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Speaker kit jo saunders


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If you are looking to understand how social media tools such as LinkedIn can be used to increase your visibility, establish authority and earn influence to build your professional brand for your organisation and team, then engage Jo to deliver a presentation, workshop or webinar.

Jo Saunders is an internationally-recognised LinkedIn strategist, social media educator. She is co-author of ‘Get Good or Get Off - A Guide to Getting it Right on Social Media’, co-host of LinkedInLocal Perth and co-host of the show The LinkedIn Couch.

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Speaker kit jo saunders

  1. 1. Jo Saunders D i g i t a l Communication & LinkedIn Specialist P resenterProfileKit “The LinkedIn Demystifyer”
  2. 2. If you are looking to understand how social media tools such as LinkedIn can be used to increase your visibility, establish authority and earn influence to build your professional brand for your organisation and team, then engage Jo to deliver a presentation, workshop or webinar. Jo Saunders is an internationally- recognised LinkedIn strategist, social media educator. She is co- author of‘Get Good or Get Off - A Guide to Getting it Right on Social Media’, co-host of LinkedInLocal Perth and co-host of the show The LinkedIn Couch. CONFERENCE Book Jo to deliver a presentation or breakout workshop at your next conference. TRAINING IN-HOUSE Jo can deliver custom seminars or workshops for your staff at your premises. Presentations can be designed to run for 30-90 minutes, with workshops from 2 hours to a full day, over multiple sessions. ONLINE TRAINING / WEBINARS Presentations and workshops can be delivered virtually, via webinar, online learning platforms or blended learning. CONSULTING Supporteducationandtrainingbyaddingconsulting and mentoring services. A mentoring package or consulting services such as Profile Reviews, can be added to your training requirements. TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM For immersive learning and development, the LinkedIn Transformation Program can be customised for your organisation, delivered over 6 or 12 sessions in-house or online. Digital Marketing and LinkedIn Education 0422 431 039 The LinkedIn Demystifier
  3. 3. • The 3 Essential LinkedIn Success Strategies • Demystifying LinkedIn for Business Growth • LinkedIn for Personal Branding • Building your Professional Network on LinkedIn • LinkedIn Strategy for Your Organisation • LinkedIn for Thought Leaders • Content Marketing with LinkedIn • LinkedIn Leadership for Teams • Social Media Success Strategies • Social Media for Events • Digital Content Strategy • Personal Digital Branding Essentials 5 Reasons Why You Must Book Jo 1. The only Aussie LinkedIn expert invited to speak at Social Media Marketing World* 2. Internationally recognised in the Top 200 Global LinkedIn Practitioners List 3. Expertise built over 10 years LinkedIn practice = tens of thousands of hours 4. Co-Author of Get Good or Get Off - A Guide to Getting it Right on Social Media 5. Ranked #4 on Klout’s LinkedIn expert list * The biggest social media conference in the world. • #LinkedInLocal Perth • Social Media Marketing World (USA) • Asia Professional Speakers Conference (Singapore) • National Speakers Association (Auckland) • PMI Australia Conference (Melbourne) • Professional Speakers Association Conference (Gold Coast / Brisbane) • ECAWA Conference (Perth) • Global Digital Marketing Summit (Virtual) • Professional Speakers Association (Adelaide) • Australian VA Convention (Melbourne) • National Speakers Association Australia Conference (Melbourne) • Meetings & Events Australia Conference • Gladys Newton School – staff PD • Project Management Institute • Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce Presentation Topics • The Western Australian Club • UWA MBA Program • AIPM / ECU • ECU Young Professionals Alumni • North Metropolitan TAFE • Liquid Learning Women in Leadership Conference • Wheatbelt NRM • IIBA • Change Management Institute • SBC Wellington – Collie • Codemaster Institute • Yanchep Business Women • Acting Classes in Perth • Bunbury CCI • South West Business Women • ServCorp Get in touch to have a custom presentation created for your organisation or conference. Conferences and Event Engagements 0422 431 039
  4. 4. LinkedIn Essentials This overview session takes your delegates through; 1. Optimising your Profile set up 2. Best practice use of LinkedIn 3. Content and connection strategy Book this session to guide your attendees to get bigger results from LinkedIn. LinkedIn For <Your Industry> This workshop will help you understand the value of LinkedIn for your specific industry. Jo will cover how to set up your LinkedIn Profile effectively to increase your visibility, and how to use it as a networking and marketing tool to increase your authority, influence and opportunities LinkedIn Profile Building This workshop will take you through the key parts of your LinkedIn Profile to effectively position you and your team as experts in your niche You will learn how to: 1. How to visually brand your Profile 2. What to write in each section 3. The value of brand story telling Content Strategy Content gives you visibility, can demonstrate your credibility and likeabily. Learn how to start planning, publishing and promoting your content using Linkedin and other tools. This interactive workshop will help you understand how to curate and cretae content that builds authority as a thought leader, to benefit your professional brand and your organisation. Digital Marketing and LinkedIn Training Here are some of our workshops and seminars that we can run for your organisation; With over 9 million Australian professionals currently leveraging the communication power of LinkedIn and well over 575 million users around the world, now is the time to learn how to get the best return from the largest professional social network. If you are not there, or have an incomplete or dormant profile, you are missing out on opportunities for your organisation and team. Not only is it an effective recruitment and research tool, but it is an essential digital identity and professional branding tool for your team. It is a publishing platform and networking tool for any professional, whether you are an executive, business owner, or employee, LinkedIn is the tool to showcase your brand, tell your story and connect to the right people. 0422 431 039 Image Credit: The Scene Team
