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Talent Development Whole Foods


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Talent Development Whole Foods

  1. 1. Alysia ChevalierAnqi LiElaine WangSerena LiVicky Sun
  2. 2. INDUSTRY DEFINITION The Supermarket and Grocery Stores industry makes up the largest food retail channel in the United States. Primarily engaged in retailing general lines of food products, including fresh and prepared meats, poultry and seafood, canned and frozen foods, fresh fruits and vegetables and various dairy products.
  4. 4. KEY EXTERNAL DRIVERS Per capita disposable income External competition Population
  5. 5. INDUSTRY PERFORMANCE Revenue $ 494.6bn Annual growth 06-11 0.4% Annual growth 11-16 0.1% Profit $9.9bn Businesses 63,239
  7. 7. BARRIER TO ENTRY Capital intensity----medium Product differentiation----low Distribution network and licenses----hard to get
  8. 8. MARKET SHARE AND OTHER COMPANIES The Kroger Co. 1.5% 1.0% 3.5% 3.5% Supervalu Inc. 3.5% 15.5% Others ( Walmart. Fresh & Easy, Mom&Pop grocers) 8.0% Safeway Inc. 6.5% Publix Super Markets Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. Delhaize America Inc Whole Foods Market Inc. 57% Aldi Group
  9. 9. INTRODUCTION  #1 organic retailer in the world  Established in 1980, Austin, Texas  Operates more than 300 stores in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom with 54,000 global employees  In 2010, produced a 12% increase in sales to $9.0 billion, and 84% increase in stock market  On Fortune Magazine’s list of the top 100 companies to work for 13 years in a row and currently ranks number 24
  10. 10. SWOT ANALYSIS• Strong revenue growth • “Weak” international• Focused growth operations strategy • Conservative• Wide product international policy portfolio • Word of mouth• Local farming and advertising fishing market ties Weaknesse Strengths s Opportunities Threats• Higher demand for •Increasing competition: organic products Traditional grocers • Labeling and other• Expansion in the UK regulations• Growth in private label • Slowdown in the US products economy
  11. 11. CORE VALUES Selling the highest quality natural and organic products Satisfying and delighting customers Supporting team happiness and excellence Caring about the community and environment Creating wealth through profits and goals Creating ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers Promoting the health of our stakeholders through healthy eating education
  12. 12. COMPETITIVE STRATEGY-DIFFERENTIATION The Price Difference Lowering Prices: The “Whole Deal” Community and Environment Human Resource Department Team Members Partnerships
  13. 13. CORPORATE STRUCTURE Decentralized Centralized
  14. 14. STORE STRUCTURE • Human Resources Support • IT Staff • Marketing • Accounting • Store Team Leader Managers • Assoc. Store Team Leader • 11 departments each with : • Leader • Associate Team Leader Staff • Team Members
  15. 15. RECRUITMENT OVERVIEW Method: centralized and decentralized Proposed: college recruiting, formal employee referral program, structured interview, job knowledge and intelligence tests Goal: more applicants, higher quality applicants, and lower costs resulting in a better workforce Evaluated: Retention rates, time for promotion, number of qualified applicants per position, cost of program relative to benefit, performance of new team leaders
  16. 16. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT Mission  Believe employees are the most valuable resource and do everything to ensure they are motivated and successful  Provide a great work environment to give them the best chance to develop and succeed as team members in any part of the company The knowledge is obtained through  classroom training  articles related to the field of organic foods  online through the Whole Foods University  mentoring program
  17. 17. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT New team member orientation Department-specific training Product knowledge training Customer service training
  18. 18. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT "Green Mission" training  recycling and composting at Whole Foods Market Benefits training  preparation for enrollment  being a wise health care consumer Whole Foods Market University Career development programs
  19. 19. WHOLE FOODS MARKET UNIVERSITY self-paced courses and video vignettes Introduction to Organics Dietary Supplements and the Law Introduction to Quality Standards Gain sharing for Team Members
  20. 20. CAREER DEVELOPMENT Classes or trade shows, ESL resources, books or magazine subscriptions related to the business Working with existing team leaders Attending leadership development classes “Buddy” leadership training
  21. 21. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENTThe goal =Staff members + Intrinsic value of bettering their communities > the Money they earn
  22. 22. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENTAnd How? Team responsibility for failures and successes The financials and all meeting notes open to employees Regular team meetings for creative ideas development On site HR Rewards and recognition for successes: Profit sharing for teams / store competitions Employees who are actively involved in community service Transferring/ “store opening” encouraged Stores promote from within whenever possible Transparent pay system
  23. 23. TEAM CONTROL Orientation Period 30 – 90 days and Team Vote The criteria used :  positive job performance  adherence to policies and procedures, excellent customer service skills  teamwork
  24. 24. COMPENSATIONAll jobs in a class are paid the same rate.Salary caps of 19X average Store team leadersIn-store 20-30% discountsStock options Associate store team leadersChosen benefits packageSeasonal sales bonuses Specialized store support Department team leaders $20-25/hr Associate team leaders Specialized team members Team members $10-15/hr
  25. 25. ON SITE HRConducts surveys: salary and compensation surveys interviewing and recruiting surveys business outlook employee workplace behavior surveys
  26. 26. SUCCESSION PLANNING Career development programs targeted to: are team members, associate team leaders, team leaders and associate store team leaders who are interested in promotion. ”Team Leaders" not traditional ”Managers.” Rotational hands-on learning during training Verbal, written, media materials to improve leadership styles and skills.
  27. 27. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT RECOMMENDATION Skills group practice building case study
  28. 28. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT RECOMMENDATION Kirkpatrick Model Results Reaction • Level 4 • Level 1 Behavior Learning
  29. 29. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT RECOMMENDATION Specific, self-setting goals Multiple levels Incentives for individuals
  30. 30. Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet Questions?