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Final powerpointt

  2. 2. Contents Page :3-5 – Analysed music magazines9-13 – Music magazine ideas14 – Questionnaire15-19- Research results20-25 – Techniques used in editing pictures26-31 – Evaluation Questions
  3. 3. The three magazines i was annotating were ‘Top OfThe Pops’, ‘DJ’ and ‘Kerrang’. These threemagazines are appealing to very different targetaudiences. Kerrang uses the technique ofonomatopoeia in the title of ‘Kerrang’ the letteringappears to be smashed up, as if it cannotcontain the music; the sound ‘Kerrang’ ismeant to be produced when strumming aguitar. We know from the front cover of thismagazine, that it is appealing to an olderaudience as everyone on the front cover ismiddle aged and also, the very eye catchingpicture of a musician on the front cover isholding his a guitar in a way that is presentedto be an extension of his manhood. We cansee this from the position of the guitar and theway he is holding it therefore we can assumethat the magazine’s target audience is forpeople of an older generation and those whoare into heavy metal. Also, the musician isvery scruffy, untidy and wearing blacksuggesting mystery. All this relates to theheavy metal music genre. There is a largetitle with a swear word used but starred (*)out again suggesting heavy metal is veryintense and this magazine is for an older agegroup.Front cover off KERRANG
  4. 4. The magazine ‘DJ’ uses a striking colour schemethat catches the eye and the colours are veryunisex of baby blue, red and white. However, thereis a large picture of a women in a see throughdress in certain places, this suggest a more maleoriented target audience and it seems that she isbeing the sex symbol to get men interested and topick up the magazine. Unlike the other twomagazines, this one has no other images bar thelarge picture of the female. The topics on themagazine are very unisex and equal to wantwomen and men would want to read. themagazine offers a free bee for the audience. Thetopics of plastic surgery suggests a target audienceof people around 20-35. Slang is used on the frontcover and the word ‘heroine’ is used in biglettering this is another major suggestion that thetarget audience is more likely to be in their 20s or30s. All the magazines have an issue number,price and date. All have titles and sub titles andimages however they all have different ways offconveying who their target audience is and allthree have different target audiences.Front cover of DJ music magazine
  5. 5. Top Of The Pops Front CoverTop of the Pops is appealing to acompletely different target audience. Fromthe front cover we can pick out things thatsuggests it is designed for females in theirteen years. We know this because themain colour used on the front cover is pink,and the images on the front cover areyoung actors/artists and mainly peoplewho are popular with the younger girls. Thetopics covered in the magazine are easyfor teenage girls to relate to and beinterested in. However there is a topic ofpregnancy on the front page which is a bitinappropriate for the age of the targetaudience. There is slang used on the frontpage, again making the age group of thetarget audience clear. Also the lettering ofthe title is girls with the swirls. The mainpicture is of a girl in a well covered updress and in a very happy and appropriatepose. This is another suggestion of ayounger target audience and also of thefemale kind because she is not being usedas a sex symbol to get people interested.
  6. 6. Top of the Pops is appealing to acompletely different target audience. Fromthe front cover we can pick out things thatsuggests it is designed for females in theirteen years. We know this because themain colour used on the front cover is pink,and the images on the front cover areyoung actors/artists and mainly peoplewho are popular with the younger girls. Thetopics covered in the magazine are easyfor teenage girls to relate to and beinterested in. However there is a topic ofpregnancy on the front page which is a bitinappropriate for the age of the targetaudience. There is slang used on the frontpage, again making the age group of thetarget audience clear. Also the lettering ofthe title is girls with the swirls. The mainpicture is of a girl in a well covered updress and in a very happy and appropriatepose. This is another suggestion of ayounger target audience and also of thefemale kind because she is not being usedas a sex symbol to get people interested.Top of the pops Contents Page:
  7. 7. DJ Contents Page:The contents page for the DJ magazine isnot in keeping with the colour scheme verymuch. Its split up from left to right indifferent ways of presenting a contentspage. From coloured texts boxes breakingup the information, to the information beingput in different boxes depending on whichtopic it belonged in to imagery used to saywhat is on each page. The is a picture atthe bottom of a high tech piece ofequipment suggesting a more mature butnot old age group and it is used a fewtimes on the page so an informal tone.
