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Social media and Travel & Tourism


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social media habits of travel and tourism report by Webenza

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Social media and Travel & Tourism

  1. 1. Social Media and Travel& Tourism !
  2. 2. BRIC Nations - Growth ComparisonBrazil Russia China India62.63365952 44.532249.148.9Jul 11 Jul 126% 20%41%5%UniqueVisitors (in millions)15+ Age, Home and Work usersIndia62.644.5• India is the fastest growing online market in the last 12 months• Russia and China have added over 10 million users in the last 12 months andcontinue to grow• India’s explosive online growth to continue, as most online categories showbelow average penetration compared to global averagesOnline Market !growth comparison !India is the fastest growing online market in the last 12 months.!!Data  source:  ComScore  
  3. 3. 75% of the audience is below the age of 35 years, makes it one ofthe youngest online population!Females form 39.3% of the total audience !Highest growth seen among 15-24 male and female segment!User demographics!Youth driving the growth!
  4. 4. The Super Seven - High growth categoriesGamesNewsSearchRetailHealthSNTravel 414343434354604495.521.159.991.580.340YoY Growth % Jul’12 Reach %21.14159.9• Unprecedented growth in Travel, Search, SN and News, surpassing WW averages• Growth to continue in Retail, Games and Health, as they are below WW averages• Key drivers being content and accessibility• Coupons category has de-grown by 38% as players have moved to allied verticals.  .  Unprecedented growth in News, Search and Social Networks(SN),surpassing worldwide averages; it is the main reason why peopleare more connected, aware and active!Growth Rate!High growth categories!
  5. 5. !!!!!!!!!The  Web  is  being  Rebuilt  around  People  
  6. 6.  The travel, tourism and hospitality industry is one of the most dynamicindustries in today’s global economy. Tourism is typically one of the topthree sources of revenues for  cities, states and countries worldwide.!understanding!Tourism Industry!Why do people travel?
  7. 7. Top spending categories for!travelers!
  8. 8. The habits of!travelers!
  9. 9. The web was originally built to link static documents together(left)but evolved to incorporate social media(center) and we are nowseeing a web built around people, where their profiles and contentare moving with them as they visit different websites(right).!Change in last 10 years!The paradigm shift!
  10. 10. Friendsrecommendation !38%!World renowned !Must see destinations!32% !Information on !the web!22%!Cheap deals !Special offers!15%!If we want to understand what motivates people to act in the waythey do, we need to 1st understand that people live in networks. !People’s network influences almost every aspect of their lives.What they do, where they go, what they buy. !User behavior!What drives decisions?!
  11. 11. Friends  ma8er  
  12. 12. Travel & Tourism industry is heavily dependent on!Word of mouth!
  13. 13. Face-to-Face Email Blog Twitter Facebook LinkedIn!You!!!!Your !Customers !!!Their !Friends !How word of mouth works on!Social media!
  14. 14. Offline  conversa-on  is  s-ll  the  dominant  form  of  Social  Media  How  Brands  can  u-lize  Social  Media  to  control  WOM    Before  Conversa-on  The  ‘Trigger’  or  Spark,  Source  of  prior  knowledge    During  Conversa-on  Reference  resource,  fact  checking,    Content  to  share  AGer  Conversa-on  Learn  more,  verify,  take  ac-on,  share  more  widely    What  effect  do  the  internet  and  internet  enabled  devices  have  on  Word  of  Mouth?    Conversa@ons  that  involve  a  brand  per  day  Brand  impressions  per  day  Impressions  per  word  of  mouth  conversa@on     Marke@ng  content  is  an  important  resource  before,  during  and  aGer  brand  conversa@ons    94%  of  WOM  brand  impressions  occur  offline  Internet  is  at  par  with  TV  as  a  top  catalyst  for  WOM  conversa@on    Internet  is  the  #1  resource  u-lized  to  take  ac-on  aGer  conversa-ons    Primary  use  is  to  seek  addi@onal  informa@on    Internet  is  twice  as  important  as  any  other  media  aGer  WOM  conversa@on    Internet  is  most  important  source  of  content  before,  during  and  aGer  the  conversa@on  The  Internet  is  where  people  turn  to  aGer  conversa-on  for  more  informa-on    Internet  is  oGen  a  resource  aGer  WOM  s@mulated  by  TV  Search  is  u@lized  more  than  any  other  site  type  Social  Media  trending  topics  majorly  effect  WOM  What’s in there for !The brands!
