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Reading_Lesson 7 Explicit and Implicit Claims in a Text


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Reading_Lesson 7 Explicit and Implicit Claims in a Text

  1. 1. Lesson 7
  2. 2. - obvious and apparent; directly stated - not expressed clearly; only suggested; indirectly stated
  3. 3. Practice: All living things are made up of cells. Since humans are alive, we are also made of cells. Cells make our body tissue.Tissue makes our body organs. Organs make our body systems. Cells are the building blocks of our bodies. Here are 2 explicit questions to answer: 1. What are made of cells? 2. What is the main idea of the text? Recognizing the Explicit
  4. 4. Answer: Since humans are alive, we are also made of cells. Cells make our body tissue.Tissue makes our body organs. Organs make our body systems. Here are 2 explicit questions to answer: Recognizing the Explicit
  5. 5. Explicit Information - Explicit information is any idea that is stated. -With explicit information, you see the text explained! - Since you are looking for explicit information in what is read, the explicit information will be written in the text.There is no need to look for clues. Just read. If the information is written, it is explicit.
  6. 6. Recognizing the Explicit
  7. 7.  What is the implied message with this ad? Processing the Implicit
  8. 8.  Even in the year 2012, some people are under the assumption that it is a woman’s role in life to clean and take care of the household. Implicit Message
  9. 9. Processing the Implicit
  10. 10.  This is an example of implicit advertising as it implies a rivalry between the mentioned car manufacturers (Subaru, BMW and Audi). Implicit Message  The advertisement congratulates and shoots down the efforts of the other car manufacturers in one sentence, which could be considered as being quite patronising and again demonstrates the rivalry.
  11. 11. Processing the Implicit
  12. 12.  This is another example of implicit advertising which again implies a rivalry between two more car manufacturers, BMW and Jaguar. Implicit Message  This advertisement uses no written communications whatsoever, just two car bonnets facing off to each other, like a head to head, showing more of the BMW making its presence more prominent implying it’s the more powerful car.
  13. 13. -a statement about the real world reinforced by reliable evidence - can express explicit or obvious information - remains the same - a true piece of information
  14. 14. -a statement expressing one's feelings or personal judgment
  15. 15. - facts that can be proven by scientific observation, experience, or experiment Examples: a.The Philippines is composed of three major islands, namely Luzon,Visayas, and Mindanao. b. Benigno Aquino, Jr. was gunned down at the tarmac of Manila International Airport.
  16. 16. - facts that make use of various operations in mathematics to prove a statement Example: 5 x 3 means 5 + 5 + 5 = 15
  17. 17. - facts that are supported by laws, local and international, and ideally give order Example: Philippines owns Spratly Island.
  18. 18. - facts that are verified by revelatory evidence or self-evidence Example: All men are created equal. - facts that are assumed to be true without external evidence
  19. 19. -a statement that the author wants the reader to accept - writer's point or position regarding the chosen topic
  20. 20. - inferred from a reliable source of information - relates to the statement that can be verified, no matter how difficult - not dependent on merely on a person's preference, but can be true or false - claim that can be proven by steadfast information or data
  21. 21. Examples: a. All men are created equal. b. Cancer is not contagious. d.The atmosphere has too much carbon dioxide. c.The earth is warming rapidly.
  22. 22. - depends on an existing policy, rule, or law - an argument that asserts the implementation of a certain policy - posits that specific action should be chosen as solution to a particular problem - begins with “should,” “ought to,” or “must.”
  23. 23. Examples: a.The government must devote more funds to building schools than building roads. b.The death penalty must be revived. d. A national ID system should be adopted. c. Beauty contests should be banned.
  24. 24. - is based on personal taste or practices and morality - a statement about which is better, more important, more desirable, more neede, or more useful - argues whether something is good or bad
  25. 25. Examples: a.This is very good school. b. It is more advantageous for a Filipino child grow up speaking Filipino instead of English. d. Buying and fixing a house ibetter than building a new one. c. It is better to be feared than loved. e. It's more fun in the Philippines. f. It is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.