  8. 8. Kerrang Contents Page :Kerrang’s contents page is in keepingwith the colour scheme on the frontpage. Its in a more formal format but stillvery simple and easy to read andunderstand. At the bottom, there is acomment from the editor of themagazine with a personal messagesaying thank you and he has signed itusing a hand written font. This gives itthe more personal touch. There is achance to subscribe online so itspromoting its online website. Thismagazine would be for someone whowas very interested in their music andhas an interest to know the details ofartists. They offer a free poster to thereaders so gives them a freebie. Thepages contents are split up with bold textboxes to categorise the subjects in themagazines and also images used toshow what’s on the certain pages.
  9. 9. Double Paged SpreadThe Kerrangs double paged spread is pact with information and plenty of detail for the reader to read. This suggests thereaders of the magazines are very interested in their heavy metal music a more mature age and are dedicated to themagazine . Theyve used drops tags/caps to break up the amount of text used in the article. All of the images used on thepage is off middle aged men, so its appealing to the people generally interested in their music as theres no femalesdrawing people into reading the article/magazine and also suggests that the people who read this magazine are defiantlyinto their music and are interested. The facial expressions of the people on these pages have very serious expressionssuggesting that the article is serious and also that the people who read it will be serious about their music. Theres a redinformation bar used on the left hand side of the article and the colours keep with the colour scheme.Top of the pops double paged spread backs up with the idea that the target audience are young teenagers. We know thisbecause the information is very little, and it is a simple answer and questions format which is simple and easy to readthrough. They promote jls’s website and slang is used at the top in the subtitle again suggesting a younger target audience.They have big circles with quotes from members of the group which are not music related but humorous for people to read.This article is more of a joke and to make people laugh rather than the Kerrangs article where it was serious about theirmusic. The large image of JLS behind bars links in with the title used. The colours used are in keeping with the colourscheme.The double paged spread in the DJ magazine is very different than the other two. Its an article about art in music, anddesigns and other ways to be involved in music. This is a very artistic page where it shows different types of art anddifferent ways of being involved in music and different ways of expressing your self. This backs up the idea of the targetaudience being in their 20s-30s looking for a way to express themselves in an artistic way. This magazine would appeal topeople who are very artistic. The text is quite a lot of information so would be for people who was interested in this topic.Its very bright and colourful and very informative. Different fonts used and it seems to suggest a way of different peoplecoming together and creating something great.
  10. 10. Conventions of a music magazine:• Colour schemes•Bold titles•Strap lines•Master heads•Bar codes•Cover lines• Photography•Alliteration•Rhetorical questions•Date/issue number•Price• Mainly the same text style used
  11. 11. Front Cover Photography ResearchAfter looking and many musicmagazines, near enough all of them usea front cover with the model on the frontdirectly looking straight on making eyecontact with the audience. I would like toincorporate this into my music magazinebecause i think it will be the mosteffective way to get my readers/ targetaudience drawn to my music magazine.It also looks the most professional whenits done like this. Q magazine is a wellknown successful music magazine andthis issue especially to me is most what iwould like to have my music magazinelook like. However it is portraying theidea of a women on the front cover beingsexy, dark eye make up, lips open, handpositioned softly on her face. I amsticking with this idea of having a womenon the front cover however i dont want itto portray ‘ sexy’
  12. 12. Ideas for front Cover lay outOn my music magazine i would want my barcodediscrete like this, with the price and issue numberinside it.I like the bold text for words andthe use of two different colours.Also how it is listed. It workswell.I again like the uses of the coloursand making text bold to get it tostand out more, also how its listedon both sides of the model.
  13. 13. Ideas For My Contents PageI like the use of photos in both of these music magazinesand think it would be ideal for my music magazine. I wouldwant my contents page to be similar to these however haveseparate columns for different events and types of topicsset out.I like the colourscheme used in thiscontents page andhow busy it looks. Iwould want toincorporate the useof the separatetopic boxes into mymusic magazine.
  14. 14. Double Page Spread IdeasI like the idea of having onepage of a good picture andthe other half full offinformation.It looks clean and tidy andalso the first word beingmade big, and a differenttext style grabs the readerseyes into the start of thetext.
