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Social Media 101: Nonprofit


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Social Media a perfect way to attract donors; social platforms are FREE to use! With a basic understanding, you can learn how to find and engage your donors. It's time to embrace change!

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Social Media 101: Nonprofit

  1. 1. How Your Nonprofit Can Profit Social Media 101
  2. 2. Let’s face it. The world of social media is daunting. Where to start?
  3. 3. Adrian Sargeant – Chief Scientist - bloomerang Did you know that of donors will leave a nonprofit because of a lack of communication?
  4. 4. People give to people not to organizations. Image Source B2C
  5. 5. Case Foundation Study: Nonprofits 74% nonprofits engage their communities with social media. Only 53% actually follow best practice of establishing thought leadership.
  6. 6. Where to Begin?
  7. 7. If it Isn’t Broken...
  8. 8. “Relationships are the business of social media. All relationships have relevance.” e.h.singer
  9. 9. Start WIth a
  10. 10. Connect the Dots (I mean Donors!)
  11. 11. Hottest SPots for Building Community ● Facebook ● Twitter ● YouTube
  12. 12. Invite Your Donors Home When someone likes your page Facebook, or follows you on Twitter, it provides an opportunity to appear on their feed and connect to your website homepage
  13. 13. It’s all About Sharing Content Ideas Video Image Text Audio Link Informative Newscasts Documents Editorial Photos, Infographics New Stories Newscasts Links to Informative Content Inspirational Testimonials, Movies Beautiful photos, art Written Stories, Testimonials Music, Interviews Links to Inspiring Content Empowering Screencasts, Recorded Training Infographics, Motivational Images Educational Books or Blogs Keynotes Speeches, Interviews Links to Empowering Content Entertaining Movies, TV, Video Games Memes Fictional Stories Music, Comedy Links to Entertaining Content
  14. 14. Be Shareable The more shareable content you produce, the more people will see what your organization is doing, and be motivated to get behind it.
  15. 15. Facebook: Make Sure You’re COvered Customize your cover photo. Upload inspiring images of your community, volunteers or people they serve.
  16. 16. Ask individuals for “advice” instead of “money”. Tell them that they (their ideas, opinions, feedback) are important to your organization. The Ask Magic Statement “I have an Idea and would like you to help me think it through.”
  17. 17. Show Love Tag supporters in photos and posts. It makes them feel appreciated, and allows your posts to be shared with their followers. 95% of donors appreciate a thank-you call within a day or two of their donation. 85% said it would influence them to give again. 84% said they would definitely or probably give a larger gift. * Penelope Burk, Donor Centered Fundraising
  18. 18. Facebook | Twitter Is Your Page Engaged?
  19. 19. Social networks are perfect for asking questions and opening up discussions with your audience. Go Ahead,Ask! Would? Should?
  20. 20. Bright Cover Photo Connect with Followers Share videos Personable Profile Photo Facebook I do’s
  21. 21. Engaging Avatar or Logo Call to Action Engaging Header Twitter I do’s Invite Followers
  22. 22. OK, I’m In.
  23. 23. Focus on your core target audience, those people most likely to respond to your messages by taking action. Get to the Heart of your Donors
  24. 24. Social Committee: Terms of Endearment ● Likes communicating with stakeholders ● Likes technology (does not need to be tech-savvy) ● Is creative ● Has finger on pulse of latest news ● Is well-connected and enthusiastic.
  25. 25. Blog: Dear Donor, It’s All About YOU! ● Use the word “You” ● Delete the word “We” ● Show and tell stories ● Use Pictures! Be fun! ● Post Regularly! Donor Organization
  26. 26. Editorial Calendar: It’s a Date
  27. 27. Image by Jeff Hartman; Sales- ● Facebook Instant Post Insights ● Twitter ReTweets, mentions ● Website analytics and traffic ● Blog traffic ● Email newsletter signups Commit, Measure and Improve
  28. 28. Thank you! p: 732-807-5027 Follow me! You provide the dots, I’ll create your digital mark.