Making your Web Presence Social: 10 Ideas for Nonprofits


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The Supporter Journey is social, and your nonprofit's website should be too. Here are 10 ideas for integrating social media into your nonprofit website.

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  • No matter who you are or where you are in life …
  • What’s a baby need most?Human connectionLife is all about relationships from the very beginning!!!
  • What do most look forward to in lifeThings they do with family, best friends, co-workers
  • What content on Facebook is most consumed? (photos/videos)These things connect us with people
  • Why do people give?Connection (relationship) with an organization, cause, person50% of people give because their friend asked (blackbaud event fundraising survey)
  • Twitter and Facebook plugins.
  • Making your Web Presence Social: 10 Ideas for Nonprofits

    1. t<br />Making your Web presence Social: ten ideas for nonprofits<br />Chad Norman<br />Frank Barry<br />
    2. Your Hosts for today's Talk<br />Frank Barry<br />Internet Strategy Manager<br />Blackbaud<br />@franswaa<br />Chad Norman<br />Internet Marketing Manager<br />Blackbaud<br />@chadnorman<br />
    3. #bbjourney<br />If You’re Tweeting:<br />
    4. 42<br />% of people in America use Facebook<br />
    5. 1 12<br /># of people on the planet using Facebook<br />in<br />
    6. 35<br />Hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every single minute<br />
    7. 16<br />Million people around the world use Twitter<br />
    8. The Supporter Journey is Social<br />
    9. From the <br />Beginning<br />
    10. Relationships<br />are the glue<br />
    11. Facebook’s top Content: Photos and Videos<br />
    12. 50% Gave because a Friend Asked<br />
    13. Where are you on the social journey?<br />As your organization’s social media program matures, it should be moving from simply trying new things to multi-channel integration. <br />STAGE 1<br />Traditional<br />STAGE 2<br />Experimental<br />STAGE 3<br />Operational<br />STAGE 4<br />Impactful<br />Traditional marketing operations consisting of one-way communication. <br />Pushing content to supporters with little back-and forth chatter.<br />Dabbling in social media, but efforts are disconnected from organizational goals. <br />Fractured efforts and silos with no real coordination of activities and measurement.<br />Social activity is more embedded in organizational operations.<br />Internal policies, dedicated staff, channel alignment, and campaign integration.<br />Social activity drives real, measureable results at organization.<br />Tools and systems are in place to allow staff to have perform meaningful engagement with supporters.<br />.<br />
    14. you’ve got a social media Strategy, right?<br />The P.O.S.T. method*<br />P = People: Who?<br />O = Objectives: Goals?<br />S = Strategies: Outcomes?<br />T = Technologies: Tools?<br />* From Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff's book Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies<br />
    15. Making your web presence social<br />
    16. Connect with your supporters<br />1<br />
    17. Connect with your supporters<br />1<br />
    18. Make Content Sharable<br />2<br />
    19. Display Social Content<br />3<br />
    20. Display Social Content<br />3<br />
    21. Encourage Social-enabled comments<br />4<br />
    22. Integrate Social conversations<br />5<br />
    23. Help Supporters Take Action<br />6<br />
    24. Help Supporters Take Action<br />6<br />
    25. Raise More Money<br />7<br />
    26. Raise More Money<br />7<br />
    27. Raise More Money<br />7<br />
    28. Pull in Multimedia<br />8<br />
    29. Create a Social Hub<br />9<br />
    30. Create a Social Hub<br />9<br />
    31. Create a Social Hub<br />9<br />
    32. Build a Private Community<br />10<br />
    33. Want a ton more ideas?<br />Checkout the Social Media Tactics series for nonprofits!<br /><br />
    34. Bonus Workshop: Social Media Listening<br />
    35. workshop: Social Media Listening<br />VIEW & DOWNLOAD<br />
    36. Questions?<br />
    37. Thank you!<br />Let’s keep the conversation going…<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />