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12 steps to simplify your life


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Become more productive by following these 12 steps to simplify your life according to Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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12 steps to simplify your life

  1. 1. { 12 } Steps to Simplify Your Life Based on a Facebook Article by Dr. Wayne Dyer from January 15/2014
  2. 2. { 1 } Unclutter Your Life Let go of stuff that’s no longer useful in your life
  3. 3. { 2 } Get Rid of Things Get rid of anything that keeps you stuck in the mindset of acquisitions that contribute to a cluttered life
  4. 4. { 3 } Clear Your Calendar Clear your calendar of unwanted and unnecessary activities and obligations Don’t feel guilty about saying NO
  5. 5. { 4 } Keep Your Time Free Keep Your time free for joyful inspiration Decline invitations that don’t activate feelings of inspiration
  6. 6. { 5 } Take Time for Meditation and Yoga Give yourself at least 20 minutes a day to sit quietly and make conscious contact with God
  7. 7. { 6 } Return to the Simplicity of Nature There’s nothing more awe-inspiring than nature itself
  8. 8. { 7 } Be Your Natural Self Your urge to simplify and feel inspired is fueled by the desire to be your natural self—that is, your nature self
  9. 9. { 8 } Put Distance between You & Your Critics Choose to align yourself with people who are like-minded in their search for simplified inspiration
  10. 10. { 9 } Take Some Time for Your Health Your body is a sacred temple where you reside for this lifetime Respect it and simplify your life by exercising and eating sensibly
  11. 11. { 10 } Play, Play, Play! You’ll simplify your life and feel inspired if you learn to play rather than work your way through life
  12. 12. { 11 } Slow Down By slowing down, you’ll simplify and rejoin the perfect pace at which creation works
  13. 13. { 12 } Avoid Debt You don’t need to purchase more of what will complicate and clutter your life If you can’t afford it, let it go until you can
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