Lifting Equipment


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Trade India has the listing of lifting equipment, lifting equipment manufacturers and lifting equipment exporters companies and traders with complete product details and contact address from India.

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Lifting Equipment

  1. 1. Lif ting O perations
  2. 2. Essential Principles for Lifting & Hoisting Operations Planning Control Competence Equipment Inspection, maintenance and certification  Load integrity and stability     
  3. 3. Planning  A lift plan is required for every lift. If the lift deviates from the plan, make safe and stop the job.  Hazard identification and risk assessment are an integral part of planning a lift.  An assessment of the lift and determination of the lift method, equipment and number of people required are critical to planning of the lift.
  4. 4. Competence The competent person must inspect all machinery and equipment prior to each use, and during use, to make sure it is in safe operating condition. If it needs fixing, take it out of service and don’t use it until it is fixed
  5. 5. Load integrity and stability Know the Weight of the Load Refer to shipping ticket or other documentation Ensure lift calculations are correct Ensure load is within load chart rating for boom length and load radius of crane Crane is rated by the maximum weight it will lift at a minimum radius and minimum boom length – the further from its center point, the less it will lift
  6. 6. Types Of lifting equipment. Slide Crane
  7. 7. Types Of lifting equipment. Lift equi
  8. 8. Types Of lifting equipment. Four post car lift
  9. 9. Summary Remember: The person who uses slings, lifting devices, cranes and hoists is in a position of real responsibility, not only for his or her safety, but also for the safety of all others in the area.
  10. 10. Mnaufacturers And Exporters You seen above concept of lifiting and process of it.If you get Information about Indian Exporters and Manufacturers of it. You can can contact with Trade India which has Listing of reliable manufacturers and exporters of Lifting Equipment.