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Turning Membership Inside Out: ASPB's Digital Transformation

Presentation at ASAE Great Ideas #ideas16, March 2016, about the digital transformation work being done at the American Society of Plant Biologists

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Turning Membership Inside Out: ASPB's Digital Transformation

  1. 1. Turning Membership Inside Out Susan Cato, Director, Digital Strategy & Member Services, ASPB Maddie Grant, Digital Strategist, Culture That Works/WorkXO Joe Colangelo, CEO, Bear Analytics
  2. 2. AGENDA: How we got here Where we are now A look into the future
  3. 3. From Membership to Community Shi$ from tradi-onal – transac-onal membership to one of COMMUNITY.
  4. 4. Who Is Our Audience? Members Potential Marketplace Events Publica-ons Newsle>er Commi>ees Website Emails Training
  5. 5. How Big Is Our Market? Existing ASPB Relationships! Abandoners! Abstracts! Authorship! Bookmarks! Email & Marketing! Event (Reg, Exh, Sponsors)! Journals & Publications! Growth in Exchange Members! Lapsed/ Non-Members! Membership! Reviewers! Section Meetings! Section Dues! 70+ Spreadsheets! 3,000,000! Data Points! 148,000! Individual Records!
  6. 6. How Big Is Our Market? Existing ASPB Relationships! Abandoners! Growth in Exchange Members! Organic: member growth fueled by usage, sharing, and networking within the ASPB Plant Science Exchange! Industry Growth: members entering the industry via undergrad, post docs, and researchers! Partnership Development: dedicated alliances form for the acquisition of members, content, or both.! Academic Institutions! Companies ! Societies & Associations! Other Agencies! ASPB existing channels! Intra-community growth!
  7. 7. How Big Is Our Market? Existing ASPB Relationships! Abandoners! Growth in Exchange Members! o  Individuals who no longer interact, sign into, or engage with the ASPB Plant Science Exchange! o  Users who change jobs, retire, or other! o  The impact on total membership and revenues!
  8. 8. Engagement Measurement 148,460 136,909 58,132 22,379 0 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 100,000 120,000 140,000 160,000 Individuals Institutions Recency! Channel! Frequency! How recently did a given individual engage with ASPB? Where did they engage with ASPB? Ex: Events vs. Journals How many Hmes did they engage with ASPB?
  9. 9. Engagement Measurement60 136,909 58,132 22,379 High Engagement! Med Engagement! Low Engagement! 33,561 Live “leads” in ASPB’s current databases
  10. 10. Thinking Globally ~114,000 students! Agricultural Sciences:! 16,234! Biological Sciences:! 76,447! Graduate! Post-Doc! Agricultural Sciences:! 1,290! Biological Sciences:! 20,086! 30% of all S&E grad students are foreign visa-holders ~54,000 students! International Opportunity
  11. 11. Evolving the membership model Authors A>endees Educators Tradi-onal ASPB Members Other customers
  12. 12. The seed
  13. 13. •  A broad foundation and collective voice for the global plant science community •  A place where plant scientists go to find what they need: people, funding resources, career info, professional development, •  A global network that facilitates connections among individuals and collaborative groups •  A place to share and access exceptional tools and resources •  A platform for partnerships with interested organizations •  A marketplace for publications, content, tools and more Plantae is:
  14. 14. Plantae
  15. 15. •  Free to anyone who wants to join •  Premium membership for additional access and discounts •  ASPB membership comes with Plantae premium, and possibly other memberships •  The “amazon marketplace” model allows other organizations to offer products, memberships, publications, and more Business Model
  16. 16. Total Plantae Users The Business Model: Mirroring Amazon Plantae Premium Users $99-129 Primary revenue stream Ad hoc purchased items ($TBD) ASPB journal publica-ons ($199) Secondary revenue streams Ad hoc purchased items Ter-ary revenue streams Marketplace commissions (30%) Other revenues – ads, etc ($TBD) Revenue Model
  17. 17. Current Technology
  18. 18. Roadmap Core Plantae Pla+orm (Professional Directory, groups, discussions) Shopping cart Content Libraries and Collec-ons Document Collabora-on Research Tool Career Center
  19. 19. We are here The path
  20. 20. The Future
  21. 21. Contact Us Susan Cato Director, Digital Strategy & Member Services ASPB @susancato Maddie Grant Digital Strategist Culture That Works / WorkXO @maddiegrant Joe Colangelo CEO Bear Analytics @JoeColangelo @BearAnalytics