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Magazine research


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Magazine research

  1. 1. This magazine features a famous RnBartist called Eve, as the main image.This would attract different audiencesmale or female who are into RnB andknow about them. The front coveritself has gone with a pink white andblue colour scheme, the simplicity ofit works to make it appeal yet againto both genders. This is eye-catching, however I think it is trying toappeal more to women orientatedaudience than men due to thecolour scheme and the main image.The writing on the cover as wellmakes me believe this as the words"Real Sex" and "Real love“ aresomething a woman would be drawnto rather than a man, the fact its inbold red makes it powerful. I think thisis trying to draw readers in to celebritysocial life, and as well as being amusic magazine it focuses on gossipas well.
  2. 2. The target audience for this magazine Iwould say is young males of the agesbetween 17 and 25. The magazinecontext is about hip-hop, rap. We cantell this because the striking image thathas been used as the main image. Itmentions names well known in the hip-hop industry such as Ice Cube, and TheGame. This magazine would appealmainly to males because there is onemale on the front cover, and the coveronly mentions names of males. Howeverit still may have a female audience outtheir because the genre of the musicitself is appealing to both genders. Theimage itself of the artists „The Game‟suggests that the magazine is giving ofthe image of violence and death I getthis feeling because the pose beingdone is imitating guns, this is anotherreason in which I would say its aimed atolder males. The bold colours of theheading are impressive as they are boldand stand out.
  3. 3. This front cover of NME. Along with mostof the other covers from thismagazine, feature on some way oranother, a dominant colour scheme ofred and white, the simplicity of thisattracts both genders and a wider agegroup target audience. This isconventional of most music magazinesalong with a title going across the wholetop of the cover completely from left toright. They are always bold in order tobe recognisable by the audience thatreads them, this is something not onlyNME do with their magazines. With thismagazine cover they have taken thebest parts of interviews titles and topicsin the magazine to make the cover sostriking, this is a way of engaging theaudience to read the magazine. This issomething I am possibly going to dowith my magazine. Unlike mostmagazine covers this has used a closeclose up of the artist as the covers mainimage which is something I would also
  4. 4. This contents page is from the magazine VIBE, amagazine mainly based on the genre of RnB. I havechosen this contents page to analyse because I really likehow it laid out. Im really attracted to it due to itssimplicity. I love how simple and plain it could beperceived, I think this has worked with this cover as its stilleffective in doing the job its meant to do. Another thingin which I like is how the word „CONTENTS‟ has been splitup into sections, this a really creative way of making thesimple contents page seem high class. The fact that thetext is all set out on the right hand side of the page andthe majority of the picture is set out down the left handside of the page I think this gives the contents page avery organised neat look. I also like the use ofgrey/black/white, as I think those particular colours gowell together and the way the white part at the top ofthe page contrasts with the black letters in„CONTENTS‟, as well as this being simple its means that themagazine could be aimed at both males and females. Ido however think that the target audience for thisparticular contents page would be more females thanmales due to the main image of a lady and the positionin which she is laid in. there is a slightly darker shade ofgrey around the outside of the page I like this effect as Ithink it gives the figure of the celebrity a lit up effectalmost as though she is led in a spotlight, making her themain attraction of the page. I also like the font of thewriting of whats inside the magazine, as i think it looksvery sophisticated and classy. and the important parts ofthe writing is in bold so the more important, informativeparts of the test stands out.
  5. 5. The genre at which the contents page isaiming at is R&B and the reason for meknowing this is because of the person whomthe picture is of, in this case Usher. Ushertends to do his music around the genre R&Band thus therefore telling me that themagazine contents page is R&B related. Thetarget audience in which the contents pageis attracting for this magazine is an age groupbetween 15-20 year olds or Students inparticular as they tend to buy magazines ofthis type of music as it interests them. Thelayout of this contents page is 7 paragraphsdown the left hand side of the pagedescribing the features in which are in thismagazine, there is also a large image ofUsher on the right hand side of the page asthis will attract people who like usher and inthis magazines case students or youngeraged people. The representation of themagazine shows the genre of the music asthe image in which is on the cover is of Usherand he has attitude in which is being shownthough his posture and the way he is stood.
  6. 6. Mojos contents page is unusual compared toprevious music magazines that have been lookedat. It uses a two colour scheme and imagepredominant, although this is similar there is onlyone photograph on the page which is visuallydisturbing of the artist: Alice Cooper naked withblack snake covering him. This following the styleof the magazine, controversial and daringfocusing on rock music and old bands. It is a verydark image and his face, hair and eyes looktired, dirty and messy. He laying in front of a plainbackground that is the colour for the wholepage, dark grey; also following the rock and rollgenre.The text is very simplistic in either bold red for pagenumbers or bold words for the titles and plainblack for the description underneath. It is written intwo short columns displaying the simplicity. The firstcolumn is titled: FEATURES, the other one is namedCOVER STORIES THE MAKING OF BOB DYLAN. Thetitles of the article is written in capital letters e.g.ALICE COOPER whereas the rest in is lower case.Other text includes the date, issue number whichhasnt been featured in other magazine that havebeen viewed. Also the page number and differentcountries or a street under the mast head that isplaced at the top. There is a quote that followsthe image in lower case and a description incapitals below in red and black text.
  7. 7. This article is of Q magazine about Lady Gaga. There isn‟t a colour scheme of thearticle as such, but it does follows the main magazine colour scheme which is thewhite and red, and the image is in black and white. The simplicity of this works well,its easy to read yet still very eye catching. The huge „L‟ that is the first letter of thearticle makes the text side of the page look very dramatic, especially because the„L‟ straight away makes the reader think of Lady Gaga even thought there is nottitle or caption. The „L‟ also draws the whole page together, it‟s a simple thing to dowhich can have a big impact on the reader as to whether they would read thearticle. The text is in black which is simple and makes it looks intense because it fillsthe page head to bottom. The „L‟ can be seen over the text but the text is equallylegible, this use of huge lettering is actually quite common in Q magazine.Furthermore the small Lady Gaga in the top right-hand corner is almost timidconfronted with the „L‟.
  8. 8. The photograph in double page spread flows over ¾ of the two pages and thearticle is set on one side, this works as it gives a sense of emotion to the pages.. Thephotograph is also in sepia which represents his classic „vintage‟ rock style andmusical taste. The Sepia tone also links in with the sepia tone of their albumcover, which is clever simple yet very effective way of getting their point across. Theway there is a lighter within the page also represents his typical “rock & roll lifestyle"giving people who don‟t necessarily know his bands music an insight on what style itis.Within the introduction to the interview, there are informal words such as “geezer”which shows the casualness of the following article. The article begins with a dropcap to make it clear on where it actually starts – simple, but very effective. Thismagazine double page spread is really strong in my eyes and really inspires me as towhat I may do with my own, I love the fact that unlike most Rock and Roll magazineswhich use bold colours and layouts to display their context the simplicity of the
  9. 9. The is a double page from flavour magazine, and features Alexandra burke.Straight away we can get a sense that this article in particular is mainly beingtargeted to females. Its simplicity of just having one image using up the wholepage draws the article into one because you know for certain who the article isgoing to be . The double page spread using the convention of 1 big image justlike many other magazines have done, this is a simple technique that works well.As well as doing this they have also used a basic colour scheme, when I saybasic I mean that their isnt really one as there isnt much room for colour to bebrought into the page. However the colour scheme which you could say thisuses is white, black and pink, yet again this is another way of conveying the factthat the target audience to this article in particular is going to be females. Somemay argue that from the long shot of the singer in a very short dress could alsobe appealing to the male audience.