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Evaluation Question 2


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Evaluation Question 2

Published in: Education
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Evaluation Question 2

  2. 2. Introduction • Through the research conducted throughout my project I noted the vitality of relating the music video with the advert and digipak as the most affective combination is where the three products are related, promoting each other and seen as a set, not necessarily individually. Mainly the advert and digipak would be used together in order to promote the music video through effective use of synergy and continuity. In order for the three products to be seen as a set, I ensured that there were aspects used similarly in each project of influenced by each other in order to demonstrate a sense of continuity as well as coherence between the products. The use of synergy is very often used as an advertising and marketing technique which I felt is necessary for my products as it would aid me in gain awareness, reaching my target audience successfully and ultimately attracting them. In order to do this I had to ensure that my ancillary task were appealing and intrigue the audience by attracting them and grabbing their attention.
  3. 3. Colour • First of all, I paid significant attention and interest to the colour scheme of my ancillary tasks in order to show an affective relationship and relevance to the music video. In both of my ancillary tasks I included a single coloured background which was purple, implying the sense of power which the character gains whilst drumming and therefore relating to the main task.
  4. 4. Colour • This relation was furthered through the fact that the colour of the ancillary tasks is in fact the same colour of the smoke featuring in the climax of the music video. This works very effectively as is not only shows a relationship and collaboration between products but it shows relevance to the most important aspects of the music video, consisting of identical connotations through the use of colour. The purple used in the ancillary task are also rather muted with minimal saturation which shows continuity with the type of colour editing included in the music video being less saturated in order to show the grittiness and dull, bleakness atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world.
  5. 5. Character • Additionally, I believe that my simplistic approach works very well as does my cartoon version which is creative and original whilst featuring an animated version of the character playing the drums - providing an insight to the content of the main product. This animation was created through using an image captured on the day of filming between shooting times, therefore allowing us to gain a great sense of continuity through instantly relating to the narrative of the music video. Due to the fact that the image consists of the character drumming, I was able to illustrate him with a sense of power which corresponds to the colour of purple and intention of the music video, opposing his weak and vulnerable state at the beginning of the music video. By providing a slight insight to the main product this will allow me to attract the audience by supplying them with some sort of expectation as well as familiarising the audience with the character and allowing them to form a stronger connection with him
  6. 6. Enigma • A sense of mystery and ambiguity is implied through the use of the cartoon effect through using the cutout tool on Photoshop. This is due to the fact that the simplicity and edge fidelity prevents from too much detail being included in the subjects face and to some extent hides his identity, therefore creating enigma which is a big part of the main product, resulting in an attraction being formed. Also the use of a modern animation will attract the audience further through their age categorisation I added a sense of texture to the ancillary tasks through using dust and scratch vectors which relate to the grittiness of the main product.
  7. 7. Font & Logo • Moreover, I decided to include similar fonts throughout the three individual products in order to show coherence and resemblance of each product. I also ensured that the sizing of the band name was the largest and boldest in the composition in order to advertise the band and allow it to stand out, being the first thing which the consumers will notice. I decided to use the official Sigur Ros logo in order to show a direct link to the soundtrack of the music video and therefore brands each product to initiate from the band. I also referenced the soundtrack used in the music video ‘Festival’ on the ancillary tasks in order to demonstrate a further collaboration and relationship. Despite the opposing opinion that it draws the attention away from the album, I feel that it allows for a stronger connection to be made between the products for the aforementioned reasons, contributing to my intentions.
  8. 8. Conclusion • Ultimately, I believe that the combination of my main task with my ancillary task is significantly effective and successful due to the established continuity and collaboration between products. The results in each product promoting each other which will in turn increase the awareness of the album and specifically the soundtrack used in the main task. The sense of branding and advertisement is on a competitive level with existing products through their significant alliance and partnership.