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Unikomm Presentation 2012


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Unikomm Presentation 2012

  1. 1. Workplace IT Services
  2. 2. The NewWorkplace ever changing environment, characterized by• Today’s workplace is an connections, collaboration and individual user choices that mandates the worker to be more agile and perform activities anywhere, anytime and ultimately, productive to create greater business value. Trends Challenges Security & Growing Needs Compliance Dispersed Staff Complexity 70% Collaboration Cost Management Any Device Access Service Support Always on Services Loss of control Technology Change
  3. 3. ProductivityComputing Workplace IT is all about generating the highest business productivity from the employees within a business. This is accomplished through the development and provision of IT services, systems and support that focus on delivering efficiency, as well as on anticipating and acting on coming needs and requirements. Productivity Computing is our Mission!!!
  4. 4. UniKommVision • Unikomm was founded by, and is run by, IT experts who understand the challenges of the new workplace. This is why productivity is the starting and ending point of everything we do. • We are here to: • Be the driving force behind making end-users more productive and more collaborative. • Create a reliable and scalable IT infrastructure that allows your business to run seamlessly and trouble-free.
  5. 5. Much More ThanOutsourcing High Productivity • Result Focus Computing • Shared Risk • Business Driven • Combined Scope Outsourced • Technology Focus Solution • No SP Investment Value Staff • Time & Material Augmentation • No SLA • Customer Driven High Low Strategic Partnership
  6. 6. Our Capabilities Total of 90+ Engineers in Saudi & India 3 CCIEs, 29 MCSE, 12 ITIL, 5 RHCE, 3 JNCIP, 35 MCDST, 4 PMP, 14 CCNP/IP More than 5,000 Desktop user under Management 300+ Servers & Network nodes under 24/7 Management & support Key Clients
  7. 7. Our Approach Technology Tools Support & Operations Efficient & Cloud Computing Model Productive Workplace Global Service Delivery Virtualization Strategy End-user Training
  8. 8. Our Portfolio 1 2 6 Service Desk Desktop Management Server Management 3 5 Productive Workplace 4Messaging & Collaboration Communication & Mobility Onsite Support
  9. 9. WhyUniKomm? Focused Offering. We do nothing else. Continuous Investment in IT Productivity. Strategic Long Term Partner. In-house Advisor. Global Capabilities. Strong Technology Partnership. Standardized Services. ITIL, COBIT Cloud Driven Model. Low Risk. Very Satisfied Customers.
  10. 10. Service Desk & DesktopManagement
  11. 11. The Challenge  The IT environment is becoming more complex while more business functions are depending on IT.  IT Management needs strong focus on key priorities  Maintaining a large number of IT services and assets spread all over the kingdom  Employees lose productivity if they have a problem with their software or applications, or if they can’t communicate with clients or suppliers. • How Much does each IT user support cost per month? • What is the Service Desk Maturity Level? • What is user satisfaction levels? • How many end user per onsite support?
  12. 12. InnovativeSolution  UniKomm provides an ITIL based solution for end-user support environment.  A single point of contact (SPOC) for all users requests, incidents, and questions.  Cloud Software-as-a- Service and call center tools provided with service  Multi channel contact via email, web, or phone  Simple & scalable per desktop/node pricing  Customized SLA
  13. 13. UniKomm DesktopServices Service Desk + Desktop Management Call Center Facility Service Desk Features Assets Discovery & Management Deskside Support Multilingual Support Team Move, Add, Change ITIL Service Desk Platform Printer & Accessories Support Service Level Management Applications Installation & Management Dashboard & Reporting Spare Management End User Security Management
  14. 14. ManagedDevices Desktops Laptops Network Printers Desktop Printers USB Attached Wi-Fi Access User Side Cabling IP Phones Storage- Flexible Pricing per Managed Devices
  15. 15. AssetsManagementComprehensive Scope Overview  Maintain an up-to-date information of all IT assets in a central place including software licenses, software usages, detect and uninstall prohibited software, alert on specific events, and comprehensive reporting..  Features  Live hardware and software inventory  Periodic scanning of all computers to have an up-to-date data (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)  Manage Software licenses and track software usage statistics  Group similar software and manage their licenses as a single software  Detect and auto-uninstall prohibited software  Notify specific events via email (User off, User installed prohibited SW, etc)  Comprehensive reports on hardware, software inventory and license compliance
