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Multimedia Simulations


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Presentation made online for the 2008 University of North Carolina Distance Learning Forum.

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Multimedia Simulations

  1. 1. Multimedia Simulations to engage students and improve learning outcomes Kimberly Eke, Ph.D. DL Forum Manager, TL Interactive 12.10.08 UNC Chapel Hill
  2. 2. Who are we? Information Technology Services Teaching and Learning TL Interactive
  3. 3. We are not, cannot be, about designing content. We are designing experiences. - Clark Quinn Learning by Doing
  4. 4. Not simply displacement... the emerging convergence paradigm assumes that old & new media will interact in ever more complex ways. - Henry Jenkins Convergence Culture
  5. 5. Great opportunities!
  6. 6. and challenges... everything is connected
  7. 7. Case Studies SoEd SoN SoP Education Nursing Pharmacy
  8. 8. Education Challenge: Help K-12 math & science teachers see illiteracy as their problem, too
  9. 9. Nursing Challenge: Provide examples of teaching moments for distance ed students
  10. 10. PHCY 434 Challenge: Help students acquire soft-skills
  11. 11. PHCY 413 Challenge: Use valuable in-class time for concept application; learn core content via multimedia
  12. 12. Assessment November ‘08 January ‘08
  13. 13. Summary Best practices Flexible, reusable Simple to complex Assessment centered
  14. 14. Let’s collaborate! Charlie Green Kim Eke Megan Bell Asst.Vice Chancellor ITS Teaching and Learning Manager, TL Interactive Project Manager, TL Interactive