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Web portal 4 local government


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Project Presentation for Local Government Department of Punjab Sponsored by CIDA

Published in: Education, Technology
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Web portal 4 local government

  1. 1. Web PortalGovernment toLocal Government
  2. 2. Portal:A Web "supersite" that provides a variety of servicesincluding – Web search, – news, – free e-mail, – discussion groups, – shopping and – links to other sitesThe major general-purpose Web portals are – Yahoo!, – MSN and – AOL
  3. 3. Government PortalsGenerally there are four e-government portals G2C: (Government to Citizen) Govt. Portal that provide services to citizen (birth to death) G2B: (Government to Business) Govt. Portal that provide services to business sector G2G: (Government to Government) Govt. Portal that provide inter-governmental services G2E: (Government to Employee) Govt. Portal that provide services to employees
  4. 4. Aim of Portal:It will be the web-based communication window betweenPunjab Local Government Department andall local governments (District, Town/Tehsil and Union) in Punjab.
  5. 5. Objectives: Web access to all notifications, guidelines, instructions and orders by using CMS (Content Management System) Low cost communication, 24X7 hours access, Distance less and speedy Web-based email communication Web-based DMS (Document Management System) Discussion Forums for discussion and opinions Every officer of local government department will mange his own content by little training
  6. 6. Existing website Vs PlannedPortalExisting Website Planned Portal website consists of few  May extend to million web pages pages It is managed by only  All officers can manage a webmaster (if he their own sections by exists) little training This approach is not  This approach is suitable at enterprise, specially designed for corporate or enterprise, corporate government level. or government level.
  7. 7. Portal Features Discussion Forum & Chat facilities Poll on opinion Banner & Advertising System Subscription Service Mass e-mail Email Newsletters DMS Document Management System
  8. 8. Workflow of Portal Up-load the Content (letter, order, guideline, policy, notification etc) Mass e-Mail Mass SMS Receive e-Mail Down-load the Content (letter, order, guideline, policy, notification etc) Content resides at portal
  9. 9. Up-load a Content(letter, order, guideline, policy, notification etc) Portal Upload PDF file to Portal Conversion of content to PDF (Portable Document Format) Officers of Local Govt Deptt. Write content in MS Word Format
  10. 10. Mass e-Mail Portal TMO n TMO 4 TMO 2 TMO 3 TMO 1Send one e-mail tomultiple stakeholders
  11. 11. Mass SMS Portal TMO n TMO 4 TMO 3 TMO 2 TMO 1Send one SMSthrough portal to This SMS is the alert to check new official e-mail orselective group of new and important content at portalstakeholders (likeTMOs or DCOs)
  12. 12. Receive e-Mail E-Mail is an alert to access the portal for consult or down-load new content
  13. 13. Down-load the Content(letter, order, guideline, policy, notification etc) Select a content Just click on “Download” This will be in PDF format that is much secure
  14. 14. Content resides at portal Portal will be archive of all communication between LG deptt. And its stakeholders Every registered stakeholder can get any content at any time and any location
  15. 15. Portal Name ?Two proposed names(GOP= Govt of Punjab)4. G2LG: Govt. to Local Government5. G4LG: Govt. for Local Government
  16. 16. Official E-Mail Addresses(LG Department) Name
  17. 17. Official E-Mail Addresses(LG Governments) dco.districtname@portal tmo.tehsil/town@portal
  18. 18. IT Infrastructure(LG Deptt.) Equipment ConnectivityAlmost Complete
  19. 19. Least IT Infrastructure(Local Governments) Two Computers Internet ConnectionInstructions & Arrangements are required
  20. 20. Training All deptt staff (senior + Junior) All DCOs All TMOsE-Citizen course is recommended (implemented in 150 countries)Basics of computer, Internet, e-mail, word
  21. 21. Portal will be a corridorThis will be corridor ofInformation collection like for benchmarkingDiscussion forum for LG stakeholders to solve their issues