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While working on a project for Illinois workNet, I moderated a panel discussion on why a specific resume format would be best for specific career paths.

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  • Are they still a viable way to represent yourself to a potential employer?
  • In a paper resume, how might someone share their story? with more than bullet points on experience
  • Is a Summary or Personal Mission statement important? Does it matter what order things are on the resume? What should not be included?
  • How does someone overcome the lack of technical skills?We talked about Problem Action and Results for LinkedIn summaries.
  • What about on-line portfolios,infographics, for accountants a “chart of accounts”, video resumes?
  • Craig starts
  • Craig continues
  • Christy speaks about this
  • Christy speaks about
  • Craig
  • What is the difference between this format and highlighting your Skills and then posting chronological data at the bottom above your education?
  • From Illinois workNet
  • Illinois workNet Resume webinar

    1. 1. Résumés – Which One is Best for Me?Questions and Answers with Human Resource Professionals Illinois workNet WebinarJoin the conversation on Twitter with #ILworkNet or #resumes
    2. 2. Meet our Presenters Leanne Hoagland-Smith, Christy Seawall, M.S. CRO & Heurist ADVANCED SYSTEMS The Next Generation of Talent Management Dynamic Certified Career Coach, Interview Coach and Resume Writer, Christy blends her passion with knowledge of the corporateLeanne is an author, speaker, executive coach, consultant and world to help clients catapult their careers into high gear. She worksresident contrarian. For the last 15 years she’s looked to with clients to identify their dream job, build an effective resume, creatediscover new ways to guide and support rapidly growing small a marketing plan, enhance their networking and interviewing skills, andto mid size businesses or individuals who wish to leave the build their confidence to negotiate the offer. With a keen ability tocurrent status quo. Her ACE approach, Assess + Clarify + grasp the big picture and create workable action plans, Christy helpsExecute works with those in career transition to mid-size clients put their careers into motion!enterprises. Leanne brings common sense solutions that may A Master’s degree in Industrial Relations from the University ofrun contrary to the other business and career experts. She Wisconsin paved the way for her entry into the corporate world ofbelieves everyone should Be the Red Jacket in a Sea of Gray Human Resources, Training and Development. Christy has worked forSuits. Contact Leanne at 219-759-5601 CST. Fortune 100 companies, smaller organizations and non-profits. In 2002, Christy launched her private career coaching practice. - website - blog Contact Christy at 630-466-1512 Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    3. 3. Meet our Presenters Craig Frank Dee Reinhardt – President Time2Mrkt A social media strategist, Dee helps solopreneurs and small business optimize their digital presence.Craig Frank is President and General Manager of Frank’s Dee began her marketing and social media journey with a localEmployment, Inc., a full service staffing firm operating for 56 years in the workforce agency. In 2011, she began her consultingChicagoland area. Frank’s handles Temp, Temp-to-Hire and Direct-Hire business, and has been teaching, coaching, implementing andpositions for office, customer maintaining ever since.service, accounting, engineering, technical, sales and skilledmanufacturing and management professionals. Always looking for new ways to advance an organizations marketing efforts, when social media came into the arena, DeeCraig has a BS in Business Administration from Valparaiso University and jumped on the challenge of learning all of the aspects andworked in industry prior to joining the family business. During that 10 became certified in 2010.years he experienced 4 corporate mergers, takeovers or plant closings; 2 Her business, Time2Mrkt, Inc.of which he survived and 2 he didn’t. Craig learned first-hand how to helps guide businesses throughprepare for a job hunt and successfully land a new job and uses that the sometimes treacherous watersknowledge to help other job hunters find employment. of social media to help them make the best use of their time andCall 630-584-0820 resources. Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    4. 4. Why do we need a resume?• Resumes are still an essential marketing tool in today’s job market.• Resumes present your skills, experience, accomplishments, and education for most positions.• When networking or looking for a job, a resume is often the first thing people ask you to present.• For compliance, a resume is still a necessity.• From marketing yourself, resumes tell your story so your potential employer will be attracted to you. Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    5. 5. How does a resume differ for a mature worker vs. someone just starting out?• Share relevant information with potential employers in a concise format that’s easy to read and capture’s the reader’s attention.• More seasoned candidate - 2 pages (exception would be Director or above; IT; academia).• Job seekers identify credentials for the recruiter & hiring manager.• Customize your resume for each position.• Mid-career professional: pull out the most relevant and convincing details from the last 10-15 years of your career to “de-age” your resume.• Starting out - a 1 page resume is typical. Include your schooling, part-time jobs, internships, volunteer work, extra-curricular activities, and any honors/awards you have received. If you don’t have any work experience, list relevant coursework and school projects.• What differs beyond the obvious of experience and skills is your story. Someone starting out may offer a fresh perspective based upon research. A mature worker’s story may emphasize how maturity may expedite innovation or business growth. Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    6. 6. What are the key elements of any resume?• Professional Summary• Objective – it’s not the “What’s In It For Me” objective statement of the past. Career transitioners - keep it simple, i.e. the title of the position.• Summary of Qualifications - top 3-5 things you believe the employer is looking for and specifically identify how you align with that. “What’s In It for Them”, i.e. what value-add you offer.• Experience• Education Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    7. 7. What are the biggest mistakes people make?• Telling the same story that everyone else writes.• Failing to research and link talents to the growth of the potential employer.• Lacking technological skills.• Treating a resume as a historical document rather than a forward- looking document. – Marketing tool to help you achieve your career goals. – Future-focused. – Customized - analyze what the hiring manager is looking for to align experience with his or her needs.• Listing job responsibilities rather than duties & read more like a job description instead of a marketing piece.• Not keeping it current. Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    8. 8. Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    9. 9. How to avoid mistakes on resumes.• Focus on contributions & success on completing your job responsibilities.• STAR stories as a way to frame your accomplishments.• Congruency between your resume and what is on social media sites such as LinkedIn.• Review monthly. Edit immediately with significant awards or accomplishments. By being proactive you can be ahead of those who are reactive. – Here is a recent article posted in Inc. - revealing-interview-questions.html Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    10. 10. What are some alternatives to a traditional resume?• Portfolio - Depending upon the position, having a professionally printed portfolio or samples of your work.• Written letters of recommendation may be beneficial.• Bio can be helpful as a marketing piece that is a more creative, conversational piece where information can be presented in an even, more engaging way.• LinkedIn – a complete profile is critical. It is the number one place recruiters go as well as those just met contacts. – Personalized URL added to the contact information on the resume. Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    11. 11. What are the best on-line option(s) for job seekers?• Resume embedded in your LinkedIn Profile is a necessity.• A short 1 to 2 minute bio about yourself on YouTube.• Social media posts/sites are professional.• Post for specific positions rather than leaving your resume “at-large”.• Post to industry specific niche job.• LinkedIn – watch our webinar on using LinkedIn for your job search. – Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    12. 12. For more information on resumes from Illinois workNet, visit us at: Next up: Chronological Resumes Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    13. 13. CHRONOLOGICAL RESUMES Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    14. 14. Chronological Resumes• Who should use a Chronological resume? – Most people should use a chronological resume. – It is preferred by most recruiters and hiring managers. – It should definitely be used by anyone with a consistent work history who is planning to continue in the same line of work. Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    15. 15. Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    16. 16. Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    17. 17. Illinois workNet Job Fair Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    18. 18. Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    19. 19. Resources for Chronological Resumes may be found on Illinois workNet at: Next up: Functional Resumes Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    20. 20. FUNCTIONAL RESUMES Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    21. 21. Functional Resumes• Who should use a Functional resume? – Functional resumes should be used rarely. – Someone showcasing transferable skills trying to make a career transition into a new field. – Someone trying to de-emphasize gaps in their work history. – Research has shown that recruiters and hiring managers prefer a chronological resume. Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    22. 22. Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    23. 23. Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    24. 24. Resources for Functional resumes may be found on Illinois workNet at: Next up: Combination Resumes Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    25. 25. COMBINATION RESUMES Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    26. 26. Combination Resumes• What are the benefits of a combination format? – A combination resume allows you to present your work experience in the most widely acceptable way, i.e. chronologically, while drawing attention to your transferable skills. – a combination resume, i.e. a chronological resume with skill headings drawing attention to transferable skills, rather than a completely functional resume. For someone who has been out of work for a long time, I try to fill in the gaps with volunteer work, school, or some explanation of how the time was spent. Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    27. 27. Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    28. 28. Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    29. 29. Resources for Combination Resumes may be found at Illinois workNet at: Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume
    30. 30. Thank You for Attending• Watch for the post of this webinar on –• Watch for information on our upcoming webinars on our social media links: Illinois workNet Resume Webinar Twitter - #ILworkNet or #resume