Agile management.managing for collaboration


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Managing for collaboration. A talk I gave at Oredev 2011

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Agile management.managing for collaboration

  1. 1. Agile Management:Managing for Collaboration Johanna RothmanNew: Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects @johannarothman 781-641-4046
  2. 2. Organizations Are Systems 2 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  3. 3. Collaboration“to work jointly with others or together especially in anintellectual endeavor”In agile organizations, managers Guide ConductSo that the project teams, program teams, managementteams can work together 3 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  4. 4. Why “Managing?”Agile project and program managers create and managetheir local project and program environments for successin the context of organizationManagers manage the entire system for success 4 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  5. 5. What Do Agile Managers Do?Set strategy Manage the project portfolioRemove organization obstaclesBuild trusting relationships with peopleLead hiring decisions and processBuild the capacity of the organization 5 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  6. 6. Strategically Important WorkWhat it isWhen to start it and stop it: project portfolioNot making those decisions creates management debt As well as chaos 6 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  7. 7. When Managers CollaborateThey maximize value for the organization Problem solve for the organization, not for the project or the program Optimize at the highest level, not the lowest level 7 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  8. 8. Management IterationsCycles allow you to (re-)assess strategyCycles help you see organizational obstaclesFrees the technical teams to do work 8 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  9. 9. Leaders Remove Organizational ObstaclesIndividual reviews are an organizational obstacleInstead of individual reviews: Build a trusting relationship with each person Share the strategy Share the profits Provide cost of living raises to the team Give the team a team bonus The team can decide who gets what 9 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  10. 10. Build TrustDeliver what you promise to deliverBe consistent in your actions and reactionsMake integrity a cornerstone of your workBe willing to discuss, influence, and negotiate. Don’t get stuckon your positionTrust in yourself and your colleagues-- Solomon, Building Trust in Business, Politics, Relationships, and Life 10 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  11. 11. You See Group Collaboration When ...They have a common goal.They listen closely.They concentrate on just the issue at hand.They are in control of their work.They are willing to blend their work.Everyone participates.They are familiar with each other and the problem at hand.They practice their communication often.They move the conversation forward.They learn from failure and move on.-- Sawyer, Group Genius:The Creative Power of Collaboration 11 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  12. 12. What Keeps People in a Job? 12 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  13. 13. Managers Become Champions for TeamsNo micromanaging!Meet often enough, one-on-one, to build a trustingrelationshipAllows manager to see the system 13 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  14. 14. Managers Help Provide Feedback and Meta FeedbackNot evaluation or praise; feedbackWhen you use a peer-to-peer feedback approach: Create an opening Describe behavior or results State the impact Make a request 14 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  15. 15. Build Organizational CapacityHow many of you know your organizational velocity now?Remove system obstaclesRecognize when a team is stuck 15 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  16. 16. Agile Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset 16 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  17. 17. Encourage Team-Based Challenge, Not PerfectionEncourage risk-taking with frequent feedback Help the team know where its boundaries are The team will help the members collaborate The members will make the micro-commitments to each other 17 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  18. 18. Lead the Hiring EffortRecognize when you need more peopleInitiate the hiring Job analysis Job description Manage the phone screens Manage the interviews and interactions with HR 18 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  19. 19. Agile Management is Collaborative LeadershipManagers serve the people in the organization Guiding Coaching Using their influence to ease the way for the workManagers make decisions so they avoid management debt 19 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
  20. 20. References and ReadingDweck, Carol. The New Psychology of Success. Random House. 2006Solomon, Robert. Building Trust in Business, Politics, Relationships, and LifeLots more on and in Behind Closed Doors, Manage It!,and Manage Your Project Portfolio and in Agile Managers: The Essence ofLeadership, Cutter IT Journal,Vol. 23, No. 3, March 2010.If you’d like me to stay in touch with you, please sign up for my emailnewsletter, fill out a yellow form, or email me. 20 © 2011 Johanna Rothman