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Jmrx presentation on mro cs to cps ver2c日本語


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Jmrx presentation on mro cs to cps ver2c日本語

  1. 1. Evolution of Online Communities with‘Community Panel, the next thing after MROC.’
  2. 2. Bruce Wells Managing Director & President of Vision Critical Asia Based in: Hong Kong 20+ years working in Market Research, Experience: Technical Marketing, Consumer Insights, Telecom, Technology & InnovationSynovate • Global CEO of Synovate Retail Performance • Group CIO • Global Director • Asia Pacific Regional DirectorITS (Innovative Technical Solutions, Ltd.) • Founder and Managing DirectorMotorola • Technical Marketing Director for New Technologies, Asia Pacific • Engineering Manager, Philippines • Systems Engineer, Japan Lived and worked in Asia for 16+ years include Japan, Philippines, Malaysia and Hong Kong
  3. 3. Bruce Wells
  4. 4. Vision Critical is at the crossroads between Research & Technology • Technology company focused on the changing MR space • Founded in 2000, HQ in Vancouver • 13 offices – NA, EU, AUS, HK We build online platforms • 550+ Community Panels – Largest that facilitate two-way provider globally communication. • Running in 27 languages We help our clients askbetter questions, listen more intently, and learn what the people they care about think and say.
  5. 5. Evolution
  6. 6. How quickly things are changing…
  7. 7. Surfing Communicating
  8. 8. Business ChangesGlobalization Localized Personalised
  9. 9. Migration rather than Evolution
  10. 10. The Big Squeeze TECHNOLOGY – expectation of immediate gratification; I need the answer tomorrow VALUE BUDGETS – I don’t The Traditional Market CONTROL– DIY have the money Research industry has means that I can do that I need to get been, and will continue it myself – don’t the answers – what to be squeezed by a need to rely on MR do I cut? number of factors agency SOCIAL – increased social media tools – can I answer by reading posts etc.
  11. 11. Catalyst for Change - Customer CentricityRespondents Customers Old Research New Research
  12. 12. Community Panel Overview Communication Testing Concept & Product Experiences DevA proprietary community ofstakeholders who participating onan on-going basis Competitive Brand Position Positioning Add in a quantitative layer for ongoing studies and deep profiling Usage & Customer Profiling Attitude PR / Social Media Ideation testing
  13. 13. Community PanelLess than 100 members 1000’s or 10,000’s of membersTypically qual discussions Typically quant surveysThree-way: open feedback Two-way: private feedback(company or member initiated) (company initiated)Semi-controlled, semi-organic Topics & studies controlledDiscussion and sharing of personal Panelist identities are private andinformation is encouraged, bonds discussions are typically questionform then answer
  14. 14. You can have both.
  15. 15. Community PanelQuantitative Panel with Breakout Communities of 100’s, 10,000 panelists still part of the panel Invite panelists to additionally participate in ongoing qualitative discussions. Seamlessly run smaller breakout groups of varying sizes. Can be both open member generated content or directed tasks.Interact with your target segments through quantitative surveys
  16. 16. Start by brainstorming ideas in your community Idea Idea Idea Idea
  17. 17. Take those ideas and send a quant concept sort survey to the larger panel Panel Community
  18. 18. Take 3 winning concepts from panel and dissect further within community Panel Community
  19. 19. Go back to your panel with more developed concepts to pick a winner Panel Community
  20. 20. Continue the cycle…(back to community to brainstorm positioning etc.) Panel Community
  21. 21. “That ad offends me” “That ad offends me"
  22. 22. Follow the trend... APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUSTBad product Bad product Bad product Bad product Bad productexperience experience experience experience experience Declining activity Declining activity Declining activity Declining activity New service New service New service launched launched launched Heavy activity Heavy activity Etc...
