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Social Architecture - Raising the Bar for our Profession


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In this session, Luc Galoppin will argue that in order to advance as a profession, change management itself needs to change.

We can no longer rely on hierarchical, compliance-driven approaches to driving change initiatives, Luc will argue, and need to embrace a new perspective – ‘Social Architecture’ – if we are to reach our full potential.

Social Architecture focuses on communities and ‘tribes’ which cut across traditional organisational and hierarchical boundaries. Letting go of control, Luc believes, and shifting from an emphasis on explicit knowledge to trust, connection and co-creation will be key to the future of change management.

Using innovative hand-drawn diagrams, and drawing on his experience of ERP implementations across varied settings, Luc will explain how Social Architecture requires a mindset shift from managing change at the project level to creating platforms for connection, knowledge sharing and co-creation. The legacy we leave behind, Luc believes, should create lasting capability to deal with future change at the organisational level – “Teaching people how to fish so they can eat forever.”

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Social Architecture - Raising the Bar for our Profession

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