  15. 15. Frequency&typeofsocial!Activities!Source:  Nielsen  Brands may or may not be present on social media but theircustomers are!70%  Hear others’ experiences65%  Learn more about brands53%  Compliment brands50%  Express concern/complaints
  16. 16. THEGLOBALSOCIAL!CONSUMER!Source:  Nielsen  Accessibility: How people connect and interact with social media!
  17. 17. Likelihood to make a purchase based on Websites, Social Media andOnline product reviews!THEGLOBALSOCIAL!CONSUMER!Source:  Nielsen  
  18. 18. The ability to send and retrieve Information from everywhere hasChanged the way we work and live.Hence Brands need to Change the way theyThink. emergence of the new trend: Social CRM !Customerserviceviasocialmedia!Socialcare
  19. 19. Social care!When  customers  choose  when  and  where  they voice their  ques@ons  and  complaintsWhen  the  line  between  Marketing and  Customer service gets  blurred    When  Brands  get  ready  to  react  on  all  the  channels  
  20. 20.    .      .  Frequency of social care use amongusers !9%  Daily  21%  Weekly    70%  Monthly    On average 47% of social media Usersengage in social care!Customerserviceviasocialmedia!SocialcareSocial care has become an immediate imperative for global brands !
  21. 21. Customerservicebyphonev/s!Socialcare!1 in 3 users prefer social care to contacting a company by phone!Total    18-­‐24    25-­‐34    35-­‐44    45-­‐54    55-­‐64    65+  Age  breakup    
  22. 22. !!!!!!!!!Understand  what  Mo@vates  people  to  act  in  the  way  that  they  do  
  23. 23. !!!!!!!!!Understand  Behavior  not  Technology  
  24. 24. Understanding user!Behavior !
  25. 25. Social  Media  Analy@cal  Centre    How can Webenza IncPot help Customer !Support Team take control of social media? !
  26. 26. We give Meaning to the conversations and Enhancethem With meaningful Insights
  27. 27. We  Bridge  the  Gap  Between  Brands  and  Customers.    Through  our  engagement  console  we  let  you  connect  and  talk  to  the    Customers  thereby  improving    Dialogue  &  Par@cipa@on    
  28. 28. We Measure & Comparethe Performance Our Account Analytics lets you measure the performance of your Facebook, Twitter profile and Google analytics at one place.It also allows you to compare Your performance against your Competitor.
  29. 29. Discussions  Track  conversa@ons  around  certain  keywords  Listen  to  the  conversa@ons  Enter  into  Dialogue    Influence  the  influencers     Manage  your  Reputa@on     Compe@@ve  Edge  123•  Track  keywords  like:    Trip  Planning,  Best  place  to  visit,  Vaca@ons,  Travel  in  India,  Cheap  Flights,  Holiday  Packages  and  Hotels  etc.    •  Iden@fy  the  people  who  are  talking  the  most  about  these  keywords.  •  Establish  direct  contact  with  them    •  Achieve  +  WOM  •  Track  keywords  like:  your  brand  name  •  Greet,  Treat  and  engage  •  Damage  control    •  Build  precau@onary  measures  •  Build  affiliate  network  •  Build  volunteer  network  •  Crisis  Management    •  Track  compe@tors’  ac@vi@es    •  People  upset  with  them  are  your  friends  •  Control  nega@ve  WOM  coming  from  the  compe@@on      Real Time Tracking strategy: IncPot!*IncPot  is  Webenza’s  Proprietary  tool    
  30. 30. Identify theresearch trendsand publishreports abouthottestdestinations/trends etc. Helppeople in theirresearch andbuild strongfollower base. !Createinterestingvideos and letpeople spend timewatching them onyour channel.Videos createstrong brandrecall. !Interaction withcustomers onsocial channelsis important asHappy customerswill generate+WOM for yourbrand on reviewsites. !Make your brandsearchable onall socialplatforms;enhancediscoverythrough SEO,!Make peoplecome to youthrough theirsearches andgenerate leads. !!EstablishThoughtLeadership  Create brandpresence andawareness!Build Happycustomercommunity!Create top ofmind recall!Social Media engagement strategy !
