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Iain Gavin, Amazon Web Services talks about why the cloud exists.

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Amazon Web Services

  1. 1. Amazon Web Services Iain Gavin, AWS UK Country Manager
  2. 2. Amazon’s Three BusinessesConsumer (Retail) Seller IT Infrastructure Business Business BusinessTens of millions of Sell on Amazon Cloud computingactive customer websites infrastructure foraccounts hosting web-scale Use Amazon solutionsSeven countries: technology for yourUS, UK, Germany, own retail website Hundreds ofJapan, France, thousands ofCanada, China Leverage Amazon’s registered customers massive fulfillment center network
  3. 3. Technical Heritage Spent billions of dollars on technology Amazon Consumer (retail) is a $24.5B mission-critical real-time online transaction processing enterprise Distributed computing infrastructure honed for 13+ years
  4. 4. What is Cloud Computing?
  5. 5. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing is a utility service - giving you access to technology resources managed by experts and available on-demand.You simply access these servicesover the internet, with no up-front costs andyou pay only for the resources you use.
  6. 6. AWS Computing Platform
  7. 7. Attributes of Cloud Computing No capital expenditure Pay for what you use True elastic capacity; Scale up and down Improves time to market Managed – You can focus on what differentiates your business instead of managing the undifferentiated heavy lifting of infrastructure
  8. 8. So what does it solve?
  9. 9. What You Want SuccessfulYour Idea Product
  10. 10. Reality Undifferentiated SuccessfulYour Idea “Heavy Lifting” Product
  11. 11. Heavy Lifting = Price of Admission Contract negotiation Bandwidth managementPurchase decisions Server hosting Moving facilitiesScaling and managing physical growth Coordinating large teams Heterogeneous hardware Legacy software
  12. 12. It Gets Worse… Undifferentiated SuccessfulYour Idea “Heavy Lifting” Product Improvement Loop
  13. 13. Predicting Infrastructure Needs Actual Usage Customer Dissatisfaction Predicted UsageCompute PowerCompute Power Waste Time
  14. 14. AWS Goal: Flip This Equation 30% 70%On-Premise Your Managing All of theInfrastructure Business “Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting”AWS Configuring More Time to Focus onCloud-Based Your Cloud Your BusinessInfrastructure Assets 70% 30%
  15. 15. AWS Principles Reliable Scalable Low-Latency Easy to Use Flexible Inexpensive
  16. 16. The Bottom Line Benefit The AWS Cloud turns capital expenses into variable costswhile preserving flexibility and enhancing the scalability,availability, and security of IT infrastructure resources.
  17. 17. How, Who, why.......?
  18. 18. Common Use Cases Development & Test Backup Web Site Hosting Disaster Application Hosting Recovery Collaborations Media Distribution Content Delivery Content Delivery Load Testing Load Testing Batch Data Processing HPC Software DistributionLarge Scale Analysis Marketing Campaigns Marketing Campaigns
  19. 19. Customers in 190 Countries
  20. 20. UK Customers
  21. 21. Partner EcosystemGrowing Partner Ecosystem
  22. 22. What next? Visit an AWS event - aws/events/ Try us out for free - Learn around the economics of the cloud- Contact a human being via