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  • This is a simple view of the set of services that we offer. At the core is the compute, storage and data services that are the heart of our offering. We then surround these offerings with a range of supporting components like management tools, networking services and application augmentation services. All this is hosted within our global data center footprint that allows you to consume services without having to build out facilities or equipment.
  • Enterprises use us in three main waysTo augment the IT capacity they run in their own data center with capabilities like disaster recovery, flexible test and development, bursting for spiky workloads, etc.To move existing workloads from their own data center into the cloudTo build entirely new projects, applications, webapps, services and even whole new lines of businessThe key is that you don’t need to tear down your whole data center and rip and replace everything. Each of our customers has different needs and our goal is to enable their success in the way that fits their requirements best
  • You might have questions about security in the cloud, but our biggest and most conservative customers have found that we’re able to meet their security requirements, and often we can provide a better security profile than what they can deliver internally. Our focus and investment in security, and the fact that we incorporate requirements from our most security conscious customers which then benefit all of the customers on our platform allows us to offer an effective approach to meeting enterprise security requirements. We encourage you to dig deeper with our security white paper, and would be happy to help you get the information you need to feel confident in our security capabilities and options.
  • We have a variety of purchase options that allow you to match your workload to the right model, and we’re happy to help you optimize your bill by working with you to choose the right mix of several of these.
  • Aws and Alfresco Solutions

    1. 1. Cloud Computing Solutions for Government and EducationMax PetersonAWS Worldwide Public Sector
    2. 2. Why are public sector customers adopting cloud computing? Variable expense Economies of scale Elastic capacity Replace capital Lower variable expense No need to guessexpenditure with variable than companies can capacity requirements expense achieve themselves and over-provision Speed and agility Focus on business Global ReachInfrastructure in minutes Not undifferentiated Go global in minutes and not weeks heavy IT lifting reach a global audience
    3. 3. Why are customers adopting cloud computing?Economies of scale Lower variable expense than companies can achieve themselves $3.01M   70%  lower  5  year   TCO  per  app   $0.90M   On-­‐premise   AWS   Source  IDC  Whitepaper,  sponsored  by  Amazon,   “The  Business  Value  of  Amazon  Web  Services   Accelerates  Over  Time.”    July  2012  
    4. 4. Why are customers adopting cloud computing?Speed and agility Infrastructure in minutes not weeks Old World: Infrastructure in Weeks Infrastructure in Minutes Add New Dev Environment Instance Type M3 Extra Large Add New Production Environment Number of Instances 1,000 Add New Environment in Japan Availability Zone US-West-2b Add 1,000 Servers Launch Remove 1,000 servers
    5. 5. Why are customers adopting cloud computing?Focus on mission Infrastructure in minutes not weeks “On-premise” Experiment Infrequently Experiment Often $00’s   Failure is Fail quickly at a expensive low cost Less Innovation More Innovation
    6. 6. Why are customers adopting cloud computing?Global Reach Go global in minutes and reach a global audience ApplicaAon  
    7. 7. What is Amazon Web Services? Deployment & Administration Application Services Compute Storage Database Networking AWS Global Infrastructure
    8. 8. How Public Sector Customers Use AWS Augment On-Premises resources with cloud capacity Migrate existing apps & data to the cloud Build new apps, sites, GovCloud US services & lines of Region businesses
    9. 9. Architected for Enterprise Security Requirements “The improved computer security includes, but is not limited to, greater protection against network attacks and real time detection of system tampering.” Earl E. Devaney, Chairman
    10. 10. AWS Partner Ecosystem – Ready to help
    11. 11. We support a wide range of technologies
    12. 12. The Alfresco SolutionAlfresco Enterprise for AWS Alfresco onthe leading open source ECM platform optimized for AWS AWS VPCAlfresco in the cloud, powered by AWSSaaS cloud file sharing & collaboration serviceAlfresco Mobilenative mobile apps for iOS & Android"Alfresco Desktop Sync (beta)Dropbox-like desktop sync client for Alfresco"Alfresco One Kick-Start ServiceTo make sure you are successful and syncing
    13. 13. We start with a solid foundation. Elastic Compute Cloud Amazon EC2 provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Virtual Private Cloud Amazon VPC lets you securely extend your Alfresco on corporate network into AWS. EC2 Simple Storage Service Amazon S3 is cloud storage that is secure, VPC durable, reliable, fast and inexpensive. Relational Database Service RDS S3 Amazon RDS is a web service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a cloud relational database.
    14. 14. The best of the cloud & on-premise...Hybrid solution combines the economic and scalability benefits of the cloud andsecurely interoperates with internal IT services. Active Directory IT Operations Alfresco on Company EC2 Intranet VPN Connection VPC Users RDS S3
    15. 15. Customer Use Case Example AWS US East AWS AP AWS South East EU West •  VPC Tunnels to Enterprise •  Single-Signon Integration •  2-Factor Authentication
    16. 16. Questions?Thank you for listening.Max
    17. 17. Many purchase models to support different needs Free Tier On-Demand Reserved Spot DedicatedGet Started on AWS Pay for compute Make a low, one-time Bid for unused capacity, Launch instances withinwith free usage & no capacity by the hour payment and receive a charged at a Spot Price Amazon VPC that runcommitment with no long-term significant discount on which fluctuates based on hardware dedicated commitments the hourly charge on supply and demand to a single customerFor POCs and For spiky workloads, For committed For time-insensitive or For highly sensitive orgetting started or to define needs utilization transient workloads compliance related workloads
    18. 18. AWS Marketplace Trial•  Free 30-day trial•  1-click launch•  Ideal for departments &" workgroups•  Some restrictions apply –  Single-server –  EBS only, no RDS or S3