  16. 16. AssetsDiscovery Service desk & Desktop 4 Management Systems System Analysis and User Information Updates, Optimization Secure Rights, policies, Assets, etc. Network Periodic scan and auto discovery of all assets (physical and software) Local UniKomm Server AD WAN Network Site Site Site Site Site Site Site Notification to System Admin: Laptop # 234. Not Live since 3 Days (Threshold)
  17. 17. UniKomm CallCenter  Full call center infrastructure available to UniKomm customers  No investment required from you side. Free IP Calls  Simple 3-4 digit access to Arabic / English speakers from all branches Abha Arabic Riyadh Internet / WAN IP Jubail English Single Contact Number: 888
  18. 18. Onsite Support Onsite Teams will be provided all required tools including cars, internet access, laptops, GPS tracking, etc. System generated alerts via SMS and email when ticket is assigned to onsite engineer Assigned requests and priorities
  19. 19. Server & Network Management
  20. 20. 24/7 Workplace IT SystemsManagement Workplace Systems  AD, Windows Server, Backup, Anti-Virus, Email, Internet Access, Wi-Fi, etc. Virtualization is Key.  Server consolidation  Applications Virtualization 24/7 Onsite and Remote Management  Deep Analysis & Monitoring
  21. 21. Networking Services Enhance network infrastructure performance and resiliency Simplify multi-provider WAN network management and support with a SPOC Reduce costs and service outages Network Transformation Network Management DR & Business Continuity • Network Analysis & Assessment • 24/7 Operations & Management • DR setup and management • Design & Upgrade • Vendor Management • Service availability guarantee • Vendor Selection • ISP/SP Management • Hosting & Colocation • Capacity Planning • SPOC for all network issues • ITIL Service Desk
  22. 22. NetworkImprovement  Multi-tiered Network Architecture • Business Grade Links: Fiber based DIA / MPLS,  Priority 1: Dual Business Grade Links MW Wireless  Priority 2: Dual Links • Others: DSL, 3G  Priority 3: Dual links when available P3 SP1 P2 Fiber / MW SP2 P1 Customer HQ
  23. 23. Messaging &Collaboration
  24. 24. Comprehensive PackageUnikomm Provides comprehensive and fully managedmessaging and collaboration solution using MicrosoftTechnologies.Developing an in-house or cloud service architecture, webuild, optimize and Operate the foundation for acollaborative business environment.
  25. 25. Flexible Model OR • • •
  26. 26. CloudExchange  Rich client access via Outlook  Premium Web e-mail experience via OWA  Support for a broad range of mobile devices  Large mailbox sizes (2GB)
  27. 27. Systems ManagementSolution UniKomm multi-tier, ITIL based Cloud based network management Platform from CA A web based, fully integrated operations system and service desk system. Benefits:  Live network and systems health check status and reports  Deep analysis of network and systems performance and issues  Automatic ticket creation and escalation for identified problems  Customer access to report new issues or update existing  Hundreds of customizable reports on various service parameters  100% Free (included with service)
  28. 28. ITIL ServiceDesk  UniKomm multi-tier, ITIL based Service Desk and Desktop Management Platform from Manage Engine  High customization levels depending on customer requirements  Benefits:  Self Service Portal for all end users  SLA tracking and analysis  Assets Auto-Discovery & Management  Incident, Problem, and Change Management  Integration with local Domain Controllers  Hundreds of customizable reports on various service parameters  Remote login and control  100% Free (included with service)
  29. 29. CaseStudy  Mohammed AlMojil group (MMG)  A publicly traded Petrochemical Company  Since August 2009  More than 1,800 IT User  Contract Value: 4+ Million SR / Year  Service Scope  Full IT Infrastructure Management  Technologies: Microsoft, SAP  Full Network Management  Storage and backup  DNS, Cache Farm, Load Balancers, Security  Capacity Planning & Expansion  Incident Management & Support
  30. 30. CaseStudy  Hoshan Holding Group  A large retail and manufacturing Company  Since April 2011  More than 650 IT User in 14 Countries  Contract Value: 1+ Million SR / Year  Service Scope  Full Cloud collaboration services  MS Exchange  Blackberry Enterprise Services  OCS  Full ITIL Service Desk  Bilingual Support  Assets Management  Applications management  SPOC for all users  3 Time Zones Coverage
  31. 31. SLASample This section shows an indicative SLA for Server and Network systems managed by Unikomm
  32. 32. SummaryFocused Offering Productivity ComputingMulti-vendor All major Hardware, Systems, OS, andCapability ApplicationsMulti-Lingual Arabic & EnglishCapabilityGlobal Coverage Any location, 24/7Flexible Model Customized depending on customer statusStandardized ITIL, COBITManaged End 5000+ clients nodes under managementClientsService Simplify Technology, Reduce Cost, Improve ITProposition Services
  33. 33. Date of releaseFile Info © Unikomm This document is not to be copied or reproduced in any way without unikomm Riyadh express permission. Copies of this document must be accompanied by title, date and this Chennai copyright notice. Delhi