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AWS Boot Camp in Taipei

  1. AWS Boot Camp, OSSF & CloudTW Amazon Web Service Introduction Ernest Chiang Technical Director Pafers Tech
  2. Special Thanks! The followings slides were extracted from the publicly available presentation of Simone’s presentation for Taiwan. Refer to: 101-business-seminar-in-taipei
  3. Who is
  4. Amazon’s Three Businesses Consumer (Retail) Seller IT Infrastructure Business Business Business Tens of millions of Sell on Amazon Cloud computing active customer websites infrastructure for accounts hosting web-scale Use Amazon solutions Eight countries: technology for your US, UK, Germany, own retail website Hundreds of Japan, France, thousands of Canada, China, Italy Leverage Amazon’s registered customers massive fulfillment center network
  5. Amazon’s Cloud Computing 亞馬遜雲端計算 1) Elastic Capacity 彈性擴容 2) Faster time to market 更短的產品上市時間 3) No initial investment (No Capex) 無需承擔高額的基礎設施投資 (非資本性支出) 4) Pay as you go, pay for what you use 根據使用的資源付費 5) Focus on your business 讓您更關注核心業務
  6. 1) Elastic Capacity 彈性擴容 Scaling up and down in minutes No need to provision Optimize resources based on your needs 瞬間增大或縮小所需資源 無需提前付費 根據您的需求實現資源優化和利用 彈性
  7. Predicting Infrastructure Needs Actual Usage Compute Power Customer Dissatisfaction Predicted Usage Waste Time
  8. 2) Faster time to market 更短的產品上市時間 Infrastructure is no longer a barrier Easier to test a solution Easier to deploy worldwide IT基礎設施不再是您業務拓展的瓶頸 更簡易的產品測試方案 更高效的海外業務拓展 非核心技術委外
  9. 3) No initial investment (No CapEx) 無需承擔高額的基礎設施投資(非資本性支出) Cloud Computing doesn't require initial investments You pay for it in a different way 雲端計算並不要求傳統的一次性基礎設施投資 您將以革命性的付費方式來支付所需服務 折舊、利息資金壓力
  10. 4) Pay as you go, pay for what you use 根據使用的資源付費 Example: Pay servers "by the hour", only the ones you use Pay storage "per Gigabyte", only the ones you use 例如: 根據使用時間付費 根據使用的數據量付費 可預測的現金流量
  11. 5) Focus on your business 讓您更關注核心業務 Automation + Better management tools Less time is spent on repetitive tasks 自動化操作以及更簡便的管理工具 大幅縮短重複性操作的時間 專注本業
  12. AWS goal: flip this equation 30% 70% On-Premise Your Managing All of the Infrastructure Business “Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting” AWS Configuring Cloud-Based More Time to Focus on Your Cloud Infrastructure Your Business Assets 70% 30%
  13. Success stories 成功案例分析
  14. Customers in 190 Countries
  15. Zynga Creators of the most popular FB games: Farmville, Mafia Wars, Cityville, etc. 最受歡迎的 Facebook 遊戲供應商: 開心農場等. More than 12,000 servers on AWS 在AWS上架設超過12000台服務器 CITYVILLE: 0 to 100+ Million users in just 43 days! 43天內產生超過一億用戶的訪問量 100% on AWS 百分之百AWS平台架構
  16. More than 13 Billion USD market cap Almost 100% on Amazon Web Services 超過130億美金市值 接近百分之百AWS平台架構 26 Million subscribers 兩千六百萬付費用戶 "AWS let us focus on innovation“ “AWS讓我們能夠專注於創新”
  17. Animoto: Video App on Amazon EC2 Animoto案例:在EC2上部署視頻應用 Number of Servers 服務器數量 3000 - Scaled to peak of 3,500 instances in 3 days 在三天內擴展到3500台服務器以應對 網絡訪問高峰 2000 - Launch of Facebook modification 1000 - 在Facebook上進行產品更新 Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th