  23. 23. Community Panel Platform Overview Panelist Researcher Portal Panel Management Quant Study Activities Design Qual Reporting/ Activities Data Mining
  24. 24. Panelist Portal Engage from the start – customizedportals that are consistent with brands’ messaging and tones Quant Activities Qual Activities 26
  25. 25. Designing A Portal For Interaction Navigation Activities Relevant only to the panelist Quick Poll Celebrate Panelist Custom SOCIAL participation Widgets Widgets to specific to YOUR YouTube, Insider business Twitter, and Facebook Perspective
  26. 26. Engaging Surveys
  27. 27. Making it more ENGAGING for respondents
  28. 28. And allowing you to use a variety of media
  29. 29. Mobile Optimized SurveysMobile Web: Automatic detection of devices and presentationof the best survey for the device being used by the respondent
  30. 30. PanelistQualitative Exploration Portal Quant Activities Qual Activities • Drive organic discussion • Engage community • Conversational tone • Explore the “Why’s” • Questions, Issues, Questions • Collages, photo uploads • Picture based questioning • Get more than with open ended questions
  31. 31. Engaging Online Surveys
  32. 32. The Vision Critical Advantage Centralized Platform Quant and Qual Combined Flexible Model Global Scale (DIY   Full Service)
  33. 33. Evolve from… To: RESEARCH CONTINUUM PROJECT Over time versus point in time CONVERSATIONSQUESTIONS Dialogue and collaboration TRUSTED ADVISOR STRANGER More thought and care given to participation
  34. 34. What emerging techniques will be used in 2012? Online Communities 66% 64% Nearly 2/3rds of Soial Media Anlaytics both suppliers and Mobile Surveys Clients will use Text Analytics OnlineWebcam-based Interviewing Communities in Apps-based Research 2012. Mobile Qualitative Mobile Ethnography Eye Tracking Virtual Enrironments Crowsourcing Visualization Analtytics Predicition markets Bionetric Response Reserch Buyer or Client Gamification methods Research Provider or Supplier NeuroMarketing Facial Analysis 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% GRIT REPORT SPRING 2012
  35. 35. Where Do Community Panels Fit In? Quantitative Access Lists/ Panels Surveys Community Panels Community Community PanelsPanelsShort Term Long Term MROC MROC MROC MROC MROC MROC MROC MROC Qualitative “A Community Panel can have an MROC but an MROC can’t have a Community Panel”
  36. 36. TelstraCHALLENGE SOLUTION R E S U LTMultiple suppliers with An integrated solution Reduction of over 40research replication to streamline the research programs intoproducing disjointed channels of data a single, holisticand conflicting longitudinal researchinformation environmentIndustry | Telecommunications Client Since | 2010 Panel Size | 10,500 Members
  37. 37. NASCARCHALLENGE SOLUTION R E S U LTAfter decades of steady Community panel of Research tripled whilegrowth, NASCAR’s 12,000 passionate research costs decreased byattendance and TV ratings NASCAR fans who act 80%. Fans regained theirbegan to drop. They as an additional voice, leading to key changesneeded to move quickly to advisory board for to the sport itself. And, inbring engagement and decision making 2011, TV ratings andexcitement back to auto viewership increased for theracing. first time in three years.Industry | Media Client Since | 2008 Panel Size | 12,000 Members
  38. 38. Yahoo! Inc.CHALLENGE SOLUTION R E S U LTYahoo! Inc. sought to Community panel Brought their customers tobuild a 360 degree view facilitating regular life with their consumers andof their customers in surveys, online focus with clients helpingorder to differentiate groups, screening of advertising partners tothemselves to video content, and improve the effectiveness ofadvertisers mobile video chats their ad spendIndustry | Media Client Since | 2011 Panel Size | 15,000 Members
  39. 39. ADV Market ResearchCHALLENGE SOLUTION R E S U LTADV Market Research 40% of ADV Market “The confidence we have inwanted to take Research’s business is the relationship and theadvantage of new and now based on Vision technology is unquestioned,improved ways of Critical’s Community Panel and our clients are equallygathering data and technology. impressed.”sharing insights.Industry | Partners Partner Since | 2010
  40. 40. Banana RepublicCHALLENGE SOLUTION R E S U LTBanana Republic A community panel of The community panel isneeded a new way of 50,000 fashion cost effective, categoryconnecting with their “insiders” who are specific, and verytrendsetting customers always ready to discuss proprietary. Bananaall across the USA in the latest in fashion Republic use it fororder to stay ahead of trends. hypothesis generation andfashion trends. directional validation.Industry | Retail Client Since | 2009 Panel Size | 50,000 Members
  41. 41. JetBlueCHALLENGE SOLUTION R E S U LTWhen a recession hits A members-only community The program helpedthe travel business, it panel of 15,000 that could JetBlue increasedramatically changes provide timely feedback customer loyalty,buying behaviors. and enable the company to leading to a record-JetBlue needed to adapt see their brand through the setting year of profits inin a hurry to keep their eyes of their customers. 2011.customers loyal.Industry | Travel Client Since | 2008 Panel Size | 15,000 Members
  42. 42. Scripps Networks InteractiveCHALLENGE SOLUTION R E S U LTTo find an online Vision Critical’s In less than two yearsresearch platform that Community Panel had the Scripps Networkscould act as a shared the flexibility and back- Interactive researchresearch hub between end capability that was hub had executed overseveral independent needed. 130 projects. Bringingnetwork research six brands togetherdepartments. Under One Roof .Industry | Media Client Since | 2009 Panel Size | 15,000 Members
  43. 43. Vision Critical University
  44. 44. Our MissionMatch the power ofsocial media and thescience of research togenerate actionableintelligence Thank you Bruce Wells –