What A Super Model Can Teach a Harvard MBA About Credit

Larry Chiang, CEO Duck9
Larry Chiang, CEO Duck9CEO Duck9 and Author at Larry Chiang, CEO Duck9
LARRY CHIANGCEO Duck9,[object Object]
What a Super ModelCan Teach a,[object Object],Harvard MBA,[object Object],About CREDIT,[object Object],The EconomistConference on “Human Potential” ,[object Object]
Photo Credit:Kris Krug/Getty,[object Object],If this presentation was one slide, this would be it,[object Object]
I documented over a dozen cases in Chapter 11 of my  book.   It’s all about    “Falling Forward”,[object Object],              Plot spoiler:                all 3 models               are still in the               business &               thriving after,[object Object],             their falls,[object Object]
MoreThings,[object Object],A,[object Object],Super ModelCan Teach,[object Object]
Can be ,[object Object],prepared,[object Object],for,[object Object]
All 672s,[object Object],are treatedthe same,[object Object]
pulls into,[object Object],a monopoly(Fair Isaac’sFICO),[object Object],An oliopoly,[object Object]
Bound in a 1970’s set of tech,[object Object],Fails to account for email,  web, fax, even phone,[object Object], Consumer’s only protection   via written snail mail,[object Object]
Card Act:  meant to protect young adults but 111th Congress has only 1.4 pages addressing this,[object Object]
Can use,[object Object],debit data,[object Object],as a basisfor credit system,[object Object],See Larry Chiang’s testimony before the World Bank,[object Object]
In case you were wondering if my title slide was incongruent with my title, “What a Super Model Can Teach a Harvard MBA About CREDIT”,[object Object]
What A Super Model Can Teach a Harvard MBA About Credit
Take a bow vs. re-experiencing agony,[object Object]
OwnYourExperiences,[object Object]
Stay pleasant during strenuous situations & make everything look easy,[object Object]
I yield the balance ofmy time to questions,[object Object]
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What A Super Model Can Teach a Harvard MBA About Credit

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