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Channel4 style guide

  1. 1. Channel 4 Style Guide Channel 4 logo is always bottom right ofChannel 4 always uses the basic colour palette. the advertsThe character is holding the 4as if his stealing it. Relating to his Dark black and greycharacter and in fitting with the backgroundadvert. symbolises darkness, evil, mischief again fitting the character.The colour red can berelated to the emotion ofanger so could show thechannel 4 audience to beangry at him stealing the 4. The colour palette used in this advert fits the characters personality and interlinks the colours well to emerge his personality all over The Channel 4 logo has been the advert. designed to reproduce at aIn print, of the logo minimum height of 10 invisible, so that it On the web the minimum sizeintegrates with its of the logo is 30 pixels deep.surroundings. It is visible but does not draw attention to There is no maximumits self. reproduction size of the logo.
  2. 2. Hand on the hip could show Red head is seen as a fiery soul, passionate. Can attitude and confidence. indicate her personality and her character with the hair Headless manikins in the background colour. showing that women is the boss.Title is symbolism andhumour on thebackground behind The 4 logo on thethe women. right hand side. Its colour is a colour from the colour pallet. Women is holding a head of the manikin showing her toPurple dress is be more supreme andcontrasted sharp with higher up than others.the other colours. Itdoes not fit the pallethowever it works. Neutral colours, in the back ground. Purple has been used to symbolize magic and mystery, as well as royalty. So the women being the front cover and standing so proud could suggest she thinks shes like royalty and is greater than others. Hence the reason why she shops so much.
  3. 3. The wall of china is the longest and biggest wall in the world. And with all Dark, black and grey colours. Symbolisesthe children on there it emphasises it even more and shows how many mysterious behaviour the lost children lostchildren are actually missing. in the evil. Fits the style guide of channel 4 and is on the right hand side. And also fits the colour palette.China has the highestpopulation of people.The back groundlooks ghostly withno human aroundcould signify thatno ones around. Pitch black , showing where the children could be lost and no one can see them. Red symbolises passion but also hate and anger. It could symbolise the blood of lost dead children. The lay out of this advert fits the style guide. By the channel 4 logo on the right side and the subtitle and title on the left hand side.