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  • Still too high level. Any good Director would tear this apart. Sincerely hope this took no more than a week to create with all that manpower. Better to come up with more implementation tactics. What are creative ways to promote? What is the competition doing? Seriously? Spend a whole 10 min on Google looking for that bad boy? Recommendation: join a management consulting firm or better, inside consulting team of a corporation. This is bear-bones high-level analysis, if we can even call it that.
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  • Bryce
  • Kent
  • MattAll of these companies have been around since the 80sThey all provide birding travel tours around the globe
  • Katie
  • Katie
  • Katie
  • Katie
  • KatieFrom the prof-Do they connect to the SWOT? Tie these into opportunities & weaknesses
  • KentWhat he thinks makes him different doesn’t actually make him different.
  • Winnie
  • WinnieConsider a name change - Adventure Costa Rica has gone by the name “AdventurasNaturales” for 20 years and operates in a similar territoryFocusing and specialize on a single type of tour - Sustainable Birding ToursTo establish credibility you need to look as professional and polished as possible. Have a company logo created. 99designs ( is a crowdsourced graphic design marketplace where individuals and small businesses post work that they need done. Starts at $299
  • WinnieAdd a positioning statement front and center on the home pageAdd the country names in addition to the painted facesMove the monthly newsletter somewhere else
  • WinnieAdd a “destination overview” page that is a simplified overview of all of the tour options
  • WinnieAdd tour reports under the Travel Review section
  • WinnieTour Operator Leaders and Profiles
  • Zi
  • Zi
  • Bryce
  • Bryce membership sizeAdd facts based on facebook page likes
  • BryceAdd membership sizeAdd facts based on facebook page likes
  • MattConsider using something other than wordpress that has enhanced SEO capabilities
  • Matt
  • Matt
  • Matt
  • BryceReassess its usefulness
  • Bryce
  • Tourism Marketing - Small Business Marketing Plan - Aventuras Naturales

    1. 1. Marketing Plan Aventuras Naturales Wei Lin Zi Lin Bryce McKenzie Katie Meyer Kent Miller Matthew Norton
    2. 2. Executive SummaryAventuras Naturales has several opportunitiesto refine its marketing strategy.  Further specialization within the industry  Rebranding with the goal of differentiation  New partnerships  Extensive website and media reformsBy introducing these recommendations, we feelthat Mr. Chavarria and Aventuras Naturales willbe in a better position to achieve the firm’sgoals.
    3. 3. SWOTStrengths & Weaknesses Excellent customer  LittleSocial service Media/Internet Small tours Presence Lots of tour  No specialization offerings currently Well-planned trips  Insufficient Social marketing budget Awareness/Charity  Name conflict
    4. 4. SWOTOpportunities & Threats Niche Market  Established New Locations Competitors (Market Entry)  Other Firms Customizing and  In-House Services Individuality of  Small Market Programs  Stability Risks Leverage partnerships with industry organizations
    5. 5. Competitor Analysis • Featured • Birding tour • Detailed • Based in theDifferentiators programs combined tour reports UK including with local & bird • Tours on cruise lines cultural sightings every • Premium identity • Very active continent travel social including experiences community Antarctica and quality • Birding PLUS • Specialize in standard tours small groups • Frequent traveler program 651 608 1,235 1,616
    6. 6. Target Market & SegmentationTarget Market & SegmentationPrimary SecondarySerious Bird Watchers Casual Wildlife  “Birders” Watchers  Education  Geotourists  EcoTourists
    7. 7. Target Market & SegmentationBirders interested in Central & South America Older Well Educated Above Average Income Higher proportion of males Member of at least one birding organization Focused on what birds they will see at a destination Source: Development and Marketing Strategies for Birding and Wildlife Tourism
    8. 8. Target Market & SegmentationCasual Wildlife Watchers Outdoor Recreationist Sightseers Education Travelers Festival Goers Local Residents Source: Development and Marketing Strategies for Birding and Wildlife Tourism
    9. 9. Target Market & SegmentationEducation Travelers Includes “Geo” & “Eco” tourists Target  Florida Educational Institutions  Schools of Agriculture, Life Science, Ecology  Professor Lead Student Research Trips“People who like to learn while on holidays and mayenjoy travel with a sense of purpose such as thatcreated by an opportunity to financially supportconservation activities or to participate in birdcounts or bird banding.” Source: Development and Marketing Strategies for Birding and Wildlife Tourism
    10. 10. Marketing Objectives Increasenumber of yearly tours from 2 to 3 Expand geographic business footprint Focus on serious birders  Audubon Society Improve SEO Create Valuable Partnerships Create awareness Establish credibility
    11. 11. Positioning Differentiator  Ecotourism / “Eco-Birding” Highlight expertise in South & Central America Sample Positioning Statement: Adventuras Naturales aims to make you feel like a local by creating intimate nature-travel experiences in South and Central America blending equal parts adventure, stewardship and sustainability.
