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Social Media for Radio Personalities (WSBG)


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Social Media for Radio Personalities (WSBG)

  1. 1. Social Media for DJs 101
  2. 2. Common Complaints• I’m too busy• All listeners do is complain• No one uses it• Our listeners aren’t in the “Social Media Demo”• No one’s buying it, so who cares?• It’s a waste of time• There are too many social media sites• Doesn’t improve ratings
  3. 3. Why We Need to use Facebook• 845 Million Monthly Active Users• 100 Billion Connections• 700 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each month• 1 of 5 Pageviews• 75% of Millennials (18-29) are on Facebook• 27% of interaction comes through the newsfeed- the most important place to reach fans• Greatest growth ages 35-49• Of people who use social media 95% or more of ALL AGE GROUPS are on Facebook (LinkedIn next with 28%)
  4. 4. Facebook: Personal Page
  5. 5. Facebook Business Page
  6. 6. Admin Panel
  7. 7. Insights: Overview
  8. 8. Insights: Likes
  9. 9. Post Insights
  10. 10. Insights: Reach
  11. 11. Insights: Talking About This
  12. 12. Your mission:• Build relationships with your FANS• Give people a reason to listen to your show
  13. 13. What to do:• Make a plan• Set SMART goals – Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely• Be consistent• Stick to WSBG image• Share great content• Be engaging• Be a good listener
  15. 15. What not to do:• Don’t be pushy• Don’t spam• Don’t try to grow your network too quickly• Don’t try to sell• Don’t use traditional marketing techniques• Don’t forget to say “Thank you”
  16. 16. Great Content: What is it?• Created for WSBG “P1” – Current Facebook Fan is Female, 35-54• Helpful, informative, and entertaining• Sent out on a consistent basis• Can “go viral” quickly and easily• Ideally linked to WSBG website or blog• Includes a call to action
  17. 17. Good Examples: Radio
  18. 18. Good Examples: Brands
  19. 19. Learn from these Misteaks
  20. 20. Tips• Be yourself – USC Study on Radio Personalities• Listen and RESPOND – Always acknowledge comments• Two-Way Communication – Ask questions, fill in the blank, caption “contest”• Keep it short – Think “Headline.” 90-150 Characters• Use pictures and videos• Limit niche/local content• Match posts with breaks
  21. 21. Ideas• New song? – Post the video and ask what people think• Breaking news? – Don’t be late to the party! Ask a question- and anticipate the response (keep it short).• Caption contests• Fill in the blank• Follow web news sources• What would make you respond?
  22. 22. Who’s Posting, How Much, and When?• 2 Posts per Shift – Vary times- see what works best – Post in your timeslot only (when live)• Take turns nights and weekends• Check the page to make sure no one posted similar content
  23. 23. Stations to Follow