Are You Socially Correct?


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10-17-11 Lunch and learn presentation by Kathy Sipple, Founder/CEO of My Social Media Coach. Sponsored by Business Women United Network, in conjunction with the

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Are You Socially Correct?

  1. 1. THE DOS & DON‘TS OF SOCIAL NETWORKING: Etiquette tips for effective communication & connection Presented by Kathy Sipple, CEO/Founder, Social Media Trainer/StrategistOctober 27, 2011 Business Women Unite Network • NWI SBDC • Indiana Commission for Women
  2. 2. KATHY SIPPLE• CEO (Chief Engagement Officer) at My Social Media Coach• Social Media Specialist at Forward Progress• Co-host Weekly Show ‗Socially Speaking‘ on WVLP 98.3 FM• NWI Tweetup Founder• 219 GreenConnect Founder• Green Drinks Organizer/Green Event Promoter• Background: Seminars, Advertising,• Chamber of Commerce, Trade Shows Named Indiana‘s Most Influential Woman in Social Media, 2009• University of Michigan, BA Economics
  3. 3. WHERE ARE WE ?…AND HOW DID WE GETHERE ?Smoke signals, town crier, pony express, telegraph, phonechainsWeb 1.0 – email, web sitesWeb 2.0 and beyond… Messages now travel at the speed of ―tweet‖
  4. 4. WHAT IS A NETWORK?• ―Real time‖ engagement networks more linear in nature, 1:1• Face to face networking limited—there‘s only 1 of you! What about the network you can‘t see?
  5. 5. NEW NETWORK MODELDefinition has changed—your network may be larger than yourealize!Exponential growth, ―hidden‖ opportunities can be found. ―3 degrees of separation‖, many to many
  6. 6. IMPLICATIONS OF NEWMODEL• Permanent (and searchable) communication• New challenges, learning new rules and new ―languages‖• New opportunities!• There is no map… DON‘T panic. DO get excited! DO educate yourself.
  7. 7. GOOGLE INDEXING, ALERTS What does your digital ―cookie crumb trail‖ say?
  8. 8. 1:1, VERSUS 1: Email ―reply to all‖ on a whole new • MANY level! • 1:1 messages take longer to spread. Think before posting—now messages travel at the speed of ―tweet‖ • Messages less likely to morph over time, BUT more direct accountability with 1: many relationships • Don‘t squash negative commenters—answer publicly, then take it offline. Did I hear you right? Think, say it aloud, then post.
  9. 9. FISH WHERE THE FISHARE…• DO check to learn more about a site before youjoin.• DO stay alert for new ponds—watch your network to find outwhere chief influencers are spending time.• DO decide: business, personal or both? LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter are current leaders.
  10. 10. LINKEDIN• DO update regularly—1-2 x per week, business related postsonly.• DO fill out your profile completely, including a detailedsummary, areas of specialty, a photo, etc.• DON‘T use default language for invitations orrecommendations.• DON‘T ask for a recommendation unless you have earned one.• DON‘T be afraid ask to connect with people.• DO provide relevant information about why such connection willbe beneficial to the other person. 24/7 Chamber of Commerce Style Networking
  11. 11. FACEBOOK times per week+• DO update regularly—3-5• DO tap into your friend network for business.• DO tag fans, ask questions and otherwise engage audience—make it about them, not you.• DO look for cross promotional opportunities, i.e. support acause as your business, or share others‘ good news and events.• DON‘T talk 100% about business—remember why you were―invited to the party‖.• DON‘T be boring or repetitive.• DON‘T be an absentee owner—respond at least as fast asemail. Backyard Barbeque: Friendly, Engaging
  12. 12. TWITTER• DO search for key words of interest and follow new people.• DO create an interesting bio and choose a custom background.• DO use hashtags to reach beyond your immediate followers.• DO retweet others‘ tweets.• DON‘T post the same tweet over and over.• DON‘T use automated direct messaging.• DON‘T use Twitter strictly as a Facebook or LinkedIn add on.• DO respond to mentions and direct messages as you wouldemail.• DON‘T export hashtagged tweets to other sites. Cocktail Party: Casual, Quick Conversation Bits
