MOOC Big Picture - Design Your Course


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A basic template to use with faculty developing MOOCs early in the process of course design and consultations.

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MOOC Big Picture - Design Your Course

  1. 1. Course Design Overview11. _________________________2. _________________________3. _________________________4. _________________________5. _________________________6. _________________________7. _________________________8. _________________________Headings/topics for each week:__ Themes (“big ideas”)__ Questions__ Linear progression of topics__ Something else (explain)Organized by: Skills/outcomes students willdemonstrate (can be observed):1.2.3.Est. # of videos per week:(1 video = 5-10 mins.)__ 3__ 4__ 5__ 6 or more (explain)Where will you dorecording?:__ home__ office__ room/”studio” setup for MOOCs__ other (explain)Purpose:
  2. 2. Course topics for each week: Relationship to organization, outcomes, or specific goal:Weekly Topics & Goal Alignment2
  3. 3. Let’s drill down on video... Select one week (any week).Week ___ : __________________________!! ! ! ! ! ! !!! Video 1: ______________________!! Video 2: ______________________!! Video 3: ______________________!! Video 4: ______________________!! Video 5: ______________________! Video 6: ______________________Video Drill-down & Considerations3Let’s estimate the time students will spend watching videos.! ___ videos x ____ (ave. min. per video) = _____ total video length! Multiply total video length x 2 = _____ estimated watch timeLet’s estimate the time you will spend recording lecture videos. Total course videos = ____! Estimate at least 2 hours per recording for the first 2 videos ! = 4 hrs! Estimate 1 hour per recording for remaining videos !! ! = ____ hrs! Estimate 4 hours per script to draft first 2 video content scripts! = 8 hrs! Estimate 1. 5 hours per script for remaining videos !! ! = ____ hrs! Multiply Grand total x 1.5 = _____ estimated hours video production time(Clarify relationship of each video to coursepurpose, learning objs or weekly goal)Grand total = ________
  4. 4. Let’s consider what students will do to learn, practice, and demonstrate new skills andknowledge. For the week of video you just outlined--and your learning goals--sketch outyour ideas below.Assessments & Activities4Coursera assessment tools:__ In-video quizzes__ Short-answer & MC quizzes__ Peer grading (requires rubric)__ Programming assignmentsCommunity building tools:__ Discussion fora__ Wiki__ Meet upTo develop good habits, you’ll want to provide the same types of weekly activities forstudents. What are your thoughts for your course? What graded assessments will you useand how much will they be worth in calculating the overall course grade?We recommend jotting down ideas for weekly assessments now but authoring them after you have recorded allvideo content for the topic. (You’ll also want to estimate the time it takes to complete the tasks per week -- as acourtesy to students.)
  5. 5. Now it’s time to identify any additional resources (required or recommended) that willhelp students achieve the learning outcomes you identified.As you flesh out each week, it may become apparent that a few, carefully selectedresources will be helpful to students. If you know of some already, please indicate:Week Topic Additional Resource(s)videos, readings, programs, simulations, etc.Need copyrighthelp?123456Additional Resources5
  6. 6. Finally, it’s time to be intentional and realistic about the time you plan work on yourMOOC. Grab your favorite online or paper calendar and start plotting out dates forgetting things done. Ideally, your lead support person will also be around for most or allof your target deliverable dates, too. All video recordings should be done at least 30days before the course launch. Below is a list of some of the high-level deliverables.Deliverable Target dateComplete the Coursera MOOC on MOOCsCourse outline to lead support personIntro video recording(s) completedScreenFlow training session completed (video software)Week 1 video recordings completedWeek 2 video recordings completedWeek 3 video recordings completedWeek 4 video recordings completedWeek 5 video recordings completedWeek 6 video recordings completedWeek 1 assessments completedWeek 2 assessments completedWeek 3 assessments completedWeek 4 assessments completedWeek 5 assessments completedWeek 6 assessments completedWeek 1 additional materials completedWeek 2 additional materials completedWeek 3 additional materials completedWeek 4 additional materials completedWeek 5 additional materials completedWeek 6 additional materials completedCalendar: Delivery Dates6
  7. 7. Deliverable Target dateReview UNC pre-course survey & add content pre/post quizlinks if desiredForums set up (Production Assoc.)Review UNC post-course survey & add content pre/post quizlinks if desiredCourse design is done. Celebrate!Calendar: Delivery Dates7(cont’d)