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Getting Lean


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Presentation by Nick Ducoff at the Boston Lean

Published in: Technology, Business
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Getting Lean

  1. 1. Getting Lean by Nick Ducoff
  2. 2. A Little About Me605040302010 0 Startups Ive founded Startups Ive advised, represented or invested in
  3. 3. A Little About You• Are you at a startup? –If yes, • CEO? • Founder? • Engineer? • Business role? –If no, • Where?
  4. 4. AgendaMy lean philosophy Getting lean
  5. 5. My Lean Philosophy• Goldilocks team “Being lean is not about• Work in concert being cheap, its about being fast.”• Be fast and focused• Understand why• Make little bets
  6. 6. Goldilocks TeamThis isn’t lean This is lean
  7. 7. Work in ConcertThis isn’t lean This is lean
  8. 8. Be Fast and FocusedThis isn’t lean This is lean
  9. 9. Understand WhyThis isn’t lean This is lean
  10. 10. Make Little BetsThis isn’t lean This is lean
  11. 11. Getting Lean• Reorganize team• Less meetings, more communication• Build -> Measure -> Learn (faster)• Aha!• Invest in What Works
  12. 12. Reorganize Team Before After• 8 Engineers • 6 Product• 3 G&A • 6 Engineers• 2 Product • 3 G&A• 1 Marketing• 1 Bus Dev
  13. 13. Less Meetings, More CommunicationWeekly stand ups, daily scrums Continuous communication
  14. 14. Build -> Measure -> Learn (faster) Move through the loop faster
  15. 15. Aha!What we thought they wanted What they really wanted
  16. 16. Invest in What WorksBefore After
  17. 17. Pivot or Persevere?If you’re asking the question, there is only one answer…
  18. 18. Questions?