  31. 31. Engagement  Ideas  Share  pictures  and  facts  about  travel  des@na@ons  Be  a  travel  expert  on  Social  Media  People  like  free  stuff  and  discounts  74%  said  "AGer  interac@ng  with  companies  or  brands  via  new  media,  I  generally  have  a  more  posi-ve  impression  of  the  company  or  brand."  Consumers  Demand  Brand  Interac@on  Exotic Travel Destinations
  32. 32. Can you find out most famous touristdestinations of India?!PuzzlesCan you identify the place where !Ashoka was shot!Indirect connect with season anddestination is also a good way ofengagement !Bookings using Facebook Apps!
  33. 33. Twitter Strategy!•  HashTags  are  Like  Twi8er  SEO  •  If  you  are  looking  to  expand  your  business  and  increase  your  success,  relying  on  the  hashtag  is  a  great  way  of  making  your  Tweet  more  visible  •  Twi8er  can  be  used  for  cross  content  sharing  and  promo@on.  Also  for  engaging  and  a8rac@ng  followers  by  star@ng  unique  #tags  (e.g.  #mytrip,  #exo@ctrip  #tripdeals,  #trip@ps  #@psontravel  etc).  •  #tags  can  be  used  to  brand  the  tweets  for  categories  by  including  them  in  conversa@ons  (e.g.  #beaches,  #hillsta@ons  etc.)    •  Twi8er  list  is  great  way  to  creat  interest  based  communi@es  within  Twi8er.    LinkedIn Strategy!•  LinkedIn:  A  company  page  for  corporate  rela@onship,  coordina@ng  employer  and  company  news  updates  •  LinkedIn  Group:  for  general  discussions  (e.g.  Which  is  the  most  memorable  trip  you’ve  gone  for)    to  involve  customers  •  Professional  network  can  be  reached  out  for  excusive  offer  promo@ons.    
  34. 34. Pinterest strategies!•  Pinterest  profile  with  boards  for  different  trip  categories  and  ac@vi@es.  •       On  Pinterest  also  #tags  can  be  used  and  branded  as  like  twi8er;    •       Boards  ideas  like-­‐Places  Must  Visit,  Best  beaches  on  the  earth  &  Special  Trip  Offer  etc  can                engage  a  lots  of  visitors/customers.  
  35. 35. YouTube strategy!•  You-­‐tube  channel  with  mul@ple  play-­‐lists  for  all  categories,  so  that  visitors  will  have  a  clear  message  of  services  offered  by  the  brand.  •     Tags  and  descrip@ons  of  videos  play  a  very  important  role  in  indexing  of  the  channel  on                  search  engines  and  increase  the  chances  of  being  found  if  used  properly.      •     Videos  are  great  ways  of  building  top  of  mind  recall  for  the  brands;  especially  Travel  &              Tourism  industry  can  go  really  experimental  with  the  humor  and  ways  of  crea@ng  an  impact.  
  36. 36. Keyword  research    On  Page  SEO   Off  Page  SEO  Create  Presenta@ons     Create  Videos     Create  Blog  Posts  Create content using researched keywords for above mentioned websites. These siteshave highest page ranks and thus help your website to show up on 1st page of searchengines.!Make your brand Searchable through seo !
  37. 37. Having a good social media presence might be inexpensive inmonetary terms, but costly in time, so therefore it is best to plancampaigns around a theme with multiple types of supportingcontent.!Videos  Infographics  Case  Studies    Create Content !.  
  38. 38. Social Media Plan!Social Profile Creation!• Creating profile in Facebook,twitter, LinkedIn etc.!Branding Social Profile!• Designing profiles such asFacebook to suit the brand.!Building a decent sizedcommunity!• Increasing the fan orfollower base of the profileand attracting more.!Creating Facebook Campaign!• Engaging the community throughcompetitions in the online spacewhich creates a viral effect.!• Engaging in forums anddiscussions!• Participating in relevant groupand building a community!Brand Engagement!• Updating and replying on SocialNetworking Sites!Creating articles and posting inonline sites!• Posting discussions in forums!Research Phase!• Understanding theonline presence of theindustry!• Analyzing social mediatrends of thecompetitors!• Finding the brandinfluencers!• Keyword Research forthe Industry!ResearchPhase!(1 week)!Social ProfileCreation Phase!(1 week)!EngagementPhase!(On-Going)!