12 related costs of printing


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Takes into consideration all related costs to print and then manage

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12 related costs of printing

  1. 1. Costs of enterprise printingEvery $1 spent printing involves another $9 to manage it Enterprise Printing (Office, Production, Commercial) Cost of Printing 10% • Document management • End-user interaction • IT support and Costs of infrastructure managing document 90% • Administration and lifecycle procurement • Facilities Source: ALL Associates Group
  2. 2. Fragmented burdened office costs Visible hard costs (5–7¢) • Hardware; Consumables; Maintenance; Paper and power Document management IS support • Document storage and archival; • End user; Device management; Output Document retrieval; Document management; Network management distribution; Document capture and indexing 10% 5% IS infrastructure 5% • Network; Application programming and maintenance; Software and licensing 5% 47% Administration, purchasing, and facilities • Facilities costs; Product/service acquisition 28% processes; Contract and billing processes; Internal service delivery End user time • Computer interaction; Output equipment interaction; Preparation, collection, and finishing; Problems, errors, and mistakes