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Small Business Focus: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Now Google Plus


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Small Business Focus:
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Now Google Plus

A webinar from Social Media Today

Published in: Business, Technology
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Small Business Focus: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Now Google Plus

  1. 1. Social Media Today’s Hands-On Training Series presents:Small Business Focus:Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and NowGoogle+Brought to you by
  2. 2. How to Participate• Submit your questions in the GotoWebinar presentation window• Follow along and share your thoughts on Twitter at #SMTlive
  3. 3. About the PanelLauren Simondsis Managing Editor of Small and, helping small business owners and managers understand technology, so they can makebetter buying decisions, save money and increase productivity.Cindy Meltzer is the Community Manager at Isis Parenting, responsible for digital marketingstrategy, including creating educational blog and video content as well as managing and monitoringsocial channels for the Isis brand. She also blogs at The Social Craft.Pamela OHara is president of BatchBlue Software, which she co-founded in 2006, and is a founder ofSBBuzz, a live Twitter chat that amassed nearly 20,000 followers in its freshman year and which invitessmall businesses to share their tech know-how.Chuck Hester is a LinkedIn power connector with more than 11,000 direct connections, and a sought-afterexpert on the subject of using LinkedIn for media relations, personal and professional branding, and how touse social media to build business contacts.James A. Martin runs an online marketing and editorial consulting business, with clients ranging from self-employed entrepreneurs to large corporations such as Cisco and Adobe Systems. He helps businesses of allsizes with SEO, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogging. #SMTlive
  4. 4. What Social Media Can Do For Your Business• “Join the conversation” (it’s happening whether you’re there or not)• Connect directly with customers, influencers, potential investors• Learn about co-marketing opportunities and events relevant to your biz• Increase brand awareness and “buzz” about your product(s), as well as monitoring your brand and what people are saying about you• Provide customer service Cindy Meltzer #SMTlive
  5. 5. Choosing the Right Platform• Know your target customer• Do some research– how much time do they spend online? where do they go?• Consider hardware. Are they using mobile? Tablets? Cindy Meltzer #SMTlive
  6. 6. Avoiding Social Media Risks• Don’t open a channel if you don’t plan to maintain it. It’s better to be truly present on one channel than barely there on three.• Marketing messages are more well received in the context of community, conversation and the sharing of information. Social media is not your marketing megaphone. Cindy Meltzer #SMTlive
  7. 7. Connecting with Customers• Be friendly and personable in tone• Diversify your content to keep people interested• Respond as quickly as you can• Know that your customers will treat social media as a customer service portal, so treat it as such Cindy Meltzer #SMTlive
  8. 8. Measuring Your Efforts• Set goals—what is it you are trying to accomplish?• Look beyond number of fans and followers• Google Analytics is your friend– it will track how much traffic is coming to your site from social platforms, and how often they convert• Other free measurement/analytics tools: Hootsuite, Facebook Insights,, Klout Cindy Meltzer #SMTlive
  9. 9. • Think strategically• Where should you be?• Who will monitor it?• How often should you post?• What content goes where?• What should you be measuring?• Act naturally• Keep up the conversation• Provide support everywhere• Engage & promote your followers• Less is more Pamela O’Hara #SMTlive
  10. 10. What we do• Promotions • New hires• Contests • Pictures of everything• Customer Support • Product demos• Announcements • Surveys• Case studies • Advertising• Company newsWhere we do it• Facebook• Twitter• LinkedIn• Blog http/• Flickr• YouTube• Google+ coming soon Pamela O’Hara #SMTlive
  11. 11. Batchbook Social CRMhttp://batchbook.comhttp://blog.batchblue.comTwitter Pamela O’Hara #SMTlive
  12. 12. Chuck Hester, APR– Managing Partner, The Affinity Alliance, Inc.– Chief Connections Officer, Chuck Hester Enterprises– Public relations counsel to companies worldwide– Creator/Organizer of LinkedIn Corporate Bootcamps– LinkedIn Power User with more than 11,000 first level connections– 30 years experience in marketing and public relations– Author, “Linking in to Pay It Forward: Changing the Value Proposition in Social Media Chuck Hester #SMTlive
  13. 13. LinkedIn• 110 + million active users• Founded in 2003, one the oldest social networks• More than ONE MILLION user groups and forums• NOT just for job seekers and recruiters – home to sales, customer service, marketing and C-level executives Chuck Hester #SMTlive
  14. 14. LinkedIn and Your Professional Brand• Be Transparent• Treat your connections like they are physically in front of you• If you’re open, the opportunities will come• Be consistent in your contacts• Don’t number munch• Be part of the community Chuck Hester #SMTlive
  15. 15. The System: How to be a Power Connector in 15 minutes a Day!• Connect with the Connectors• Connect with one, ask for five• Post your profile on key groups• ALWAYS personalize your invitations• Ask a contact if they are linked• Answer invitations in a timely, but reasonable manner Chuck Hester #SMTlive
  16. 16. Top 10 Most Common Mistakes in Using Social Media for Marketing• Social Media is about community – not marketing. Don’t sell, have a conversation.• Don’t be something you’re not. Social media is about transparency• listen, don’t BROADCAST• Avoid flooding the social media networks with your messages• Once a relationship is established don’t abuse it for your marketing/pr purposes Chuck Hester #SMTlive
  17. 17. Top 10 Most Common Mistakes in Using Social Media for Marketing• Live by the tool, die by the tool• At the end of the day, you need to measure results – keep that in mind when using social media• Personalize your company by having real people, not logos be part of the dialogue• ALWAYS remember it’s a dialogue• Set aside a specific amount of time for social media, otherwise you will get lost! Chuck Hester #SMTlive
  18. 18. • SEO helps potential customers find you• Social media helps existing customers & friends connect to you• SEO can help your social media efforts• Social media can help your SEO James A. Martin @ james_a_martin #SMTlive
  19. 19. • SEO – the right keywords, the best links• How to use SEO in your social media efforts – Use primary keyword phrase in social profiles – Use trending keywords in social media updates – Go for retweets and shares• How to use social media to help with your SEO – Online reputation management – Control as many Google search results as possible• Blogging is good for SEO• YouTube is good for SEO• One tool, multiple postings James A. Martin @ james_a_martin #SMTlive
  20. 20. Thanks for Joining Us• This webinar will be available on-demand at Stop by to learn more and share your comments.• Connect with our panelists on Social Media Today using the search function:
  21. 21. Join us November 1st for…• A conversation with Brian Solis