  15. 15. 5) If you said no why don’t you?Questionnaire11) What is your post code?12) How old are you?0-18 19-25 26-36 37+
  16. 16. Target AudienceThe target audience of my music magazine will be people who are interested in POPand INDIE as it was popular with the audience.Interview 1I buy probably at least one music magazine a month. Things i look for is decentheadlines and articles on things i want to know about, the top celebrities and alsointeresting pictures.Laura Jackson 20Interview 2The main things I look for when buying music magazine is the genres of music it covers.If it just covers one type of genre I tend to stay away from it because i like a range ofdifferent music, Also the titles and subtitles , if they dont seem good or interesting Inever buy the magazine.Elliot Francis 19Interview 3I do enjoy music however I dont buy music magazines as they dont tend to interest me,I feel like most of things inside the magazine arent relevant and probably arent true arejust made up. Id be more likely to buy a music magazine if it was real music people inthere not just celebrities.Jessica Hogan 18
  17. 17. Questionnaires ResultsFrom this research it shows most people don’t buymusic magazines.Quite a lot of people don’t buy any however 11 people buy atleast one.Most people who bought the magazines paid no morethan a pound. Some paid between £1-£2 and some £2+A lot of people listen to music.Do you buymusic magazines ?121805101520yes noyes/nonumberofpeopleSeries1How many music magazines do you buy a month?17111 0 0051015200 one to two three tofourfive to six seven +magazines per monthnumberofpeopleSeries1What is the average you spend on a magazine?172100 0051015200-£1 £1.01-£2 £2.01-£3 £3.01-34 £4.01 +amount of moneynumberofpeopleSeries1Do you listin to music?282051015202530yes noyes/nonumberofpeople Series1
  18. 18. Questionnaires ResultsIf you said no why don’t you ?No comments were made.The small amount of people who didn’t listen to music couldn’t state a reason why they don’t.Theres a wide range of music listened to by people but mostpeople enjoy all different types of genres.Quite a lot of people don’t go to music concerts. Majority of people would like to see adverts about themusic gigs going on to make-up and perfume andclothing adds.What type of music do you listin to ?252810108287262pophip-hoprapindierockrnbgrimedanceotherDo you go music concerts?9210510152025yes noyes/nonumberofpeopleSeries1What adverts do you like to see?18, 63%2, 7%5, 17%1, 3%3, 10%music/tickets/gigsperfumemake-upclothingotherHow much money on average do you earn a year?82820246810£0-£4,999 £5000-£8,999 £9000-£20,000£20,000+moneynumberofpeopleSeries1Average People earn either £0-4,999 or£9,999-£20,000
  19. 19. Questionnaire ResultsAgain a wide range of different genres of music and mostpeople would be happy to see them all in a musicmagazine.It is clear the front cover has to be appealing and the imagesas it is seen high with the public for reasons to buy themagazine.What type of music do you like to read about or seepictures of?10, 9%20, 17%10, 9%10, 9%8, 7%27, 23%11, 9%20, 17%0, 0%pophip-hoprapindierockrnbgrimedanceotherWhat attracts you when buying a magazine?2072 10510152025front cover images freebies the headingsand titlesThings that attact younumberofpeopleSeries1Whats your postcode?10915 5024681012B27 B10 B9 B44 B68PostcodesnumberofpeopleSeries1How old are you ?91840051015200-18 19-25 26-36 37+AgenumberofpeopleSeries1I found theres a variety of areas people will beseeing my music magazine.The majority of people i asked were aged 19-25
  20. 20. AnalysisFrom my research of 30 people doing my questionnaire i found out quite a lot ofpeople dont buy a music magazine but they do listen to music. The people who didbuy the magazines were buying them of the prices between £1-£4. I will make mymagazine £3 so it fits in with the average that the people pay for them. Most peoplesaid that the titles and images on the front cover of the magazines are the mainreasons why they buy the magazine therefore i need to bare this in mind when imake my magazine as it will be the main reason why people would buy my name.The majority of people enjoy and would want to see all different types of genres inthe magazine so i will have to make sure i cover the different genres but i think Imgoing to concentrate my magazine on the genres pop and indie. The adverts thatattract most people are adverts of music concerts/gigs, seeing how these are themost popular adverts i will make sure they are inside my magazine. Because a lot ofpeople dont buy music magazines i will try make mien very eye catching andcontaining things people generally want to read about and see pictures off.Hopefully by doing this it will attract people into picking my magazine and maybeeven get them into buying music magazines. The people who dont buy musicmagazines didnt give me any feed back into why they dont, so that didnt help mewhen making my magazine. The majority of people i asked were aged 16-25 so iwill be aiming my magazine to these age group.
