How piracy affects the e government


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e-Government is a very complex domain having multi-dimensional aspects. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and software piracy issues are directly related to e-government establishment. An analytical study between e-government readiness, education index and software piracy rate was conducted. It was found that e-government readiness was inversely proportional to software piracy rate and directly proportional to the education index.

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  • Respect of IPR is very important for the National IT culture
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How piracy affects the e government

  1. 1. How Piracy Affects the e-Government? By M Kashif Farooq Presented atInternational Conference on Web Information Systems and Mining 2009 Published at IEEE Computer Society & ACM
  2. 2. Abstracte-government is a very complex domainhaving multi-dimensional aspects. IntellectualProperty Rights (IPR) and software piracyissues are directly related to e-governmentestablishment.An analytical study between e-governmentreadiness, education index and softwarepiracy rate was conducted.It was found that e-government readinesswas inversely proportional to software piracyrate and directly proportional to theeducation index.
  3. 3. Scope of ResearchIn this paper, we conduct acomparative study of e-government ranking reports by United Nations (UN) and software piracy reports by Business Software Alliance (BSA)
  4. 4. Presentation of Software Piracy Study 2007 by BSA and e-Government Survey 2008 by UNDESA
  5. 5. Countries above the Trend Line (Piracy) of GraphGraph Label Country E-Gov Rank Piracy Rate 1 Estonia 13 51 2 Ukraine 41 83 4 Venezuela 62 87 8 Azerbaijan 89 92 9 Maldives 95 92 10 Sri Lanka 101 90 11 Armenia 103 93These Countries having good e-Gov rank as compare to piracy rate
  6. 6. Countries below the Trend Line (Piracy) of GraphGraph Label Country E-Gov Rank Piracy Rate 3 South Africa 61 34 5 Mauritius 63 57 6 Egypt 79 60 7 Oman 84 61 12 India 113 69 13 Morocco 140 67These Countries having good piracy rate as compare to e-Gov rank
  7. 7. E-Gov Rank vs Education Index Graph Label Country E-Gov Rank Piracy Rate f Kazakhstan 81 97.59 h Montenegro 100 89.11 i Armenia 103 89.88 Libyan Arab k 120 87.49 JamahiriyaThese Countries having good education index as compare to e-Gov rank
  8. 8. E-Gov Rank vs Education IndexGraph Label Country E-Gov Rank Piracy Rate a United Arab Emirates (UAE) 32 79.08 b Brazil 45 77.3 c South Africa 61 80.61 d El Salvador 67 77.23 e Egypt 79 73.23 g Guatemala 81 97.59 j India 113 61.95 l Pakistan 131 46.59 m Senegal 153 39.4 These Countries having good e-Gov rank as compare to Education Index
  9. 9. ConclusionE-Readiness of e-Government rank isinversely proportional to software piracyrate andE-Readiness of e-Government rank isdirectly proportional to Education indexHowever, few countries are away fromtrend line due to their policies, strategiesand priorities about e-Government andeducation.
  10. 10. ConclusionEducation and software piracy have heavy impact onnational cultureE-Readiness for e-government needs supportivenational culture.