Media Evaluation


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Media Evaluation

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?My factual insert i think relates perfectly with my documentary as the image is when the dogs are realisedfrom the cages. Although i did not take this image myself there is a reason. I wasnt allowed on the track orinside to film, and the footage i did have i just dont think it was strong enough. I did try to get footage ofYouTube to use as my achieve footage then to use it as the factual insert picture too, but again no websiteallowed the footages to be downloaded because YouTube banned it, or it was not supported. Also when iprint screened the footage then blew it up for the picture it was blurry so i lost quality. So in the end i usedGoogle pictures which wasnt ideal however the picture is fine. The pun and subtitle and title fits in withwhat i wanted to get across. I followed the channel 4 style guide to a T in the fact i used the colours behindthe writing from the colour palette from the picture, The channel 4 logo is where it always is with the factualinserts and also the right size was very important as they are very specific about it. My text follows theconventions, and i think it sets the right tone.How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?My documentary was made in thought it would be played on the channel 4 site, so i followed theconventions that were set out by the Channel 4 style guide and there codes and conducts. I usedsome technical features which channel 4 use in their documentaries such as over the shouldershot, swopping the camera to me the interviewer and the person who was being questioned. Ialso used the tool of zooming in on important things. Through editing i also used otherconventions that they follow like the use of transitions, cut scenes and voice over.My documentary was an expository documentary which i thought i carried out the conducts theyuse quite well although my voice over or ‘voice of God’ was female which might not of followedthe usual conducts.
  2. 2. What have you learned from your audience feedback?I presented my documentary to a group of people in my target audience and i received quite amix review. Positive feedback i received were ‘ i did well to get the shots i did, and it was clear ihad planned my scenes out’. I was grateful for this because i did struggle to get access into the‘dog track’ as it was not allowed so i had to settle for standing outside. I also had to arrangedifferent times with the person who worked with the dogs. Other positive feedback were ‘myediting transitions were done nicely’. Again i was pleased with this feedback. Negative feedbackwere, in the interview the lighting was too dark. Looking back this is massive error and it couldof easily been sorted however i didnt spot it when i was filming so it was too late. I would needto reconsider my interview if i was to do it again as there was no natural light due to the timeand the room light just wasnt strong enough. Other negative feedback was the quality wasntthe best in the interview. Again this was my fault as i had the camera on the wrong setting andagain was too late to change so i had to make the best from a bad situation.Overall i was pleased with the feedback as the negative feedback i already knew myself. It wastrial and error and silly misjudgement which could of easily been sorted but due to time,weather and peoples timetables there just wasnt enough time for me to fix them.
  3. 3. How did you use new media technologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluation stages?To make my documentary i used Imovie on a Apple Mac to put together, and edit my documentary. I usedthis software because it is completely exclusive for Apple and it has the ability and technical ability to doeverything to a standard of which a professional documentary would be done to. I used Microsoft andPowerPoint to do all my work and research writing on. This is the best way to present text and is very simpleto use. From this i could then upload the work onto Scibd and slide share where then i could upload it toBlogger. This is what i used to present all my work, where i made what could come across like a diary extractwhere i made comments along the process of making my documentary.I also used sites like photo bucket, Prezi and sound cloud. I had to upload images to photo bucket if i didntwant to upload them straight onto blogger to have a different finish,. Prezi i used so people who wanted toaccess my work can zoom in on things and have a bit of clearer yet different way to have a look at my workin more detail. To film the documentary i used a hand camera made by Sony. It was a very good qualitycamera and we had the tripod to set up and use it to film it had easy to use zoom features and it featuredlight adjustments where we could change the adjustment of the lighting in an area to make it more suitablefor what we needed. I also used YouTube to obviously upload my documentary but also i tried to downloadsome achieve footage from there which i emailed the owner of the video and he said it was ok to usehowever YouTube had blocked access to pretty much every video i thought was suitable for my footage. Thereason i wanted it was because i couldnt access going to the dog track myself and filming them race as it isnot allowed. In the end i decided to leave it, and get photos of ‘Google’ and also a website for protectinggreyhounds to use as my footage and also the factual insert picture as it was most suited.To be honest i didnt have any troubles with using the camera or uploading anything onto the sites likeSlideshare etc however i found the site blogger a nightmare. As we was using the software in school, forsome reason blogger didnt let me access my account, so i was constantly behind the rest trying to uploadwork, it deleted things and I just didnt have a good experience with it. However its done the job, my work isup there but i would of preferred to have used something else.