  21. 21. Lasso ToolOn the lefthand side ofyour screenyou will seean iconcalled lassotool. Rightclick on this.Click on thearea youwant to getrid off anddraw anarea.Once you have drew an area you want gettingrid of press delete on your key board and thearea will disappear.
  22. 22. Changing the colour in the backgroundOn the lefthand side ofyour screenyou will see anicon of coloursclick on it andpick a colouryou want.Press the ‘Fill’ icon.Click on the background and the area will bemade the colour you selected.
  23. 23. Magic WandClick on the magic tool icon and click anyarea around the image you have taken.All of this willappear and onyour keyboardpress delete.The background aroundyour image will disappearand you can change thebackground to how youwant it.
  24. 24. Changing the Brightness and contrasts.At the top of yourscreen click on‘filter’, then scrolldown to ‘adjustcolour’ and thenbrightness andcontrasts. Rightclick on it.This will thenappear on yourscreen and youcan play with thearrows to howyou want yourimage to looklike.Once your happyclick ‘ok’.You then are leftwith your editedpicture.
  25. 25. Auto levelsTo change the auto levels of a picture go to filters,adjust colour and click on auto levels.You will then be left with the picture haven been autolevelled automatically.
  26. 26. Hue/ SaturationAt the top of the screen click on ‘filters’ then go down to‘adjust colour’ and then go across to the ‘hue/saturation’and right click on it.Use the arrows to change the saturation and hue towhat you like. Then press ‘ok’Once you press ok, you will be left with your editedpicture.
  27. 27. Audience ProfileAge Groups- Between 16-24Male/Female- Mainly aiming at females but not discouraging men to read themagazine.Food- i would think the people to buy the magazine would eat well. But eat a goodfew take away foods.Job- I would think they would have part time jobs in music or fashion sides of things.Education- People who buy my magazine will be educated. May not be on A*s butwould be educated enough to understand and appreciate my magazine.Area- They would live local to Birmingham in a standard area.Style- They will be dressed in a scene or Indie style. With people aspiring to dresslike the people in my magazine.Future ambitions- To work in the music or fashion industry.Driving- Most people who by my magazine would be in part time jobs and students somost will not be driving.House- Standard terraced house.Hobbies- a range in playing instruments, and into fashion.
  28. 28. •How does your media product represent particular social groups?I am planning for my music magazine torepresent young females mainly agedbetween 16-25.My main aim is to make sure females arerepresented fairly and positive unlike far tomany interoperations of young women todayin the media. I have tried to do this throughmy double page showing a very strongconfident female who has made it in themusic industry. Also through my photographyof my front cover, i didnt want just a picture offemale being ‘sexy’ because i think its wronghow women are portrayed. So i did use awomen on my front cover however i tried toturn down the idea of women being ‘sex’symbols. I tried to show women strong,independent and proud.
  29. 29. •What kind of media institution might distribute your media product andwhy?I would like IPC to be the media institution of my musicmagazine to distribute my magazine. IPC only currentlyproduce one music magazine being NME which is a verysuccessful and well known music magazine. Although my musicmagazines target audience is different to NME i think my musicmagazine will do the company good and benefit them . I alsothink by having IPC media distributing my music magazine itwould ensure my magazine to be successful because its historyof well known very professional and well liked current magazinesthey produce. IPC media distribute fashion magazines such as‘LOOK’ and this is a very popular up to date magazine full of thelatest celebrities that are well known. In my music magazine ithink it relates to this magazine as i have picked an artist verywell known in the UK and now America, also my musicmagazine will include some of the same conventions thismagazine has.I think my music magazine will help the company and give itmore variety in its distributions and also will help my musicmagazine be well known.