    12. 12. RecommendationsProduct PromotionPrimary Market Primary Market Rebrand/Refocus  Join professional & create credibility organizations Revitalize Website  Search EngineSecondary Market Optimization Domestic &  Paid Search Education  Free Listings expansion  Social Media  Constant Contact
    13. 13. Product RecommendationsRebrand/Refocus Consider a name change to lessen confusion Focusing and specialize on a single type of tour  Sustainable Birding Tours Have a company logo created 
    14. 14. Website Recommendations Why Aventuras Naturales? orCompany Positioning Statement
    15. 15. Destination Overview Example Source:
    16. 16. Tour Reports Example Source:
    17. 17. Tour Leaders Example Source:
    18. 18. Product RecommendationsDomestic Expansion Why  Low cost and easier to access  Florida as the paradise for bird watcher  Limited market capacity, develop new customers How  Short-term and low cost trips in National Parks, provide chance to experience
    19. 19. Product RecommendationsEducation Focus Educational research tours – for Schools of Agriculture, Life Science, Ecology in Florida State Eco-study tours – for students in Universities Education Focus could help build up the eco brand image
    20. 20. Promotion RecommendationsProfessional Associations American Bird  Neotropical Bird Club Conservancy  Royal Society for the American Birding Protection of Birds Association  Sierra Club Audubon &  The International Audubon Magazine Eco-Tourism Society  WILD Foundation EarthShare  Wilderness Society National Wildlife Federation
    21. 21. Promotion RecommendationsInt’l. Eco-Tourism Society“TIES is a non-profit association committed topromoting responsible tourism practices thatbenefit conservation and communities” Over 14,000 fans on Facebook Organization Member - $185 and up  Customized member profile page  Social Media Posting  Listing in eNewsletter  Use of TIES logo  Publish articles and press releases  Networking opportunities Source:
    22. 22. Promotion RecommendationsNeotropical Bird Club“Foster an interest in the birds of the Neotropicsamongst bird watchers throughout the world” Focused on bird watchers interested in the area AN specializes in 1, 132 members on Facebook Corporate Membership - $475  Magazine: 1 Full Page Color Advert  Weblink from their site to yours  Publicity at Bird Club & Fair events Source:
    23. 23. Promotion RecommendationsSearch Engine OptimizationThe process of getting traffic from free, organic ornatural listings on search engines. Search engines only read HTML so….  Text is very important!  Include relevant keywords in your headings and body copy  Don’t use too many images – make sure image titles are as detailed as possible  Content + Links = Success! Bottom Line: SEO is complicated – hire a firm that specializes in small businesses
    24. 24. Promotion RecommendationsGoogle Adwords Only after you have optimized natural search should you venture into paid search Examples bird watching $0.84 bird watching tours $1.62 bird watching tours costa rica $1.81 ecotourism $1.57 ecobirding $2.58
    25. 25. Promotion RecommendationsFree ListingsCreate company profile pages for free thatlink back to your website
    26. 26. Promotion RecommendationsSocial Media Survey of Current Uses  Time Investment  Negative Perceptions from Unused Media Be Proactive  Follows from Differentiation, Branding Efforts  Follows from Other Suggested Improvements Be Receptive to User-Generated Content  Research Highlights Its Growing Importance Free or Inexpensive Services
    27. 27. Promotion RecommendationsConstant Contact Currently not sending out frequent news letters  Last news letter: September 2012 Could be managed on a Google or Yahoo email account Frees up more money to reallocate to marketing efforts
    28. 28. Control ToolsImplementation Schedule Immediately:  Join the International Ecotourism Society  Basic Membership: $185  Premium Membership: $550  Join the Neotropical Bird Club  $475 membership fee  Get ad printed and web link set up  EvaluateConstant Contact  Get quotes from online SEO firms  Make decision about company name