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Quora in Brief


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Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business

Quora in Brief

  1. 1. Quora ● Focus is on education and information. ● Started by two former facebook employees who wanted to create a website specifically for questions and answers. ● Allows users to share their expertise. ● Allows user to connect with other people who have the same interests.
  2. 2. Quora VS Quora has been compared to Yahoo Answers, but there are major difference: ● Yahoo Answer gets a lot of spam. ● Quora has a beautifully designed interface. ● Quora allows users to merge similar questions. ● Quora has a social network and blogging platform. ● Quora has a point system that allows user to earn points to promote their questions and answers.
  3. 3. Quora Quora As A Digital Marketing Tool ● Quora allows business to educate potential clients. ● Quora gives businesses the opportunity to establish trust by providing answers for free. ● Unlike other social media sites, people go to Quora to find information and not necessarily for its social interaction features.
  4. 4. Quora Quora: The Basics ● Questions are divided by topics and subtopics. ● Keep track of interesting topic by following them. ● Keep track of users who post interesting answers by following them. ● Topic related activity will go into your newsfeed. ● Related item link on every page to promote unanswered questions to users.
  5. 5. Quora: Profile Creation Tips ● The 'About Me' section is the first thing users will see when they click on your profile. Make sure to include your website and contract information. Quora does not have a separate place for this information. ● Answer questions about where you live, work and personal interests. This will allow you to connect with more users. ● Fill out 'Experience' Section with absolutely anything of interest to you. Quora will suggest topics to follow based on this. ● Click on links to connect to other social media. You questions and answers will be shared there. ● You can also share to Wordpress or Tumbler blog.
  6. 6. Quora Credit Devinder Maheshwari answers “What are Quora Credits?” on Quora: ● When you begin with your account, Quora provides you with an initial sum of 500 credits so as to make sure that you can actively take part in discussions. ● Asking a question is free now. ● When your Question is followed by someone, you get 10 credits in your account. ● You can also promote your Question by spending some credits, To promote your question to 100 people you have to spend 500 credits and to promote you need to have minimum 100 credits with you. ● Coming to the answer side, Answering is free. ● When your answer is relevant and gets upvotes, you get credits, one vote up adds 10 credits in your account, 2 vote ups, adds 20 credits and so on. Continued...
  7. 7. Quora Credits Continued ● When the questioner upvotes your answer you get 50 credits. ● If you have a board and your board post get upvotes, you get credits, 1 upvote adds 10 credits and so on. ● You can promote your own answers in the same way as you do with the question. ● Another feature is Ask to Answer. If someone asks you a question, you will be notified, set your asking price (credits), answer the question and earn credits. Even if you don't answer the question you can fetch some credits out of it. ● And the last one, when you are out of credits you can ask your friends on Quora to give you some credits from their account which is feasible only when your friend has more than 500 credits.
  8. 8. Quora: Ask to Answer In your account settings, you can set your Ask to Answer price. There are 4 options: Free, 25 credits, 35 credits and 50 credits. If someone asks you a questions and you answer it, they have to transfer the appropriate amount of credit to you. When you ask a question, Quora will give you a list of users, that have expertise in that area, with their Ask to Answer price. Barack Obama joined Quora and apparently has an Ask To Answer Price of 202,000 credits. So far he has answered 3 questions.
  9. 9. Quora and Social Media ● Quora can connect with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin ● Unless you sign up with Google, there is no way to connect to it once you have an account. ● If you share a link to Quora, the receiver can't see the quora page unless they are signed in to Quora. ● Best not to share automatically on your social media accounts, but better to post only those items you want.
  10. 10. Quora Blog ● Is only accessible to other Quora users. ● Users who follow you will get your blog posts in their feed. ● Settings include public, private and secret. ● Secret – can only be viewed by blog members ● Public – can be view by anyone (as logged as they are a Quora member.) ● Private – title will show up in feeds but full post is only accessible to those approved. ● Users can create multiple blogs. ● Users can create joint blogs with other users. ● If you are trying to promote yourself or business, it is best to update your blog regularly. ● Link blog posts to business website. (ie. “To learn more check our our website... “)
  11. 11. Quora For more information on Quora check out The Complete Guide to Quora by Tom Corson-Knowles.