  30. 30. Who would be the audience for your media product?I have tried to target my music magazine at people ages 17-25. Mainly aiming itat females but tried to keep it as unisex as i could because i dont want to losereaders because of colours/imagery.I have used a female on my front cover which stereo-typically should attract amale audience however i havent had her in a ‘sexy’ position or heavy make uphowever the red lips and slight eye make up could seem as a sexual thing.My double paged spread is a well known female English artist that anyone who iinterested in pop/indie would be interested in. However she fits in a range ofdifferent genres of music so it could appeal to many music fans. A typical popmagazine has very little text in there double page spread and because my musicmagazine slightly fits in with this genre i thought its only right to point out the factmy text in the double page spread is quite formal how ever keeping the simplequestion and answer format Im adding ‘ more meat to the bone’ by includingsome history and more detailed answers. So my age group of target audienceraised. The primary target audience of my music magazine will be females aged17-25 years old with an acorn classification as anything as i think people from allareas and back grounds would be interested in some part of my music magazine.However i think my secondary target audience would be people ages 14-17 as ithink they would be interested in what their family members would be reading likeolder brothers or sisters and cousins.
  31. 31. How will i attract or address my audience?I have attract my audience by visually pleasing them, i will do this by using the brightcolours, colour scheme, bold text, attractive professional pictures and organised easy toread information throughout my music magazine.I have focus on making sure my colour scheme is constant through out my magazine.My front cover picture will have the model looking straight out with eyes wide open solooking for eye contact drawing my readers in. It will be eye catching and strong so itbrings readers in,.I have tried to ensure on the contents page is easy to read, simple lay out easy to readand not a big change in font style, also include some pictures.On my double paged spread i will use on side for a picture to draw a reader in and themdetailed text but not too much as i could los e interest in the reader. However i have keptit in the simple question and answer format so it s easy to follow and read.By doing these simple but effective things i am sure i will hit my target audiences desiresand get them attracted to my music magazine and successfully appeal to them.
  32. 32. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?I have done a lot of research into different styles of music magazines and also magazinesthat are similar to the target audience i am focussing on. Although i hope I’ve challenged afew of the conventions of typical pop/indie music magazine i want to ensure my magazineisnt so different that it doesnt appeal to the target audience and also i dont want it to lookamateur. The magazine i have produced incorporates a lot of conventions as a typicalmusic magazine. The masthead is bold and is easy to see and very eye catching. Youwould expect to see a masthead and this convention used on most music magazines. Ithought this was an important convention to stick to because you very rarely see a musicmagazine with a mast head hard to see or not clear. With the content of my musicmagazine i tried to set it out as if a professional did it because i wanted it to lookprofessional and appeal to the target audience. Typical music magazines have a female onthe front cover of their music magazine and i have done this also however i have tried to puther in a position so it isnt seen as a sexual thing to draw male readers in. I have tried toappeal to women by using a women on the front cover but as a natural look . Also on thedouble page spread i have stuck to the simple question and answer format however i havetried to add more detail and background information to aim for an older target audience butto also show that young people have moved on, and theyre not as stupid and naive as whatpeople give them credit for.Overall i would say i have developed my music magazine in the conducts and conventions ihave used rather than challenged.
  33. 33. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of construction ofthis product?When starting AS media i had no knowledge nor experience with any programmesother than PowerPoint. I had no idea how time consuming making this magazinewould be and how much research and work goes into trying to make a successfulmagazine. It was a difficult leap to go from making my college magazine on publisherto producing a music magazine via fireworks and Photoshop. Luckily it wasntexpensive to use these softwares as school had them, however it took hours playingaround with different colours and lay outs etc. It was good to use as i could make anumber of drafts and it was very quick and easy to change things. I found it difficult attimes getting use to the software and had to ask for support but eventually got thehang of things. The things i found most difficult was getting pictures for my front cover,as it was near enough impossible to get a picture for the front cover that was suitable.In the end i had to create a studio with lighting and ask a student to be a model for mein order for me to get a suitable front cover picture. If i had more time i would have hadtime to go and get a picture without having to create a studio but time was short and ihad deadlines to meet.
  34. 34. My magazine compared to the ones on the market.I reinforced all the typical codes and conventions used in an Indie music magazine.I kept to using the colour codes, certain layouts, barcodes, websites and the use ofapps. On the front cover i kept to the typical lay out of an Indie music magazineand used the same codes and conventions found on most magazines. On mycontents page the things i did slightly different were i put my websites address ontheir and carried it onto my double page spread where as most music magazinesdont do this. I used Photoshop which most professional editors use to conduct themagazine. I think my music magazine is as much as it could be up to standards.