  18. What is unique about Amazon Web Services? AWS的獨特之處?
  19. Flexibility, Freedom of Choice 高彈性,多選擇 Multiple Operating Systems (Linux, Windows, etc.) Multiple Platforms / Databases Multiple licensing options 多種操作系統以供選擇 多種平台/數據庫管理模式 多種軟件授權選項
  20. Security 安全性
  21. Scale 可擴展性 We operate at Large scale Multiple Data Centers, multiple Regions Economies of Scale -> Reduced Costs -> Happy Customers 我們重視規模效應 多個數據中心,多重服務區域 規模效應 ->低成本 -> 高客戶滿意度
  22. Support 售後支持 Basic: Forums, Technical FAQs, Service Health Dashboard Premium: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum 基本服務:產品論壇,操作指南,AWS服務監測表 高級支持:銅牌客戶,銀牌客戶,金牌客戶,白金客戶
  23. Pace of innovation at Amazon Web Services Global Partner Ecosystem 全球合作夥伴體系
  24. AWS Building Blocks AWS的產品架構
  25. AWS Pace of Innovation (as of Q4 2010) » Amazon Simple Notification Service » RDS Multi-Availability Zone Support » EC2 Reserved Instances » S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage » New SimpleDB Features » New Locations and Features for » IBM on EC2 CloudFront » Windows Server 2008 on EC2 » S3 Bucket Policies » Premium Support » Amazon RDS » Cluster Instances for EC2 » Amazon CloudFront » Amazon Virtual Private Cloud » EC2 Elastic IP addresses » Amazon Elastic MapReduce & Availability Zones » EBS Shared Snapshots » Windows Server, MySQL, » Monitoring, Auto Scaling & » Amazon EC2 Oracle, & JBoss on EC2 Elastic Load Balancing for EC2 » Amazon S3 » Amazon Linux AMI » Lower Data Transfer Costs » AWS Import/Export » Developer Portal & » Oracle on EC2 Forums » New EC2 Features » SUSE Linux on EC2 » Micro Instances » Lower Pricing for EC2 » AWS Services in N. California » Amazon SimpleDB High Mem Instances » AWS Multi-Factor Authentication » Amazon Flexible Payments Service » Identity & Access Management » AWS Management Console » S3 in Europe » AWS Economics Center » EC2 new instance types » AWS Services in Singapore » AWS in Education » AWS Start-Up Challenge » RDS Reserved Database Instances » AWS Security Center » SAS70 Type II Audit » RDS Read Replicas & Lower Pricing » More services in EU » Lower Outbound Transfer Pricing » Lower EC2 Pricing » Data Transfer Usage Tiers » Public Data Sets » Consolidated Billing for AWS » Lower S3 Pricing » Amazon SQS » Elastic Block Store » Amazon S3 Versioning Feature » Lower pricing for » Amazon Mechanical Turk » EC2 SLA » EC2 High Memory Instances Outbound Data Transfer » EC2 in EU » AWS Solution Provider Program » S3 Tiered Pricing
  26. The “Living and Evolving” AWS Cloud Tools to access services Cross Service features Platform building blocks Infrastructure building blocks
  27. AWS Global Infrastructure AWS的全球架構
  28. AWS Global Infrastructure AWS的全球架構 Edge Locations 結點 Regions 地區 Availability Zones 可用區域
  29. AWS Global Infrastructure AWS的全球架構 Edge Locations 結點 Regions Availability Zones
  30. Amazon Cloudfront Content Delivery Network (CDN) AWS內容分發網絡
  31. AWS Global Infrastructure AWS的全球架構 Edge Locations Regions 地區 Availability Zones 可用區域
  32. Regions 地區 US West US East AP Japan EU West AP Singapore
  33. Regions Region: Set of multiple Data Centers 地區:AWS數據中心的集結地 US West US East AP Japan EU West AP Singapore
  34. Availability Zones (AZ) Distinct locations, insulated from failures 可用區域:同一地區內,不同地點,異地冗餘 US West US East A B AP Japan A B A B C A B C C D EU West A B AP Singapore
  35. Availability Zones (AZ) Distinct locations, insulated from failures Low latency connectivity within same Region US West US East A B AP Japan A B A B C A B C C D EU West A B AP Singapore 同一地區內實現高效網絡互聯
  36. Network Architecture Load Balance Tier AWS Nginx CloudFront Web Application Tier AWS S3 PHP Memcached Database Tier MySQL
  37. EC2 Instance types EC2虛擬機類型
  38. Instance types 虛擬機類型 ECU (Elastic Compute Unit) = 1.2 GHz CPU ECU: 彈性運算單元 m2 m1 4xlarge small 1.7 GB RAM 68.4 GB RAM 1 ECU 26 ECU 0.085 US$/hour 2.00 US$/hour
  39. EC2 Security Group EC2安全組 Built-in Firewall for inbound traffic 用於控制進站流量的內嵌防火牆
  40. Amazon Web Services Internet
  41. Amazon Web Services Linux 1 Linux 2 MySQL Internet
  42. Amazon Web Services Linux 1 Linux 2 Security Group web-servers MySQL Security Group Internet Databases
  43. Amazon Web Services Linux 1 Linux 2 Security Group web-servers MySQL Security Group CIDR: Internet (danger!) Databases
  44. Amazon Web Services Linux 1 Linux 2 Security Group web-servers My compute r CIDR: MySQL Security Group Internet Databases
  45. Amazon Web Services Linux 1 Linux 2 ssh: CIDR: Security Group web-servers EC2 Security Group: My web-servers compute r http: CIDR: MySQL Security Group Internet Databases
  46. Reaching fans worldwide CloudFront: Content Delivery Network (CDN) 通過CloudFront內容分發網絡將您的業務發送到 全世界
  47. Elastic Load Balancer 彈性負載均衡 Internet traffic 網站流量 ??? EC2 instance A B EC2 instance “web server1” “web server 2”
  48. Elastic Load Balancer 彈性負載均衡 Internet traffic 網站流量 ELB EC2 instance A B EC2 instance “web server 1” “web server 2”
  49. Using multiple AZ 使用AWS並聯可用區域 + Enhanced Availability 高可用性
  50. Using multiple AZ 使用AWS並聯可用區域 + Enhanced Availability + Enhanced Durability 高持久性
  51. Using multiple AZ 使用AWS並聯可用區域 + Enhanced Availability + Enhanced Durability + Can be automatic and transparent 自動化,可視化
