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Managed Print Services Presentation

  1. 1. Managed Print Services“Efficiency through Transparency”
  2. 2. Contents• MPS Definition & 5 Pillars• 2012 Trends• Document Systems MPS Advantage• Environmental Impact• Final Thoughts
  3. 3. Manage MinimizeA Sensible Strategy Expenses Carbon Footprint Boost Free Up Productivity IT Resources
  4. 4. Why Managed Print Services? MPS Definition1. Management information with consolidated billing2. Proactive maintenance of the equipment fleet3. Ongoing optimization of the environment throughout the life The 5 Pillars1. Define - Is your print environment open to efficiencies with MPS2. Measure - How large is the fleet? Do our findings coincide with yours? – Assessment begins3. Analyze - Understand the findings and to assemble a plan4. Improve - Present our findings and efficiencies5. Control - Take action!
  5. 5. Printing 2012 MPS Industry Trends• OEMS are pushing their own MPS offerings to validate efficiencies to the end users• System Integrators, such as: Accenture and Fujitsu Service are looking to append MPS to their managed service contracts with clients• Managed Service Providers/IT and Copier Resellers – are refocused on bringing Sales/Service/Supplies under one easily digestible offering to the C-Level in the S.M.B channel• Supplies based providers (big-box), such as: Office Max and Staples (the massive distributors) have seen a decline in B2B supplies business when MPS is not incorporated
  6. 6. Printing 2012: Customer Trends• C-Level and IT Managers are unaware of their printing costs. IT Managers generally consider printers a Necessary evil.• Printing related costs are typically 1 -3% of a companies revenue*• 23% of help desk calls are printer related**Gartner group
  7. 7. Printing 2012: Customer Trends, cont.• 90% of all companies do not track printing costs - Buyers Lab• For every $1 spent on printing involves another $9 to manage it - Gartner GroupCost of Printing 10% Hard Visible CostsCost of Document IT ManagementManaging End user interactionDocument 90% IT Support and InfrastructureLifecycles Administration and Procurement Facilities
  8. 8. Vendor vs. Consultant Vendor Consultant • Sells Products • Understands your needs • Products for Price • Price is a byproduct • Transactional forum • Contractual agreement • • Controls costs Competitive environment • Contractual agreement • Rejustifies every sale • Defines, Measures, Analyzes, • Does not see overall printing Improves and Controls costs costs • Can only earn your business • Does not understand your after they fully understand your business business
  9. 9. Vendor vs. MPS Solution Vendor MPS • Numerous vendors for all your • One provider for all your needs printing needs • Proactive to: • Reactive to: Supplies are monitored Supplies Service is scheduled Service Upgrades are automatic Upgrades Costs are controlled through efficiencies Costs • Purchasing taken out of loop • Needs constant purchasing • IT taken out of loop attention • IT is involved
  10. 10. Strategic Synergy – Document Systems MPS Document Systems Customer • A comprehensive plan that • Eliminate their involvement in proactively manages devices managing printers, the related and materials materials, and services • One invoice monthly for pages • Simplify the financial printed administration of the fleet • Support the devices and the • Increase productivity in IT by users reducing the printer support issues • Security solutions • Protect their information
  11. 11. Our Solution – Your Advantage Streamline tasks Improve the Improve Workflow and increase business processes “Define & Measure” efficiency Control costs and Having the right improve user Optimize the Infrastructure devices in the right productivity “Analyze & Improve” locations Outsource device Control costs, reduce management controls tasking & Manage the Environment Customer Benefit cost and allows for Customer Needs involvement with “Control” What We Provide focus on core managing the devices business
  12. 12. Consult and Collaborate!• Understand corporate and individual objectives Define---------------------------------------------------------------------------• Perform due diligence Measure---------------------------------------------------------------------------• Discover areas for improvements• Collaborate on developing solutions that are consistent with the culture and politics Analyze---------------------------------------------------------------------------• Define solutions in a cohesive strategy• Develop an implementation strategy with tracking and reporting of results Improve---------------------------------------------------------------------------• Manage account to achieve desired results• Conduct regular account reviews• High resource value to management Control
  13. 13. The Desired Outcome• Control expenses – Manage the environment – Optimize the infrastructure – Improve workflow• Boost productivity – Do more with less – Focus on core business – IT relieved of responsibility – Purchasing focused on other tasks
  14. 14. Environmental Impact• Paper, Toner and Power − One case of paper (10 reams) uses approximately 60% of a tree* − Production of 50 lbs. (5,000 pages/1 case) of copy paper produces 143 lbs. of green house gases* − Three quarts of oil are consumed in the production of a single new toner cartridge and they take over 1,000 years to decompose** − Millions of square feet of landfill space is consumed with used toner cartridges, paper, and printers that could be recycled.** Office Employees Pages per Year Trees per Greenhouse Gas Emissions Year 100 1 million 120 28,600 lbs * ** State of California ** All Associates Group
  15. 15. Final Thoughts Current Clients Maximizing our MPS Solutions• Simi Valley Hospital• First California Bank• Ferguson, Case, Orr, Paterson, LLP• Community Property Management• Cancer Center of Santa Barbara• Kinemetrics• Boy Scouts of America