Building Applications with AWS


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Building Applications with AWS

  1. 1. Building Applicationswith AWSPaul Duffy
  2. 2. Empower start-upsOn-demand, no upfront investment, low cost
  3. 3. Cost efficiencies are the sizzle. Agility is the steak.
  4. 4. Empower SMBs and EnterprisesOn-demand, no upfront investment, low cost
  5. 5. 100,000s of customers Across 190+ countries
  6. 6. Full spectrum of customersFrom Airbnb to Shell. From Playfish to NASA.
  7. 7. Full spectrum of applications Web apps and beyond…
  8. 8. Full spectrum of applications Web apps and beyond…
  9. 9. Spectrum of websites Static. Dynamic. Simple. Complex. Niche. Mass market.
  10. 10. Web applicationsPopular use case for AWS
  11. 11. Availability is importantRedundant HA systems are costly and complex.
  12. 12. Capacity is important“Success failure” as customers flock to a site. Huge cap-ex required. High risk.
  13. 13. Latency is importantRestricted download speeds, high latency when deployed from a single geographic location.
  14. 14. Utility computing to the rescue Elastic infrastructure allows high availability by default.Scale is there when you need it, without large upfront costs.
  15. 15. InfrastructureCost $ Unable to Large serve Capital constituents Expenditure Predicted Demand Traditional Hardware Actual Demand Automated Virtualization time
  16. 16. Reach and support a global audience CloudFront content delivery network. Latency aware routing for Route 53.
  17. 17. Elastic infrastructureDecoupled. Stateless. Horizontal scale.
  18. 18. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  19. 19. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  20. 20. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  21. 21. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  22. 22. Design for availability “Everything fails, all the time”Design for failure. Compute as an interchangeable resource.
  23. 23. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  24. 24. Load balancerApplication servers Data store
  25. 25. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  26. 26. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  27. 27. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  28. 28. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  29. 29. Design for automationAuto-scaling for scale and availability.
  30. 30. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  31. 31. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  32. 32. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  33. 33. Design for automationAutomated provisioning and management.
  34. 34. Design for scaleFollow architecture best practices for availability and automation
  35. 35. Design for scaleEmploy scalable services
  36. 36. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  37. 37. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  38. 38. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  39. 39. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  40. 40. Load balancerApplication serversData store
  41. 41. Beyond availability and scale…
  42. 42. Sophisticated web applications Powered by productive tools and services
  43. 43. Managed. Zero admin.Up and running for production in minutes.
  44. 44. Amazon DynamoDB Managed NoSQL database serviceConsistent, single digit millisecond latencies Flexible data model
  45. 45. Web apps at all scalesCasual games, social networks, user generated content
  46. 46. Amazon Simple Workflow Orchestration for distributed workflowsBusiness process. Image/transcoding processing. Deployment.
  47. 47. Integrated web applicationsPublic and private subnets across a Virtual Private Cloud.
  48. 48. Full spectrum of applications Web apps and beyond…
  49. 49. 1. Mobile applications Flipboard, Live TalkBack
  50. 50. 2. Analytics applicationsRecommendations to click stream analysis
  51. 51. Daily batch processing requirement: 3.5 billion records Click stream data (TB’s / day) 71 million unique cookies 1.7 million targeted ads per dayOptimize next Daily online ad Several TBs of Clickstream logs a dayday’s ad spend spend analysis Compile Results
  52. 52. Home theater Clickstream system purchase analysis from Targeted Analyze Targeted advert displayed and is searching similar purchase for video games behavior (1.7 Million per day)Traditional infrastructure AWS CloudSAN storage Cloud Services30 servers for compute Hadoop and Cascading3 high-end SQL servers “Ad Serving” IntegrationUpfront CapEx: ~$500K Upfront CapEx: $0Recurring OpEx: significant Recurring OpEx: $13K/mo.Procurement time: 2 mos. Procurement time: 0Processing time: 2 days /Job Processing time: 8 hours / Job
  53. 53. 500%Return on advertising spend.
  54. 54. 3. Backup and Disaster Recovery Durable storage. Physical separation. Elastic infrastructure for rapid recovery.
  55. 55. High Backup DisasterAvailability Storage Recovery
  56. 56. Enterprise Fast, secure, cost effective backupapplication backup and DR for Oracle appsand DRDR for regulated Reducing cost of vaulting and DRindustries implementations by up to 50%Oracle E-business IT and Operations are moreSuite DR of dev/test responsive to the businessHot site DR for Avoiding $1M of infrastructure andenterprise clients admin costs
  57. 57. 3. Backup and Disaster Recovery Backup to AWS S3. Recover on-premise. Recover to EC2.
  58. 58. Pilot Light User or systemWeb WebServer Server Amazon Route 53 Not RunningApplication ApplicationServer ServerDatabase Database Data Mirroring/ Smaller InstanceServer Server Replication Data Data Volume Volume
  59. 59. Pilot Light User or systemWebWeb WebServerServer Server Amazon Route 53 Not RunningApplication ApplicationServer ServerDatabase DatabaseDatabase Data Mirroring/ Smaller InstanceServer ServerServer Replication Data Data Volume Volume
  60. 60. Pilot Light User or systemWebWeb WebServerServer Server Amazon Route 53 Start in minutesApplication ApplicationServer ServerDatabase DatabaseDatabase Data Mirroring/ Resize as desiredServer ServerServer Replication Data Data Volume Volume
  61. 61. 4. Corporate ApplicationsAmazon’s mission critical corporate applications
  62. 62. Planned migration
  63. 63. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 & SQL Server 2008Running within the Virtual Private Cloud.
  64. 64. Microsoft License Mobility With Software Assurance
  65. 65. Worked with AWS just as with any vendor Premium support. Solutions Architecture support.
  66. 66. Infrastructure costs down 22%Procurement time down from over 4 weeks to minutes.
  67. 67. 5. Applications on Mars NASA and the Mars Rover
  68. 68. Left image Right image Warp Warp Stereo match 3D mapping Tile
  69. 69. Full spectrum of applications Web apps and beyond…
  70. 70. Web applicationsAvailability. Automation. Latency. Scale.
  71. 71. And beyond…Mobile. Analytics. DR and backup. Corporate apps. Interplanetary.
  72. 72. Thank you!