Lead Your Way to a Social Organization


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CEO Track presentation for ASAE's #Tech13 conference.

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  • On the left, our Social Leadership Survey, related to our book Humanize. On the right, a survey by a branding agency called BrandFog. Both of our survey respondents spanned hundreds of professionals from all kinds of companies, large and small in various industries.
  • Both surveys, ours and Brandfog, asked people questions about their CEO’s use of social media and social leadership.
  • Here’s more from the Brandfog study. Remember this is what your staff want from you as leaders.
  • Blue side = using social media personally. Green side = supporting your organization’s social infrastructureProducer – the CEO who is a very public figure and uses video to talk about the company and industry. [Gary Shapiro, consumer electronics?]Distributor – this could be a CEO with a blog and large readership. [ Bill Marriott]Recipient – the CEO who curates information from the internet for his followers – could be someone who has a large Twitter following but not necessarily their own blog – Richard Branson, maybe.-------------------Adviser – leaders who play a proactive role in raising the media literacy of their staff. [Bill Carteaux]Architect – balance the sharing of content internally and externally [BahratMasrani, CEO of TD Bank]Analyst – stays ahead of the technology curve and understands the cultural impact of innovations [Reed Hastings, Netflix]
  • 1,709 CEOs, general managers and senior public sector leaders from around the globe – 64 countries, 18 industries.
  • Lead Your Way to a Social Organization

    1. 1. LEAD YOUR WAY TO A SOCIAL ORGANIZATION Thursday, December 5, 2013 1:45 to 2:45pm Hashtag: #tech13 LN1 JAMIE NOTTER MADDIE GRANT, CAE TOM HOOD, CEO, MACPA
    2. 2. Agenda for Today 1. Social Media’s Impact on Leadership 2. Two ways to be a Social CEO 3. Q&A
    3. 3. I consider my organization to be… • • • • New to social media Comfortable, but still experimenting Using social media strategically A fully integrated social business
    4. 4. I myself am… • Too busy to spend any time on social media • Interested, but unsure how best to use social personally • Happy to let my staff manage our social media • A very social leader
    5. 5. I. Social Media’s Impact on Leadership (and Culture!)
    6. 6. 21 % Participates in Social Media
    7. 7. Let’s Ask Tom…
    8. 8. • In the beginning…RELEVANCE • Listen • JIT Information • Communication – yes, even internal • Thought Leadership • Connections to Thought Leaders (Tom Peters and CLO of Grant Thornton) • Brand • Lookout Post • Social Business
    9. 9. CEO: Chief Engagement Officer
    10. 10. II. Two Ways To Be a Social CEO
    11. 11. Source: Deloitte/MIT Study 71% 70% 71 % 70 % of CEOs felt social business Text be important to their will organization in 3 years of CIOs
    12. 12. 28 % TODAY 28% 14% of CEOs 14 % of CIOs
    13. 13. Handouts
    14. 14. Agree 41% Strongly Agree 43% 84 % believe social media gives their company a competitive edge
    15. 15. What’s in it for your staff?
    16. 16. What’s in it for your stakeholders?
    17. 17. What’s in it for you?
    18. 18. Source: cnet.com
    19. 19. There are two ways to be a social CEO. 1. Use social media personally and professionally
    20. 20. Benefits of Twitter for CEOs • • • • • • • Break real time news and information Establish thought leadership Build presence in case of crisis Be the face of the company – transparency Be the face of the company – values Build relationships with influencers Be the influencer others want to connect to
    21. 21. There are two ways to be a social CEO. 2. Bring social principles to life and support your organization’s social efforts.
    22. 22. Build the infrastructure for social • • • • • Assign a social media team Define goals Set policies Establish training Manage change
    23. 23. Source: McKinsey Quarterly
    24. 24. Let’s Ask Tom…
    25. 25. I have been told I am a social media ninja Personal • Producer • Distributor • Recipient Strategic/Org • Adviser • Architect • Analyst Because I am a little bit of all of these…
    26. 26. 2012 IBM CEO Study
    27. 27. “Simply put, CEOs and their executives set the cultural tone for an organization. Through participation, they implicitly promote the use of social technologies. That will make their organizations more competitive and better able to adapt to sudden market changes.” - Forbes.com on the IBM CEO Study
    28. 28. THANK YOU Jamie Notter consultant, speaker, author jamienotter.com jamienotter@gmail.com @jamienotter Maddie Grant digital strategist ICF Interactive maddie.grant@icfi.com @maddiegrant Tom Hood ceo Maryland Association of CPAs tom@macpa.org @tomhood