  52. What is difficult about Databases? 數據庫管理的難題?
  53. US West US East A B AP Japan A B A B C A B C C D EU West A B AP Singapore
  54. Multi-AZ 多可用區域 Database 2 A B C Sync Database 1 US West
  55. Why AWS? • Focus on strengths • AWS is an engaged technical player • AWS has strong and clear APIs • IaaS: Flexible • Cost-effective
  56. Ernest Chiang Technical Director, Pafers Tech Email: ernest @ Twitter: @dwchiang We’re hiring! hr @ Pafers Tech RD Center – Fitness & Health * RD Team Leader - Hardware * Jr./Sr. PHP Engineers * Product Manager * Project Manager
  57. Start with AWS 開始使用 AWS

Editor's Notes

  1., in fact, can be divided into three branches:the Consumer BusinessThe Seller BusinessThe IT Infrastructure Business, or Amazon Web Services.
  2. First, a true Cloud Computing platform should provide elastic capacity, or the capacity to scale your infrastructure up and down, on demand.
  3. Let's look at this graph here. We have compute power on the Y axis, and time on the X axis.Predicting infrastructure needs is usually very difficult, because the actual needs for infrastructure can be very different, which results in waste of capacity, and customer dissatisfaction.You can solve both problems by adopting a flexible virtual infrastructure that can closely follow your infrastructure needs.
  4. The second advantage is time to market: since your infrastructure is no longer a barrier, and provisioning becomes instant requisition of cloud capacity, your product or service can hit the market much sooner.
  5. There is no need for initial investment, or Capex. A true Cloud Computing platform doesn't require you to invest large sums of money before being able to run your infrastructure.
  6. Even more importantly, you pay as you go, and pay only for what you use.As an example, you can "pay as you go" for a server, which means paying only a few cents per hour.You only pay for what you use, which means that if you run 3 servers now, 5 in the next hour, 2 in the following hour, you will only pay for the servers that you activated and used during these hours.
  7. Last, but not least, with Cloud Computing you can automate most things, and manage your assets in a more efficient way. This allows you to focus more time on your business.
  8. With Amazon Web Services, you can flip this equation. Cloud Computing allows you to manage your infrastructure much more efficiently, thus freeing time to create more value for your business.
  9. I could talk about our customers for hours. In fact, we have hundreds of thousands of customers in more than 190 countries, from small startups to huge enterprise customers, government agencies, spanning every possible market segment.
  10. Zynga created the most successful Facebook games, such as Cityville, Farmville, Mafia Wars, Treasure Isle, and so on.As I told you, they run more than 12,000 servers on Amazon Web Services, and they serve more than 230 millions users monthlyThey run 100% on AWS, and they particularly appreciate the flexibility and scalability of the AWS Platform.When they launch a new game, they start with few servers, and then ramp up their capacity in real time, based on the success of the game.This way they can provide a great service to their customers, while keeping costs down.(This is a good example to illustrate our customer whose scale of usage is as good as an enterprise class).
  11. They are now migrating 100% on Amazon Web Services, and already migrated most of their services, including the movie lists, the website search, the transcoding, recommendation system, etc.They now have more than 10 Million subscribers, and more than 100k DVD titles online.For them, AWS has been a great choice. They say that: "AWS let us focus on innovation".
  12. You can see the spike in traffic that this new app caused.The X axis represents time elapsed and the Y axis represents the EC2 instances launched.Because they were using AWS, Animoto didn’t have to do a thing—AWS took care of everything.
  13. Last but not least, AWS innovates very quickly. This is just a summary of some of the latest innovations, and please bear in mind that there are many other things that are missing here.
  14. 故障隔離
  15. 0:15There are many difficult things related to Databases: Administration, Backups, Clustering, Replication, and so on. Difficult, time consuming, error prone.How can we use automation to optimize this?