Liferay & Alfresco: Delivering Enterprise Content Through a Portal 02 August 2011


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Join James Falkner, Liferay Community Manager, and Peter Monks, Director of Technology at Alfresco, to discuss the integration of Alfresco and Liferay technologies. Enterprise CMS's and Portal Servers are highly complimentary technologies that are frequently integrated within enterprises. You will also be exposed to use cases behind such integrations.

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Liferay & Alfresco: Delivering Enterprise Content Through a Portal 02 August 2011

  1. 1. Liferay & AlfrescoDelivering EnterpriseContent Through a Portal
  2. 2. Agenda•  Introductions•  Background•  Why integrate Alfresco and Liferay?•  Use cases•  Demo•  Q&A #alfrescoliferay
  3. 3. Speakers James Falkner – Liferay Community Manager Peter Monks – Alfresco Director of Technology #alfrescoliferay
  4. 4. Maidenhead, UK Global Headquarters Atlanta, US HeadquartersAlfresco is now the largest private,pure-play open source softwarecompany in the world.3 million+ downloads of Alfresco community1700+ customers from 43+ countries200+ global channel partners20 consecutive quarters of revenue growthFounded in 2005 #alfrescoliferay
  5. 5. What is Alfresco?DocumentManagementCreate, capture,share & retain Recordscorporate content. Management Ensure governance, compliance & Web Content retention. Management Author, collaborate, approve & publish Enterprise to the web. Collaboration Create, collaborate, iterate, Open Source discuss & discover Platform content. Build content-rich apps & websites using New! Activiti RESTful APIs and open BPM standards. Alfresco’s newest open source project. #alfrescoliferay
  6. 6. What is Liferay?•  Most popular and widely downloaded open source portal o  Over 4 Million downloads and 50,000 downloads per month o  46,053 registered users on o  16,343 forum participants o  164,342 forum posts o  50+ active contributors o  400k Deployments #alfrescoliferay
  7. 7. What is Liferay?Content and Design andPresentation UsabilityCollaboration ExtensibilityServices and Integration Analytics and Management #alfrescoliferay
  8. 8. Why Integrate?
  9. 9. Benefits of Alfresco Management of content of any kind, its lifecycle and processes. Capture Management n umptio Arc hiva Cons l #alfrescoliferay
  10. 10. Benefits of Liferay•  Easy to Use, Develop, Integrate o  Develop in any language, integrate any app•  Presentation o  OOTB content and presentation tools•  High Scale Delivery o  Independent scaling of all layers, monitoring•  Personalization, Collaboration, Social o  Easily target content and drive social value #alfrescoliferay
  11. 11. Why Integrate? Your SiteAlfresco Integrated Liferay• Focus on the Solution • Focus on the processes around • Enables process and presentation of content presentation of content and content, alongside integration of applications applications #alfrescoliferay
  12. 12. Use Cases
  13. 13. Intranet•  B2E •  Social Engagement •  Role-Based •  EAI #alfrescoliferay
  14. 14. Intranet•  Uses out of the box components o  Document Library, Asset Publisher o  Collaboration Applications•  Integrates existing applications o  HR, CRM, Other•  Uses common identity/access•  Participation in collaboration activities #alfrescoliferay
  15. 15. Intranet Site – Sample ArchitectureIT Infrastructure Audiences Content CRUD as needed Content Specialists ERP, CRM, … Rank & File Employees #alfrescoliferay
  16. 16. Demo•  Create example site for employees•  Mount CMIS Repository in Liferay #alfrescoliferay
  17. 17. Public Website – Use Case•  Large number of predominantly anonymous users o  “Web scale” performance requirements for delivery tier•  Primarily R/O content o  R/W limited to eCommerce, UGC, etc.•  Highly customized LaF o  Brand-specific site design•  Moderate content set size o  Typically only 1,000s – 10,000s content items #alfrescoliferay
  18. 18. Public Website – How Alfresco & LiferayIntegrate•  Editorial process for •  Visual presentation site content of site o  Creation of articles, o  Navigation, page press releases, composition, product information, personalization, etc. analytics o  Approval processes, o  Performance publication, etc. optimizations #alfrescoliferay
  19. 19. Public Website – Sample ArchitectureEditorial Tier Delivery Tier Internet Replication Request / response Editors Site Visitors #alfrescoliferay
  20. 20. Other use cases•  Intranet and public internet are the 2 most commonly seen use cases o  Not the only use cases however!•  Other use cases are typically variations of these two o  These architectures can still serve as a reference for other use cases•  Key differentiator is whether content is: o  R/W via portal – closer to intranet use case or o  R/O in portal – closer to public website use case #alfrescoliferay
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. For more information•  Alfresco Community o•  Alfresco Documentation o•  Liferay Community o•  Liferay Documentation o #alfrescoliferay
  23. 23. Continue the Conversation•  James Falkner @schtool•  Peter Monks @pmonks #alfrescoliferay
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