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Bb 8 Discussion Forums Overview


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Bb 8 Discussion Forums Overview

  1. 1. Blackboard 8 Discussion Forums Overview
  2. 2. Discussion Forum Highlights Easier navigation Links to Grade Center Ability to rate posts
  3. 3. In this slideshow: • Interface Review • Creating Forums • Grading Forums • Getting Help
  4. 4. Interface Review
  5. 5. You can access the Discussion Boards from two places: from the course menu
  6. 6. or from the Control Panel. Note that each view is different.
  7. 7. This is the view from the course menu.
  8. 8. This is the view from the Control Panel.
  9. 9. Creating Forums
  10. 10. To add a new Forum, select Forum.
  11. 11. Enter a name and description.
  12. 12. You can choose date and time restrictions and allow members to rate posts.
  13. 13. The newly created Forum appears. Notice the modify, manage, remove and copy buttons.
  14. 14. Notice the functions you can perform related to threads. To add a new thread, select Thread.
  15. 15. Enter a subject and your message.
  16. 16. Not ready to post but want to save? Click save. Ready to post to all? Choose Submit.
  17. 17. Your post will appear in the Discussion Forum window with the # of posts and participants.
  18. 18. Grading Forums
  19. 19. You can grade discussion forums.
  20. 20. Graded forums display with a grade icon.
  21. 21. The forum is added to the Grade Center.
  22. 22. Getting Help
  23. 23. Search the documentation or submit an online help request at or call 962-help