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College magazine


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College magazine

  1. 1. Lasso Tool Fireworks First you click on the lasso tool on the left hand side. Then go file new to get a new page, Then you go file cut and this will appear. File paste then your figure will appear. You then drag your mouse around the figure you want to be cut out and used.
  2. 2. Rubber stamp This will then appear and you click on the Go to the tool bar on the left area you want to replace with the area the x hand side of the screen and is on. click on the rubber stamp tool. You can alter the size of the You then drag your stamp tool to bigger or smaller mouse to where you amounts of area covered. want the colour.
  3. 3. Borders On the left hand side Double click click on the tool on the rectangle. rectangle and this box will appear. Click ok and then your border is done. Alter the width of the line, Make it the size you want. change the colour et to your taste.
  4. 4. Rotating photo’s You have your photo in the place you want it. You then click on the photo so there is a box around it. You then click on the green dot and move your mouse and place the photo in the position you want.
  5. 5. For sixth formers looking for The school logo thatpart time jobs, theres a page the magazine isfull of the latest jobs going in being produced to.are area. Student standing in front of the art work that are produced by a level Important notices for the students in the school. sixth formers to keep up to date on This is a photo taken on a duke of Edinburgh expedition. It shows scenery not found in Birmingham and the sights Clear and easy for the sixth people could see if they took formers to flick through part in it, and see what’s on each page. This is a picture of students who do d.o.e and showing their team work sorting out the maps. This is a picture of the students who‘UCAS INFO’ for the sixth did D.O.E silver and collected anformers planning on going to recognition reward at the town hall. It could attract people because of theuni they can find this success from these students and theinformation relevant and opportunities in school for theuseful. 6formers.
  6. 6. A student who was in year 11The price of one pound is whose know in sixth form.affordable by mostpeople. The school motto is under the title to relate to are school.When sixth formers leave theysometimes get confused onwhat their options are so theycan use these tips to helpprepare them. This is a student who attends the sixth form at Archbishop ilsley with the background of some off the school buildings.Latest updates of whats goingon around school to keep thesixth formers up to date as theyhave a lot of work to do in not alot of time, it would be good forthem to have it all in a place People who areinstead of having to wait for interested innotices or finding the teachers. horoscopes get to see theirs. Theres school trips and sports fixtures so not only about the educational side of school so would interest them to theImportant things I would want magazine.the sixth formers to be drawn toare in the bottom bold so eyecatching.