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An Economic Approach to Info Security


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Ed Bellis Keynote at IANS Twin Cities Security Forum.

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An Economic Approach to Info Security

  1. 1. An Economic Approach to InfoSec
  2. 2. Nice To Meet YouAbout Me CoFounder HoneyApps Former CISO Orbitz Contributing Author Beautiful Security CSO Magazine/Online Writer InfoSec Island BloggerAbout Risk I/O Data-Driven Vulnerability Management as a Service 16 Hot Startups - eWeek 3 Startups to Watch - Information Week
  3. 3. Security is a Lemons Market
  4. 4. Lacks Incentives
  5. 5. Negative Externalities
  6. 6. An Industry Built on FUD
  7. 7. A Data DrivenApproach
  8. 8. Example Use Case 1 DLP CMDB Vuln SIEM Mgmt
  9. 9. Example Use Case 2 HD Moore’s Law - Josh Corman aka Security Mendoza Line “Compute power grows at the rate of doubling about every 2 years” “Casual attacker power grows at the rate of Metasploit”
  10. 10. Example Use Case 3Predicting Vulnerability (or even breach) Trending Key Attributes Outcomes
  11. 11. Example Use Case 4CVSS &The Base credit:Rate Fallacy Jeff Lowder
  12. 12. Example Use Case 5CVE Trending Analysis Gunnar’s Debt Clock
  13. 13. Example Use Case 6 Targets of Opportunity?My(vuln posture X other threat activity) / (other vuln posture X other threat activity)
  14. 14. (we need more of this)
  15. 15. talking about our mistakes
  16. 16. Q&Afollow us the blog twitter @ebellis And one more thing.... @risk_io We’re Hiring!