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Mobile health needs 1000 hands


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Handout of the keynote closing presentation I gave at the #mobilehealth15 congress organized by TMAB and Agoria.
26-Nov-2015 Grimbergen

Published in: Healthcare
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Mobile health needs 1000 hands

  1. 1. When  you  change  the  way  you  look  at  things,  the  things  you  look  at  change.   Mobile  health  is  not  only  about  technical  architecture.     The  real  challenge  is  social  architecture.   1000  hands     Pa9ent   communi9es   already  exist  and   they  mature  slowly   over  9me.     Community   dynamics  are  tribal.   They  are  based  on   INFLUENCE  instead   of  authority.     More  :  Tribes  (Seth  Godin)   Service  <>  Care     Pa9ents  are  not   healed  from   healthcare  services   alone.     We  need  service   and  care.       CARE  is  about  how   people  connect  in  a   community.     More  :  google  ‘John  McKnight’   Let  pa8ents  help     Pa9ents  are  the   most  underu9lized   resource  in   healthcare.     =   Your  users  are  the   most  underu9lized   resource  in  mobile   health.       More  :  google  ‘epa<ent  Dave’   Mandate  <>  Invita8on     Are  you  there  when   you  are  there?     Amabassadors  are  not   appointed.     You  need  to  earn   ambassodorship  for   your  plaMorm.         More  :  ‘Community’  by  Peter  Block   Social  Architecture     Your  exper8se   =  just  an  entry  9cket     Invest  in  rela8onships    =  let  go  of  control     Work  with  what  is   already  there     =  community  roles   already  exist.       More  :  Social  Architecture  ,Luc  Galoppin   In  2016  I  will  be  refining  the  ideas  of  social  architecture  into  a  book,  containing  prac9cal  examples  and  tools  to  get  started.   You  are  welcome  to  share  your  thoughts  and  contribute.     Luc  Galoppin   luc.galoppin@reply-­‐   +32  497  399  880