Trina Isakson: Social Media at the Top of the Engagement


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Supporters come in all forms–from those who ‘Like’ our Facebook images, to leaders who shares stories, build strategy, and advocate for our missions. Using Groundwire’s Engagement Pyramid as a foundation, learn how social media can be used strategically to engage and leverage high-level volunteers and supporters.

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Trina Isakson: Social Media at the Top of the Engagement

  1. 1. Social Media at the Top of theEngagement PyramidTrina Isakson27 Shift@telleni
  2. 2. EnjoymentTimingCertaintyMoneyFlickr: James E. Petts
  3. 3. EnjoymentTimingCertaintyMoneyFlickr: James E. PettsJust in timeNot our bestIsolation
  4. 4. NofundingNot afadEngagesupporters
  5. 5. Abundance is notsomething we acquire.It is something we tune into.Wayne Dyer
  6. 6. When we lead othersWhen we engage supporterswe getStrategyExpertsGroup brainSocial capital
  7. 7. Currentsocial mediavolunteer positionsDoersDo-it-all ersTargetedhelp
  8. 8. LeadingOwningContributingEndorsingFollowingObservingSource: Groundwire
  9. 9. LeadingOwningContributingEndorsingFollowingObservingSource: Groundwire
  10. 10. LeadingOwningContributingEndorsingFollowingObservingSource: Groundwire
  11. 11. LeadingOwningContributingEndorsingFollowingObservingSource: Groundwire
  12. 12. Content-a-thonCuratorsBlog/SMaction dayAdvisorsStrategistsProjectleadersFeaturedbloggers
  13. 13. VIRTUAL MICROVOLUNTEERS• Ongoing source of socialmedia content.• Success:• Sample tweets, interestingarticles related to mission:camping, mental health etc.
  14. 14. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIST• Had a marketing plan anddid social media. Integration?• Success:• Examined current activities• Helped set goals• Strategic recommendations onhow to leverage activities
  15. 15. CEO SOCIAL MEDIA COACH• What do you spend time doing now that you coulddo better via social?• What other executive directors in your field thatyou respect, follow or and feel inspired by areusing social creatively?• What are your strengths and preferences and whatis the best match in terms of social channels?• How will social improve things you already KNOWand value?Source: Beth Kanter
  16. 16. Use “I wonder”to create highimpact volunteer roles
  17. 17. Use “I wonder”to create highimpact volunteer rolesI wonder whatplatforms ouryouth clientsare using?I wonder how Icould automatesome of mysocial mediaactivities?I wonder how Ican connect oursocial mediafollowers intoour database?I wonder how tohire well when Idon’t know whatI’m looking for?
  18. 18. Lead others to lead.
  19. 19. “I can honestly say this was one of the most engagingvolunteer experiences I have ever had.“This project definitely changed the way I thoughtabout volunteering and was different from myvolunteer experiences in the past.“For me, the responsibility I was given with thisproject was a sign of trust and respect for myknowledge and my experience.
  20. 20. LOCAL RESOURCES•••
  21. 21. Flickr: melissayoungern
  22. 22. Social Media at the Top of theEngagement PyramidTrina Isakson27 Shift@telleni