  5. 5. Jo Saunders has been helping individuals connect and communicate since the early 90s, through the art of letter writing, events and now social media. As an educator, explorer and creative thinker, Jo can guarantee that you will not see an identical presentation, because each presentation is delivered to a unique audience with different needs. With technology changing fast, Jo makes it her business to keep up with whats new, and press all the buttons to remove the cloud of mystery and overwhelm. Jo Saunders of Wildfire Social Marketing, is a digital marketing consultant who loves to work with clients to build the right strategy, employ the right tools to reach the right people. She is known for her expertise and passion for using LinkedIn successfully, and is often referred to as a LinkedIn expert, queen, guru or the LinkedIn Demystifier. To be an expert, she has a commitment and passion for continuous learning in and around her area of expertise. She may live and breathe digital communication, but she is an old- school girl at heart, who loves pen and paper, printed books and face to face connection. She believes it is important to have a balanced life by ditches her devices and connecting in person. In addition to presentations, she delivers group training, 1-1 mentoring and consulting supporting all things LinkedIn and social media marketing, for professionals, teams and organisations. Bonus skills - With a 15 + year background in corporate events and conferences, from conception, to marketing andmanagement, Jocombinesherexpertisetocreatesocialmediaeventstrategiesforconferencesandevents. INTERESTING FACTS • Jo has always been fiercely independent - she had multiple paper rounds in the UK as soon as she old enough. • Her first business involved selling decorated soaps to family, friends and the local community from age 11. • Atage18shelaunchedCorrespondamaniaPenpalClub,which ran for 8 years, to help people connect and communicate around the world. • With a love of stationery she and a friend opened a stationery store - she still has some of the stock! • Her best ideas start in the shower - on Aqua Notes. • She is known to wear odd shoes ... on purpose. • Being a WHY person she is passionately curious and loves questions - so be ready :) Biography 0422 431 039
  6. 6. “Jo is an entertaining speaker who shares great advice in a way that is easy to understand and put into action.” Maree Morrell, WiTWA Book Jo Saunders Get in touch to discuss your needs and check availability. Testimonials “One of the best workshops I have attended, it was educational and hands come away with new skills. ” Debbie Bridges, Real Estate Agent “Her profound wisdom re: Social Media matches a deep desire to help people succeed. I recommend Jo to anyone who deeply desires to create a strong professional network and business presence. Ethical. Fun. Real. Smart. That’s Jo!” Cindy Kennedy, “A really fun but super-informative session that actually IGNITED THE FIRE in my belly for LinkedIn. She’s a great teacher, really professional but approachable, knowledgeable and fun - HIGHLY RECOMMEND!” Rosie Shilo, Virtually Yours “Enter Jo Saunders of Wildfire Social Marketing - the Key Person of Influence for LinkedIn. I attended her 1/2 day workshop and left the course feeling highly educated, ‘de-confused’ about how LinkedIn works and confident to work on my profile and business page so that it rocks!” Kon Iatrou, IKON images “Her ability to demystify LinkedIn has allowed me personally to have tremendous opportunity to distance myself between my current cohort.” Lochie Burr, Volunteer & Student Read more recommendations on my LinkedIn Profile; “When you attend any of Jo’s excellent cours- es, be prepared for“depth”, not“breadth”. Be prepared to be engaged with, challenged and educated. Be prepared to transform your way of thinking, to a winning Social Media strategy.” Jim Owens, IT Mentor “I attended Jo’s session“How to Use a LinkedIn Company Page to Reach Your Ideal Clients”at Social Media Marketing World 2018 . Her suggestions were insightful, quantifiable, and (best of all) actionable. I was very appreciative that her session was more than social theory! Her presentation was organized and sequential, and she was confident and engaging on stage. It was clear that Jo has expertise the rest of us should heed.” Erica Templeton, Nvoicepay “Jo presented LinkedIn in a way that made it accessible and under- standable to everyone in the room. She had some great activities to get the crowd warmed up and receptive to the topic, and with ease demonstrated the dominion over LinkedIn that she has.” Denis Coldham, IT Educator and Leader “Jo is INCREDIBLE when it comes to LinkedIn. I recently had the chance to listen to her speak about best uses of LinkedIn Company Pages at the Social Media Marketing World conference, and she blew my mind. I deal with LinkedIn daily, and I was writing notes like crazy. What you get with Jo is real, actionable insights. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to work with Jo!” AJ Wilcox - LinkedIn Ads Expert “Whether she’s speaking at the worlds leading social media conference or at the local networking group, she’s a woman who will give the same level of commitment and dedication to her audience. Why? Because she cares and that’s what makes her so awesome!” Lisa Kniebe, Copywriter 0422 431 039