 6yrs usin, married 2yrs, yes my husband usin 2 3:13 PM me: is using as long as you are??? 3:14 PM @mxit: no cud b 3yrs 3:17 PM me: ok,and have you tried to stop using before
  17. 17. 3:18 PM @mxit: yes and i didnt find it dificult eitha 3:19 PM The last i stopd was nw late last yr. 4 4mo. me: and what was the longest that you stopped?? 3:20 PM @mxit: nw 4mo 3:23 PM lft my husb few wks jus b4 xmas. stopd a wile b4 b4 new we hookd up agn and the nly way 2 gt thru 2 hm was wen i gave in. 3:24 PM me: thats good but the problem is that you need support,how did it happen that you went back to using after so long 3:32 PM me: what happened after you relapsed after 4 months 3:38 PM @mxit: We wer stl 2getha stronger than eva. stil using, moved out of cpt 2 start fresh elsewhr. thn after 2wks stil goin strong had 2 mve bk 2 cpt bcoz job opportunities bigger in cpt. and tht wen it al went dwn from thr. stil using drug, bt it went back 2 square 1. plus minus 2mo bk he finaly gt job. lng distance driver. and he jus changd drasticaly once agn. havnt seen or heard of hm nw 4 ova 2wks
  18. 18. Angel 24 Hour Service Easy Access Advice Buddy List Help at your Fingertips
  19. 19. Stakeholders Network Academia Community CPUT Impact Direct UWC – FSIU Bridgetown Civic UCT Athlone Youth and Stellenbosch University Family Centre University of Athlone SAPS Southampton (UK) Athlone Schools Network Malmö University (Sweden) Kuopio University (Finland) Government University of Pretoria City of Cape Town NMMU Dept. Social Development Industry LLiSA MXit Lifestyle NetSquared COFISA PodCART Cell-Life Afrivate Tabeisa JJeRR RSAWeb CCSLA DELL SA-DF
  20. 20. High ALL product/service portfolio Service fully Self sustaining Embedding in ALL funded service Fully funded pilot/demo Endorsed service High Low Critical mass of users
  21. 21. High ALL product/service portfolio Service fully funded Self sustaining service Angel Service Embedding in ALL PAS CAS Advice Support The Reconstructed DAS DB Mom 2.0 HBCC MedBx ALL 0.1 Fully funded pilot/demo Endorsed service High Low Critical mass of users
  22. 22. High ALL product/service portfolio Service fully funded Self sustaining service Angel Service Embedding in ALL Include Commercial Collaboration Targets Expansion PAS CAS Advice Support The Reconstructed DAS DB Mom 2.0 HBCC MedBx ALL 0.1 Increase user base Fully funded pilot/demo Endorsed service High Low Critical mass of users
  23. 23. “It is touching to see District Six people coming back and benefiting from the very institution that was initially intended to showcase that they will never come back…” Prof. Mikko Korpela, Finland - 2004
  24. 24. Thank You / Marlon Parker / Rene Parker @marlonparker / @reneparker marlonct / reneparker +2776 403 4920 / +2779 811 8536