  13. 13. AND… USE THE RIGHT BAIT!• DO complete your profile 100%.• DO include a professional (recent!) photo.• DO limit information shared by utilizing proper privacy settings• DO provide value for your network• DO use available technology to enhance your post, i.e. includea link• DON‘T be overly self-promotional.• DON‘T badmouth others.• DO speak the ―local‖ language. Do you have a compelling profile/message?
  14. 14. USE THE ―RIGHT‖ MESSAGEPLATFORM • ―Right‖ is relative and involves insight into the person with whom you are communicating • Can change with the situation…at a large conference or during a presentation where quiet is needed, texting or Twitter may be better than phone or email. • Answer like with like—tweet for tweet, Facebook IM to Facebook IM, email to email, text to text, etc. • Choose the appropriate level of privacy for the content—for your eyes only, share with friends only, Make it easy for people to interact with you.
  15. 15. WHAT ARE YOURINTENTIONS? Tip: DON’T post when you‘re angry or upset
  16. 16. DON‘T• Unsolicited, no context• No recognitioin• No value statement• No photo• Non-descript profile• Typo in the profile (school name is misspelled.)• I don‘t need the services they are offering• Likely outcome—will not accept this invitation Be intentional when you connect!
  17. 17. DO• Remind a new acquaintance where you met.• Photo provides secondary reinforcement.• Compliments usually go over well.• Shows excitement about the connection.• Value statement—how might we work together?• Invitation accepted, proposal written and submitted! Short, direct and value driven!
  18. 18. DON‘T GET LOSTIN THE CROWD• DO listen and observe before diving in, but eventually—dive in!• DO schedule time on your calendar for social interaction• DO set objectives for your interactions online (and off)• DO integrate and synergize online and offline activities• DON‘T be afraid to be yourself—be memorable. Engage, inform, delight!
  19. 19. IT‘S NICETO SHARE! A+• DO thank people publicly when they‘ve been helpful• DO tag rather than simply mention people or businesses whenable• DO acknowledge when others say good things about you.• DON‘T be a broadcaster—ENGAGE! Share the good news!
  20. 20. THINK TWICE• DON‘T share content you don‘t own without permission.• DON‘T take (and post) photos of people without permission.• DON‘T tag images that are ―date sensitive‖ (class of 1974reunion), or at least be okay with it if people untag themselves.• DON‘T tag images of people if they‘re not in the photo. Exception: see example to the right—thanking people for helping.• DON‘T tag images of people that are unflattering. When in doubt, don‘t post!
  21. 21. TOO MUCH INFORMATION:YOUR SAFETY• DON‘T include birth year in social media profiles.• DON‘T post updates that let people know you are out of town, walking alone, etc.• DO use caution with ‗checking in‘ using GPS technology.• DON‘T accept requests to connect on Facebook unless you know the person.• DO change passwords frequently.• DO check your online reputation. Try Googling your name, set a Google alert.• DO limit information shared by utilizing proper privacy settings. Tip: be careful of information shared online
  22. 22. YOU‘VE GOT TO BE YOU• DO use a professional head shot for your regular profile.• DO consider potential ramifications of sharing informationonline.• DON‘T use industry jargon (without explaining).• DO use keywords and phrases regularly to say what you do.• DO share good news and accomplishments with your network• DO ask questions.• DON‘T lean on your network for info you can get yourself.• DO look for win/win scenarios. Pay it forward! Spend some time defining brand ―You‖
  23. 23. WHERE TO FIND ME:LinkedIn: kathy@mysocialmediacoach.comPhone: (219) 462-0600Address: My Social Media Coach 2005 Valparaiso St., Suite 17 Valparaiso, IN 46383 Record/share goals Connect to Kathy Sipple
  24. 24. ‗BWUN‘
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